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BLACK FRIDAY OZ - 15% off Entire Pentax Webstore


Black Friday Oz - 15% off Entire Pentax Web store for Black Friday.

Direct link to the shop:

I've marked this as expiring 29/11 as the code stell seems to be working…

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2014

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  • Link to the shop andytuna https://www.pentax.com.au/shop

    • I've added that above thanks cornbeef

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    Wow, great deal!!! I just ordered the 03 Fisheye for my Q, have been eyeing for this lens for a while now. Lowest I can see was $122 and Pentax is now selling it for $97 + 15% off + free shipping, Unreal!!! Thank you Andy for posting the deal…

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      Yes - I'm very tempted by a DA SMC 35mm F2.4 for my K-r $194 down to $165…

      • I have that lens. I'd highly recommend it, it is great!

    • you still find Q is ok for daily shoot? im going for 3 weeks holiday next year and wont bother bringing k-x and all my lenses, i have choice of Q with standard lens or mobile phone (lg g pro 2).

      • I actually love my Q, my kids have reached the age where they will try to hide from my camera. This little gem has earned me more shots than my M43 system coz it is so tiny. Picture quality is good too when there is sufficient light… I also use quite a bit of D lenses on my Q which my M43 system cannot do…

        • size is ok but not so compact because of the lens. battery is so so (maybe get used to 4xAA on k-x :)

  • Can anyone recommend a macro lens for me K20D?

  • ….Not so great timing, I only just committed to selling my K-01, its been a great camera though

  • Cheers - I also picked up the fisheye. I take my Q everywhere!

  • Geez that wide zoom for the Q is $449, it's probably the only one that I want :-/ Comes down to 381.65 plus shipping. It's a lot to take photos of empty rooms.

  • Great deal for anyone considering a Pentax 645Z; I wish Santa would bring me one this year.

  • Ricoh GR comes to $585.65 (with free shipping?), which is an excellent price for it….it's not for everyone (fixed 28mm f2.8 lens with APS-C sensor), but I love mine to bits, simply one of the best camera purchases I have ever made…

    • Bought mine a couple of hours ago. Such a mistake selling mine, super high percentage of keepers with this camera.

    • I bought mine for 899 last year…

    • Anyone using GV-1 viewfinder or GW-3 wide angle lens? Is it worth it? (none of them seem to be listed on the site though)

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        I've got the GW-3, and personally, I really like it, the 21mm really gives it a proper ultra wide angle POV…obviously becomes significantly bulkier when attached to the GR (detracting from it's portability), and you do need to buy the GH-3 adapter thing, which is annoying…but overall, reckon it's worth splashing the extra cash for it, IMO..:)

  • Coupon still working in South Australia

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    Worked at 12.59 in Vic…1799.25 off the 645z…if only

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