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Microsoft Surface 2 (32 GB) $299 (64GB) $399, 15% OFF Xbox & Windows Gift Cards @ MS


Great prices on Surface 2
Microsoft Surface 2 (32 GB) $299 Delivered
Microsoft Surface 2 (64GB) $399 Delivered
15% OFF Windows And Xbox Gift Cards + FREE Delivery
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  • I can't believe there is no discount on Surface Pro 3!

    • Probably since they're not having as much trouble selling it as it's the flagship now :/

    • +5

      The Type Cover is $22.50 off! BARGAIN OF THE YEAR.

  • +8

    Dont forget this runs Windows RT, so you can't just throw Photoshop onto it.

    • +2

      ya RT mainly only useful for kids at school. The pro is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worth the extra, the difference is like night and day!

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    WIndows RT? What's that, an upgrade from Windows CE? lol

    • +3

      Ummm, just in case you were actually seriously asking, they are completely different OS. Well, Windows CE was developed for devices like mobile phones and PDAs, it supports ARM and x86 and it was optimized for devices that have minimal memory. Whereas Windows RT is a version of Windows 8 that is designed for ARM 32-bit processors; it was MS's attempt to create an OS for tablets. So in some ways, they are similar, but no, it is not an update or anything like that. They are completely different OS.

      • I think he was being facetious, but this is useful info for people who are unaware what RT is.

        • Yeah, I figured as much. Oh well. As long as it is useful in some way.

  • -7

    Better off buying original surface RT then spending more money on a dead version of windows.

    • +43

      Better off buying a dictionary so you can learn the difference between then and than.

  • Got me a %15 Xbox card :)
    Wonder if the Rewards apply to Gift Cards?

    • It could be 4% It just says Xbox 4%

  • -6

    I would buy a Microsoft Surface 2 for $99.

    Above that not interested.

    • +3

      Good luck with that.

    • :) he is funny…

  • Refurbished 32GB is $199 delivered on the microsoft ebay store http://www.ebay.com/itm/Microsoft-Surface-2-32GB-10-6-Tablet-Windows-RT-8-1-Manufacturer-Refurbished/251715293791?pt=US_Tablets&hash=item3a9b66925f

    Edit: Nvm, doesn't ship to aus lul

    • +3

      That's $199 US =$228 And it doesn't ship to Australia

      • +4

        ah reminiscing that i took online shopping for granted when the AUD was ~even and higher than the USD, gg

      • +2

        Yeah sorry, edited it as soon as I saw it pls 4giv lul

  • Thanks for the post OP. I am thinking of getting the Surface 2. Should I get the keyboard with it or can you buy them cheaper elsewhere?
    Also, what are Microsoft like for returns? Living in Perth, it would be much easier for me to hand it in for repair if I bought in a place like Dick Smith.

    • For returns, you (can) use myservice.surface.com

      All you need to do is register your serial number if you have an issue, and file a warranty claim. They'll send you either a courier or auspost prepaid label and you ship it off. A week or so later, you should have a replacement (as in, looks brand new, in some cases they are still sealed)

    • As such a big company it should be pretty good service but I would just ask the chat guy on their website and see if he know what the repair process is like :)

    • There is a 'full' onscreen keyboard option which is much faster than toggling between letters/numbers. I use the physical keyboard rarely but it is useful now and then. It doubles as a prop for the kickstand when reclining in bed etc. Also protects the screen when folded shut.

      The original keyboard covers are compatible with the Surface 2. Might be able to pick one up on ebay for cheap. Or hope for a clearance sale from a reseller.

      Microsoft say free shipping and returns on their store so you should be fine.

    • +1

      They are great with the actual return process. Not so great (in my opinion) at actually admitting to faults with devices. YMMV.

