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(Free) MS Office 365 Proplus for Qualified AU Student E-Mail


Each user has 5 licenses that can be installed on 5 different PCs, log in using the link and if your student email is qualified, you will be able to use the software.



Appears to only work for universities who use Microsoft's services for email and skydrive.

YES - UTS*, JCU, UNSW*, UQ, UON, SWIN, FED, UWS, USYD*, UniSA, UniMelb, ACU*, Curtin Uni*, Deakin Uni LA Trobe Uni, UOW


Edit: more likely to work on prep to year 12 student e-mails, but you can still try on uni e-mails.

*possibly outlook only

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  • USYD here and it is completely crap. All it does is make a link to the microsoft online portal for outlook web access in your start menu.

    Probably worth deleting.

  • When will the license expire?

  • -1

    Doesn't work for the School of Hard Knocks. Typical!

  • +1

    It is totally dependent on the institution - they need to have the Pro Plus licenses assigned to your account in their O365 tenant for it to work.

  • Apparently it also works for Bond University.

  • Is unimelb still working. Tried it now but get the same error as posted before "You don't have a license to use Office 365 with the user ID assigned to you by your work or school. Ask your admin to assign one to you. If you're an admin, you can assign one to your account."

  • All Unis using gmail or anything else wont work here! I think!

  • Anyone from Flinders Uni having any success? It redirects to the Flinders login page, but strangely that doesn't accept my credentials (which are definitely correct).

    EDIT: Clicked OPs original link again about 5 minutes later and it took me straight in, not even asking for login details. Strange.

    • I just tried with my Flinders email and only got Outlook :(

      • Yeah, that was my sad discovery too. Bummer :(

    • Flinders does have Microsoft email but not Skydrive.

      We can login to office.com with our [email protected], click on settings and we see:

      Assigned licenses
      Exchange Online (Plan 2)


      Exchange Online (Plan 2) offers web access or access via Microsoft or 3rd party apps. However, it does not give access to Microsoft Office.

      If you logged into a school with a better license, you would click on Software and it would show a download link. When we log into Flinders, we see only the section, "Set up your desktop applications to work with Office 365".

  • Anyone from Griffith uni been able to get this? I'm getting the message: We don't recognize this user ID or password. Using the address [email protected]

    • same here :(

    • Also not working for me. I have tried [email protected] and also student#@griffithuni.edu.au. Got the same message both times, as above.

  • Tried with Uni of Adelaide email (we use Outlook): [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]. Each time it had a pop-up prompting my Uni of Adelaide credentials, and then redirects me to:

    URL: https://portal.office.com/landing.aspx?target=%2fOLS%2fMySof...

    Sorry, that didn't work
    This doesn't look like a valid user ID. Make sure you typed the user ID assigned to you by your organization. It usually looks like [email protected] or [email protected].
    [Sign out]

    (As in, it recognizes my log-in since it has a "sign out" option, but that's it)

  • UOW works

  • Nice! Didn't know about this…

    Worked straight away with UniMelb

  • UniMelb won't be available for a while. We're still in the process of a 365 pilot.

  • Worth getting for those who only have a year left of study? Currently using 2010

  • Shame Monash uni isn't included

  • I am a unimelb graduate, my uni email did not get man an license. ..

  • -3

    my uni uses microsoft outlook but im unable to use any of office products but outlook

  • Works for UNE (University of New England) - but only for student accounts (not staff..).

  • doesn't appear to be working for RMIT…

  • For those who are getting outlook only, is it because you've graduated already? I only got outlook on my UQ account (graduated 5 yrs ago), but using my UoN account I managed to get office pro 365. Though I'm graduating from UoN soon, will let you know if my account gets turned off. Oh well JCU here I come!

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