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Xiaomi Mi3 64GB $269 USD Delivered @ AliExpress


Hi all,
I have had my eye on this model for a while and have been waiting for a price drop. Finally is has happened. YAY!!
Just check the specs, it looks awesome

Full specs here

PS. The glass screen protectors look good but I have never used one, can anyone comment please.

PPS. The 16GB delivered are $242 and $246 USD
Other links for the 16GB


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    Seller has 98% +ve feedback, it that reliable? Have not bought anything from aliexpress, but on ebay, will not buy from seller that have less than 99% +ve feedback.

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      I know the seller do not have a super high rating but, their offer is on the FRONT page of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. I am sure aliexpress wouldn't put a bad seller on their front page.

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        I am sure aliexpress wouldn't put a bad seller on their front page.

        I am more sure they'd put anyone who'd make most money for them.


      Yeah, on ebay even the ultra thin margin Chinese junk sellers with slow postage and Engrish customer support can scrape a 99%

      ..DSE has 97.4%

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        DSE on ebay along with other big retail sellers is "protected". Their defect rating for the large number of cancelled sales, late delivery, out of stock, backorders, non-existent customer support - would have them kicked off if ebay applied the same rules as imposed on small sellers. Despite this ebay promotes them, to the detriment of smaller sellers with much higher standards.

        And as for ebay fees… well I would be surprised if they paid any at all, ebay has given them some sweetheart deal.

        Rant over!

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      98% seems pretty good. That means only 1 in 50 buyers has had an issue.

      Theres always some buyers that are gonna complain about something stupid. But in my eyes 98% positive is excellent

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      You forgot there are plenty of psychos on eBay give low rating to the seller for no reason. 98% is not that bad IMHO. Aliexpress has a reliable refund policy as I know.


    Considering how many Aliexpress sellers sell fake Xiaomi powerbanks (some of the fakes are more expensive then the original). I wouldn't buy any Xiaomi products on there.
    You'd have to ask yourself what everyone else is 40-50% more?

    Also look for feedback on that particular item (there's none on that seller so far) & feedback from countries (such as Oz, NZ, UK) and read the comments (you'll see often some US based comments aren't from people who speak English natively, which might ring alarm bells when the review is extremely positive).


      You can check through engineering menu - Make sure the serial numbers on the box and on the phone are the same, to see that it is not a not a fake.

      "feedback on that particular item (there's none on that seller so far)" -They are up to 71 orders and on Ali front page.


        Ali front page means they page for the placement.
        71 orders means 71 potentially disappointed/scammed people.

        As for the phone & box serial number match, that doesn't mean anything at all, only that they match. But by the time you get it, it's too late.

        It really smells like a scam, this is a very popular phone, so you should wonder why someone has it so heavily discounted? If you see someone selling an iPhone 6 for 30% off, you'd wonder why, same for this.

        anyway good luck to everyone who bought one, I hope it's legit & you got a real bargain. I'll be interested to hear


      The price seems believable. Shopbot has a place thats selling them for $372AU:

      The one on Aliexpress is only cheaper by about $50AU. The savings look believable.

      As for receiving a fake Xiaomi mobile handset vs fake Xiaomi powerbank. Powerbanks would be near impossible to identify. Though handsets are easier to detect. For example the custom ROMS can fake the size of the RAM, storage, Android version but I'm guessing there are diagnostics apps which can display the benchmarks and hardware.

      Upon receiving the phone I'd run a benchmark program over it to compare its speeds with other users. If speed isn't in the ball park area then worry and investigate further. If you try to update the ROM to the latest firmware version but the number doesn't match Xiaomi's website then worry.

      At least Aliexpress says it has buyer protection if the product is not as described.

      I've not yet bought from Aliexpress nor had to worry about identifying a fake mobile from China. Just providing my thoughts to help OzBargainers make a better informed decision.


    Looked at this phone, but since it doesn't have a microSD expansion, I decided against it.

    Might be ok if you get the 32GB version.

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      USB Host/OTG compatible


    I tend to look at the number of orders a seller has processed for this product, rather than the feedback, in this case 71 order is not a lot, and no feedback, means this is the first time they are doing this product, so all orders have not been shipped yet (assumed).

    I have had issue with these, not that I didn't get the product it just took a few months for the item to be received.

    In this case the shipper has given 60 days to get the product to you, if you don't receive it then you can open a dispute. I have never had an issue with getting a replacement or a refund if required from AliExpress.


    Average 3 weeks delivery from China


      And the rest in my experience.