      Begin Rant…
      I have a SP1, and it was/is suffering from the electric shock problem. I happened to drop a butter knife onto the screen which cracked the screen in the top left corner; about the size of a 10c piece. No damage to the case and it still works fine (apart from the shock). MS collected the unit from my office the day after I reported the shock, and a week later the device was returned to me with a note saying any physical damage to the device voids the warranty. My argument that the cracked screen has nothing to do with, and is in a completely different spot to the area that tingles when you touch it. Not only that, but the problem is a well-known one. They aren't willing to budge. It is a real shame too, as I had been really happy with the SP, and was thinking of upgrading to the SP3 and retiring the SP to my parents.
      …End Rant

  • Thanks CTG and Trent86, that is very helpful.

  • +3

    For anyone wanting to get this, it's mainly useful for Office Apps like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook if you just need the basic functionality of those applications.

    Good for Uni, especially if you set up OneDrive on it and your main home pc.

    Not the best for watching movies, unless you want to pay for a app to play MKV or are happy to convert your videos. Ok for general web browsing. Remember you can't simply copy programs onto this device. While the desktop looks like a normal one, it entirely different. You can't just drop normal portable apps onto the device unless they're specifically build for a ARM windows RT device.

    • +3

      I should mention that team behind VLC (video player that allows you to play many video formats including mkv) are close to a release for a Windows Universal app.

      VLC team gets their app running on Surface 2: http://www.windowscentral.com/vlc-windows-phone-gets-closer-…

      VLC team expecting release pending app certification: http://www.windowscentral.com/vlc-media-player-windows-phone…

      So that should sort the video playing limitations.

      • +1

        They said that since.. about 6 months after the original RT got released. Never eventuated.. Even if it does. it will probably run everything in Software mode anyway that is slow and sucks power..

    • +4

      It's my everyday tablet for browsing, forums etc. It's more versatile than an iPad. The desktop is familiar and useful. USB port, HDMI out, kickstand etc. all useful.

      You can holiday with this and if you need Office for something unexpected it's right there. Saved my bacon on more than one occasion.

      I play MKVs etc wirelessly off the NAS using an app called mobile.HD which cost a few bucks but no big deal.

      If you can't wait for the latest instalment of Candy whatever everyone else is raving about then its probably not the best platform.

      • Which app do you use for the MKV's out of curiosity? Most apps are rated on the store as two stars out of five and most comments say "it doesnt work" or "slow and jitters"..

        • k-lite is free and works for MKV

        • It's called mobile.HD media player… just had a look and it's $3.49. Works with all HD files I've tried… direct from USB or wirelessly from my NAS without any issues.

          This was great on trains and planes in Europe… kickstand out, plug the USB movie stick in, headphone splitter for my partner and me and away you go. Also took a Bluetooth speaker for movies/music in our hotel rooms.

  • -4

    For the same price, I would honestly go for a Centrecom 10.1" convertible notebook like this one:


    Or any of the Chinese 8" Windows tabs for under $200.

    Same storage etc. But runs the Intel Atom Baytrail chip with proper Windows 8.1. At least you can run your entire software catalog on this. Windows RT is dead.. Even Microsoft has shamefully admitted to this. You also get all the freebies with it too including a proper hardware keyboard etc.

    • +1

      Those Chinese units are garbage; you get what you pay for. Quality control is usually on existent, warranty doesn't fare well (if at all), and 32GB of storage is nowhere near enough for Windows x86. It just isn't.

      Surface hardware, on the other hand, has an excellent update and warranty channel (if you need it), warranty lasts 24months and the device has a full sized USB port.

      I've dealt with Surface devices for the past two years, hundreds of units.

      And the Office suite is native full Office programs. Not cut down apps. Intel Atom chips are a false economy; they're far too underpowered for the x86 programs people install, and they're prone to viruses and those ever so popular addons people install with their 'PC speed up utilities' and 'registry optimisers'. If you're needing to run desktop applications, and need mobility, a Celeron should be a starting point IMO.

