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PS4 GTA V Bundle + Far Cry 4 & COD Ghosts $549 In-Store or $560.93 Delivered @ JB Hi-Fi


Well I guess JB HiFi have been paying attention as they've raised the bar a little with this one.

Arguably better games than Target's offering, and certainly better resale/trade-in prices if you're not interested in the games.

This would be great for anyone who purchased the JB HiFi gift cards at the recent Big W 1 day sale.

Now let's see if/how DSE, Kmart and Harvey Norman respond.

As myesh pointed out, this is online only and incurs an $11.93 shipping fee.
If anyone can confirm if it's available in-store too that would be much appreciated!

Thanks cnrmlj for confirming this bundle is available in-store at Sydney galleries and presumably nation-wide.

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  • Thanks for update! Hmm, would we expect if next Friday (Black Friday)can give us better options? :)

  • good bundle. i will pull the trigger closer to the weekend but i think this would be best one

  • Great price, but is $560.93..

    They don't allow you to pick up the PS4 console, so incurs a $9.95 delivery charge.

    • Thanks! I didn't notice that.
      Post updated. Hopefully someone can confirm if available in-store at the $549 price.

      • Transaction prices are for online bundle fulfilment only and cannot be honoured in-store.

        • Yeah I was hoping that was a generic statement, a lot (if not all) of the bundle deals on the JB website have been available in-store too.

  • Will JB offer a discount for trading in my PS3?

  • just grab your GTA5 bundle from BIGW in store for $498 in store & grab a copy of Far cry 4 if you want in store it is usually around $55 if you sign up JB HIFI free 1 month trial music. No need to worry about postage and the waiting time. But I don't really think $498 bundle is that cheap compared to previous deals.

    • Or pick it up in store and get a copy of COD Ghosts as well for the same price - which you can obviously keep or sell. Easy choice…

  • I saw this for $549 in jb Sydney galleries today. Thought it was a good deal (if you wanted those games).

  • +2 votes

    Will wait for the Ebay 20% coupon code on Black Friday to buy this bundle.

  • Confirmed was able to purchase this in-store at JB Craigieburn, VIC

  • Does the 20% voucher work with consoles?

  • any ps4 AC bundles like xb1 has?

  • Yep deal available in-store, flyer posted up on the wall at JB's Osborne Park WA.

    In other news, this JB's has had a refub and are now also selling fridges and washing machines etc. W. T. F. ?

  • I'm going to see how much trade they'll give me for COD Ghosts,i'd like to get "Dragon Age" instead on Thursday.
    If they won't trade it i'll just buy Dragon Age for $55.20 with the coupon.
    I've been holding off buying a next gen console till some decent games came out but this week we hit the jackpot!!

  • Having saved up over the year, my son wants to buy a second PS4 for him and his brother to use in their playroom… he also wants to get another copy of Destiny so they can play together.

    I have agreed I would buy GTA5 and Far Cry 4 from him as they are not suitable for his age plus I was going to buy GTA5 anyway.

    Without people giving their opinions on Destiny as they tend to feel the need to do so on the internet, do you think I would be best to try and see if I can get JBHifi to swap Ghosts for Destiny - not sure if they would straight swap them - or whether I am better to take the bundle as is, offload Ghosts and buy a second hand copy of Destiny from elsewhere?

    • You might as well ask JB and see how you go.
      It would be worth asking EB how much they will give you for those games as a trade-in, then get them to price-match Target's current price of $59. You might even have a little bit of money left over from the trade-in.

      Just ask all these questions before spending any money.

      • Thanks, that is interesting to know Destiny is only $59 at Target… good to have that fact at hand in the negotation!

  • Not sure about the uniqueness of the barcodes as they appear the same to me (from post download link and others posting). I just bought Call of Duty Advanced Warfare from JB and it worked fine. Discounted from $79 to $63.20.