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Woolworths - Unlimited Deliveries on Orders > $100 for $89 Year (< $2/week)


Just got this through email, Sounds like an awesome deal

From site:

Our NEW DELIVERY SAVER offers you unlimited delivery from less than $2 a week - making your mid week top up shop a breeze!

Why should I get a DELIVERY SAVER?
A DELIVERY SAVER gives you the freedom to get your groceries delivered without worrying about the delivery fees adding up. With a DELIVERY SAVER you can:

• SAVE $379 a year on delivery fees - the more you order the more you save!
• Shop as often as you want - get FREE delivery on all orders over $100!
• Choose ANY delivery window available - as many deliveries as you like!
• Getting low on fresh fruit & bread? - Add a mid week shop for no extra cost!

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  • +42 votes

    It's important to note that deliveries must be over $100 to qualify for free shipping with this membership. Deal breaker in my opinion.

    • +5 votes

      For 89 bucks, its almost the price of Amazon prime, 2 day shipping on any order, plus all the free online content.

      Oh wait, we are in Australia, and its 89 bucks for "free" delivery with a minimum 100 dollar spend? No thanks.

    • +4 votes

      You can get free delivery from coles (with the same $100 min. spend) if you have one of their mastercards. The no annual fee card means you can get free delivery with no outlay.

  • +6 votes

    Min spend $100

    I posted this earlier this morning and asked for it to be removed due to the min spend


      I wondered why the deal disappeared. I guess this is a good deal for people who use online shopping all the time and don't care about the delivery fee and don't have a problem spending $100 at a time.

      I've never paid delivery on the rare times I've used WW online but that's because I click and collect.

      • +1 vote

        Click & Collect would be good, but my local Woolies don't offer that. I'd need to drive 20 mins to the closest store that offers a collection point, so might as well get it delivered.

  • +3 votes

    the min spend kills it. Coles has free delivery every Wed if you spent more than 100 but no annual fee in order to qualify for it.

  • +6 votes

    Who would spend over $100 on a mid week top up?

    I notice Woolworths always over hype their promo offers, saying things like "Free delivery this week" by itself as a heading… and then in the fine print, you need to spend $100, or even more to get it.

  • +4 votes

    Ive been shopping online with woolworths for almost 18 months now and have NEVER EVER paid a cent in delivery. Thanks to ozbargain, theres always codes and specials here!! And I also now have created 13 woolworths accounts.

  • +11 votes

    • Getting low on fresh fruit & bread? - Add a mid week shop for no extra cost!

    This contradicts the $100 minimum. Or in the vernacular, it it bullshit.

  • +1 vote

    usually spend over $200 a time, so the minimum spend isnt an issue here…
    however, usually enjoy going instore to get meat that is reduced to clear..

  • +4 votes

    why pay $89 for the privilege of free shipping when you pay over $100 for an order? We must look pretty must look pretty dumb. Surely spending $100 would qualify for free shipping automatically.

  • +1 vote

    If it also included an offer to credit price reductions in the next month then it would be more attractive, but seriously for >$100 most stores offer free delivery.


      They do? I didn't know that, but I prefer Woolies at the moment anyway. What other stores offer free delivery for groceries if you spend over $100? That would be pretty good.


    I'm maybe possibly perhaps considering taking up this offer as we normally do an order every one or two weeks that's between $100 and $200. Usually delivery fees are around $9 for us (added up I've spent $35 on delivery fees since start of Aug), but we can sometimes get free delivery. The free weekend delivey deals they have quite often are pretty good. I guess this way we'll just be pre-paying for the free delivery and can get it delivered whenever, not just when the free delivery deals are on for certain days.

    BUT I really hate that they are saying 'SAVE $379 a year on delivery fees' - rubbish! It really needs to be detailed a lot better - i.e. 'SAVE up to $379 a year on delivery fees if you make a weekly order of $100 or more'.
    OR have a proper disclaimer, not just have an asterisk at the bottom of the page that details how they've added up this saving. Misleading!

    I'd feel a bit more confident about it if they offered a pro rata refund of the fee too, in case I don't want to order online anymore.


    First you pay in advance for shipping and obliged to buy $100 a pop when you find Coles or Aldi cheaper! NO!

    Even Catch shipping deal looks better!

  • +2 votes

    Minimum spend kills it.

    We only spend $60 a week at woolies.

  • +3 votes

    Should always be free del on orders over $100


    Pardon me…
    Do I have to pay $89 to be able to spend over $100 every time?

    Make $2 shipping for order over $100.
    Then I might consider it.


      Well, if you know that you're going to spend $100 a week this is a pretty good deal, as it works out to $1.71 per delivery, so actually less than $2 for each $100 order's delivery :)

      But if you know that spend is unlikley, then yes, the deal isn't as good.

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    Just get a number of EDR cards & register to different email addresses, each with 3 free deliveries. When you use those free deliveries, re-register each card (as you would for new card, changing email) for new 3 deliveries. Never paid for deliveries yet.

    Plus they email special offers (eg regularly get $10 off $30) when haven't used a card for a while ;-)

    Much better value than paying Woolies $89 for same thing without the regular cash off deals.

    • +1 vote

      Beats me why some one negged a system that has proven to work, has added discounts, and saves the price of this deal every year.

      My household have used the same 4 EDR cards since free delivery for new customers was introduced, reregisting them for constant free delivery. (You could use just 1 card, but you wouldn't get the incentives to use your other cards after a period of inactivity.)

      Strange that saving quite a lot of money is neg-worthy on OzBargain.


    So I ended up going with the $89 deal, I considered doing what brucefromaustralia recommended but I didn't want to worry about having to re-register cards after every three free deliveries (not very ozbargain, I know, but what can I tell you, as doing my grocery shopping online probably indicates, I'm a bit lazy!).

    However, just a warning that even though this delivery deal applies straight away once you buy it online, the system still makes you choose a delivery time. Turns out they actually send one of the grocery delivery drivers to hand-deliver the invoice for the purchase at that set time. Yeah, only the invoice … that they could email you anyway :\

    So I'd recommend you make the delivery of the 'delivery deal' a time you'd be home or the time of your next order, etc.

    I didn't, so the poor delivery guy was knocking on the door when no one was home.


      lol… that's just silly to send a man with an invoice. I assume it doesn't matter if you don't get the invoice?

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