      • Not everyone buys a laptop just for Office apps. At least the Centrecom one can run other real x86 applications unlike Surface RT which are limited to.. Internet Explorer and MS Office. I ditched my Asus Vivo Tab RT simply because I was sick of waiting for:

        1) a real Browser (Chrome, Firefox etc)
        2) A proper hardware accelerated Video player that supports MKV and more formats than the crap out of the box
        3) Ability to install your own 3rd party apps outside the Windows store which is limited to a whole bunch of fake apps by Indian guys (eg. "Google Chrome - $2.99. Learn how to install and use Google Chrome")

        As far as the Atom is concerned - you have no idea about the new Baytrail Atoms. They now share the same architecture as the low end Celeron 28x0 and Pentiums being "Silvermont" CPU's.


        In fact, the Quad Core Baytrail Atom's will be on par or beat the N2830 CPU's in most benchmarks.

        I am happy that I am not using my Windows RT anymore and picked up the Toshiba Encore for $230 in a previous DSE deal for work. I also own another 8" Windows 8.1 Chinese Tab (Ainol) used for home and works beautifully.

        • I've used Atoms in the past, and we have a unit here now that has the new Baytrail… they're still junk.

          I'm not saying RT is for everyone, but if you're in the market for a tablet, chances are you want media consumption. How many programs can you realistically fit on that x86 machine before all the 32GB storage is occupied? I'm guessing you'll have in the realm of 12GB free, (if that) new, out of the box. Then there's Windows update binaries/rollups, pagefile (variable size) and setup repair files, in addition to what you install. I've seen it countless times.

          If you'd like to buy substandard hardware and take whatever software issues come with it too, I'm not standing in your way; it's your money.

          Meanwhile I'll be over here, using a real x86 machine when the need arises, and a solid device when consuming media (Plex, YouTube, Xbox Video, mobileHD etc). VLC is a power hungry, inefficient, however versatile application; touch is terrible on the desktop program.

        • +1

          This is why the full Windows works within 32GB with 20GB to spare:


          Thats enough for a full sized office install, printers, about 10-15 3rd party apps including AV with enough room left over for a couple of years of updates.

          Whats the definition of a "real" X86 machine? Intel i7? i5? AMD Phenom X8? most of the technologies these days are way faster than what is required to run daily jobs. Can you tell the difference between an i7 laptop and an Atom Laptop with MS Word? Or is the computing power more importatnt for Internet Access as opposed to Network bandwidth?

        • +1

          @bchliu: That centrecom one only has 1GB Ram and resolution sucks against this

        • +2

          That's all well and good, but if you've already got a low performance CPU, do you really think that loading it up with decompression and redirected IO is going to help? Windows updates won't be compressed into WIM images, and you'll have an SxS store that expands just like any other Windows install.

          Also, note this comment: "…and Microsoft even says some antivirus and backup tools may be incompatible with it."

          So you're already potentially preventing some apps from working.

          My definition of 'real' x86 is using a machine that behaves like a desktop and laptop, with no real noticeable delay caused by a slow CPU. In practicality, the atom units are slower than Windows on ARM. Load up a flash website on an Atom device. Install (or leave default Windows Defender on) an on-access virus scanner and see how fast the units are…

          You're looking for an argument; you believe one thing, but it won't somehow turn back what I've experienced first hand. Add to that, I can hand a regular PC user one of these and come back to having no toolbars or malware installed.

          And where did Microsoft 'admit that Windows RT is dead'? Oh, Windows 10 is being released for WoA devices next year…

          The typical saying is true here, just like most scenarios: You tend to get what you pay for.

        • @ctg:

          That's all well and good, but if you've already got a low performance CPU, do you really think that loading it up with decompression and redirected IO is going to help?

          Did you miss this bit? All these cheap tablets use eMMC storage.

          In some specific cases, WIMBoot might be even faster. Picture a very slow eMMC drive that reads files slowly in combination with a fast CPU that can decompress files quickly. It’s possible that WIMBoot would be faster — the eMMC drive can read the smaller compressed data and the CPU can decompress it faster than the slow eMMC drive could read a larger amount of uncompressed data.

          I've used these new Atom tablets as well and they're perfectly functional, fast, and zippy for light users.

          You need to remember that you're not the only person in this world. It is OK for other people to have different requirements to you. Atoms and RT tablets can be perfectly functional to others. Just because it doesn't suit you doesn't mean it cannot suit anybody else.

  • Microsoft have told me that their warranty for their tablets is for one year only, it is $129 for extended warranty for two years.

    • +1

      I think they'd have fun getting that past ACCC - technology companies can say they won't repair/replace/refund if their gear has a major fault after a year and try to sell you expensive extended warranties, the ACL means you should have 2 years (what is reasonably expected of tech gear) 'worry free motoring'.

    • +2

      Nope, 24 months here in Australia.

      • I thought it was one year too until I registered mine on the Surface website, which displayed 2 years.

  • Thanks myfeetarehappy, some great information.

    • +3

      No problem. Feel free to ask anything. I've been loving using my Surface RT for over a year now and just ordered a Surface 2 at $299. They are streets ahead of anything else in terms of usefulness.

      • Good price but I personally am not tempted upgrading from RT to S2 due to thickness and weight differences.

  • Thanks myfeetarehappy. Do you reckon you can get by on it without buying a keyboard?

    • Always had the Touch cover keyboard… don't use it much but it's important if you need full screen area while typing… and the other uses mentioned above. If you are taking a lot of notes the Type cover would be worthwhile but the Touch is suitable for my occasional use.

      Search 'surface touch cover' completed listings on ebay they are going for $50-$80 typically (first gen).

      You can always try without and get one later at another sale. The current MS store discount on keyboards covers is nothing special.

      • +1

        The capacitive response (ie no tactile feedback) has never really gelled with me; I personally find the Type to be easily worth the few extra dollars to have positive feedback.

        • The type cover is worth it. Version 2 even had its occasional usefulness with backlit keys.

          I purchased mine along with a whole bunch of Surface accessories when Harvey Norman closed at Martin Place, it was 50% off then couldn't believe it.

    • Hmmm, I have Surface Pro, which is slightly different but I think in terms of using keyboard and stuff, it would be similar. I personally would recommend buying a keyboard, I found the screen to be fairly small for me to use it without keyboard, but it can be just me. I can get by without a keyboard, but I prefer having the cover. Also it sort of act as a screen cover when you carry it around too.

      There was promotion with surface pro with touch cover awhile ago, some people were selling their unused ones. I'm not too sure about now.

  • Once got a Toshiba, broke down after 14 months, they were not willing to do anything about it!

  • Just bought it minus the keyboard. Thanks again for all the advice everybody.

  • These are a great laptop replacement when travelling if most of your work is in the MS Office suite. Personally, I couldn't live without the keyboard (type not touch). Stick with the 32GB model and bolster this with a cheap MicroSD card.

  • great price! only recently dropped to $399 so $299 is a bargain. wish the type covers were cheaper.

  • -3

    good price but Windows RT is useless. skipped

    • while i personally wouldn't buy it, not everyone needs the full power of the Intel cpu or the need to run legacy/non app store programs, maybe if MS sold this RT tablet at this reduced price from beginning there would be a much larger user base out there!

  • +1

    I bought a surface 2 the last time it was on special at JB hifi.
    Use it every day, its awesome - would buy over ipad again.

    There are a few glitches here and there though e.g. sometimes the unlock screen is just grey, have to lock and unlock a few times. A couple of days ago sound stopped working until I rebooted.

    ed: I don't have the keyboard, the on-screan works fine (can edit powerpoints and documents OK)

    • -1

      "would buy over ipad again", why? unless it's pro, there isn't one thing surface better than iPad

      • +4

        Right off the top of my head, expandable memory, USB & HDMI out are all pretty glaring advantages

      • +2

        Also desktop mode for file management and network access, kickstand, first-party physical keyboard accessory, 'full' on-screen keyboard w cursor control, widescreen suited to movie viewing, multiple user accounts etc etc.

        Our iPad mini now serves to entertain our 11 month old.

  • seeing the number of negs on this thread for people ratting on Windows RT is surprising.

    Having tried to use an original Surface RT for some time - yes, Windows RT is completely useless - there are hardly any apps that work with it, and its 'desktop' mode is mostly a placeholder to use office RT.

    if you want a tablet, you are much better off with an iPad or Android tablet which actually have some semblance of an ecosystem - if you want a portable desktop replacement, the Surface Pro is what you want.

    ive got a surface pro now and quite like it. :)

    • +3

      RT may be completely useless to you, and I can totally understand that. I had an RT device for a short while and I didn't use it much.

      But not everyone uses their tablets like you or me.

      There are many other people in this world - RT may not suit you, but it suits some of those people perfectly fine.

    • +2

      RT is fine for everyday browsing, forums, emails, media consumption etc. with the bonus of Office should you need it in a pinch. For me it's not meant to replace a PC… I have a dual screen desktop for that but it's difficult to use in bed or on holiday.

      Sounds like you wanted something more like a laptop so glad you like the pro.

      • But this is the thing, i also have an iPad which I use for a myriad of things - mostly enabled by the huge app selection that the Surface RT does not have, and likely will never have.

        Considering the slathering of lower power x86 chips, I can't see the point of Windows RT. And it seems Microsoft can barely justify its existence, either.

        • +1

          A number of people I know don't give a damn about apps - they just want a device to surf the net, send emails, do some MS Word docs, maybe some Skype, and watch YouTube videos. They absolutely, positively couldn't be stuffed about other apps.

          It may not suit you, but you're not the only person in this world. If you can't understand the idea that different people can have different requirements to you, then … well… oh well.

        • +1

          I don't get what apps are so indispensable that they would render a Surface so much less useful than an iPad.

          I use my Surface everyday for a myriad of things some of which an iPad just can't do and I find it's existence is entirely justified.

          Our iPad 2 is no longer used and the iPad mini is devoted to baby apps and Peppa Pig.

          But everyone is different.

    • +1

      Actually I use the desktop version of IE, much better than the Metro App version.

  • I tried out the surface 3 and now i'm in love. Would not buy this even at this price.

    • You do realise how much more the surface 3 costs?

      • I do. And I still won't buy Surface 2 at this price knowing what 3 can do.

  • I think I know the answer is no but by any chance, can the Xbox gift cards be used to purchase Xbox consoles from the Microsoft store or only digital content?

  • I'm in a quandary. Mum still has the original nexus 7 and absolutely loves it. Took it around the world as her primary device and really makes the most of it with an OTG cable use for SD card readers and all that jazz. I was planning on getting her the nexus 9 for xmas but can get a 64gb Surface for less than a bloody 16gb nexus. I've played with the surface 2 pro in the past and loved it, but feel the bulk would be off-putting for her coming from the minuscule nexus. Is the RT version much smaller/lighter? Has the windows app ecosystem improved since I last delved into that black hole of nothing?

    • The RT version is slightly slimmer and lighter. Windows app ecosystem still abysmal. Lol.


    • Why not look at the other Android options from Samsung, Sony, or maybe LG (have a look at the LG G-Pad V500 8" if you want a cheap one)

    • As she gets older i'm sure she would love something with a larger screen and keyboard, if all she does is internet and photo viewing i personally would get her something like a Chromebook, or even this surface RT, a Surface Pro might be overkill

    • if she likes the 7" (probably cause of the portability and ease of use) why would you get here something that isn't portable and much bulkier… I think your barking up the wrong tree.

      • You hit the nail on the head wisc as to why I thought against it.

  • +2

    My wife uses her RT (original) everyday and loves it, yes she does have a win8 PC as well.
    Nothing wrong with RT for surfing the web, haters gotta hate lol.

    For older people the Surface 2 is very easy to use and a nice big screen.

    • I had RT, S2 and have played with S3.
      RT - excellent and light for watching movies, office apps, internet etc.. bigger screen than my Ipad while similar weight
      S2 - better availability of apps but is a bit of brick and too heavy too be used as a an ipad replacement.
      S3 - kicks ass.. light and thin as RT while running all the apps…

  • Anyone had luck getting it to price match with a JB Hi-Fi? I've got a gift card to spend with them.

    • Well if anyone was wondering how I went with this. I went on holidays and just recently returned.

      First things I did was checked in to OzBargain to find the Surface Pro 3 was reduced in price at JB Hi-Fi. The Surface 2 wasn't listed on their website so I went in store the next day to check.

      Its retail price is at $298 for the 32GB. Managed to get one for $238, it was a display model but practically brand new, currently using it to type this update.

      Note: Surface 2 stock seems to have been recalled due to a power issue according to the staff at the store, this can be fixed by Windows updates. If you plan on getting a display model make sure there's a Microsoft rep in the store to authorise the sale of the display model.

  • all new surfaces also include 12 months of free skype (unlimited calls to landlines, free wifi at skype hotspots) www.skype.com/surface

  • groan missed out on the 3% cashback - turns out you have to do the online purchase from inside the cashrewards site - I was expected to send a receipt somewhere…

  • Hmm very tempted to get one to replace my aging iPad 2.

    Seeing as there is a microSD slot, is there a compelling reason to go for the 64GB version over the 32GB? That's an extra $100 for the additional 32GB of storage - whereas I could easily add a 64GB microSD card for under $50. Or am I missing something?

    • +2

      Ive got original RT - I put a 128GB sd card in, shifted my onedrive folder to the sd card (with GB's of video and photos and documents) so only office, apps and recovery partition on the 32GB surface drive - works perfectly.

      if you need instructions/tips check lovemysurface.net.

      This is such a good price I just bought a surface2.

    • +2

      Get the 32GB and get a microSD if/when you need it…not worth the extra $100 for on board 64GB IMO.

      EDIT: Also there's a USB 3 port for memory sticks or portable drives.

    • +1

      Thanks for the feedback reddulf and myfeetarehappy, that answers my question.

      Unfortunately I couldn't make up my mind before the 7pm deadline for the sale price yesterday - but I'll be keeping my eye out for any more discounts on the Surface 2 32GB model. Hopefully another deal will come up on these before Xmas.

  • +1

    Can you find the surface 2 keyboard elsewhere for cheaper?

  • If I connect my portable hdd and play a bluray iso would the surface 2 be able to play the film full speed or is the gpu too slow for bluray playback? I wanted something small to connect to the projector and this seems useful for both school and projector use.

  • Well i was going to get some xbox credit before this deal expired but i get error 141078 when i try to place an order…

  • +5

    RT haters just don't get its use scenario and that's not entirely their fault, MS have to be the worlds worst marketers and communicators.

    RT (with its "crippled" desktop included) is an outstanding and capable OS, the only thing lacking (and its certainly no small thing)is the APP development. The hardware is amazing and as stated the OS is great.

    If the APPs you use/want exist this device is definitely superior to the competition, I'm not a big app user, I use Outlook, Office, IE, Plex and Instapic (instagram) the most. The MS/Bing apps are very good and IE handles everything else (facebook etc) with ease.

    I for one would hate to see the desktop removed from RT - I use it a lot.

    Remote desktop is fantastic with 16:9 screen and full mouse support - truly seamless.

    At $299 its a total bargain.

    [ I own and use numerous apple pads and phones and an android tablet (a cheap one)]

    • but the whole advantage of windows is the applications, (such as applications, MYOB, steam, games, full office… )when you loose that windows looses most of its power, you can develop those for any platform, if you have to redevelop anyways.

      that said if it can import documents into word and excel 100% and have all the same functionality, then it does have an advantage, as im yet to see a platform outside of windows that does it 100%

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