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Compare-A-Tron COLES-Woolworths-BWS-Liquorland-ALDI Starts Wednesday


Woolworths Specials Woolworths Catalogue

Product Price
Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 250ml $2.72
Head and Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner 350-400ml $6.25
Blackmores Capsules Odourless Fish Oil $19.98
Tip Top Raisin Toast 520g $2.60
Natura Chip Company Chips 175g $1.62
Cadbury Favourites 800g $15
Cadbury Roses Tin 650g $14
Cadbury Mini Gift Tags 75g $2.75
CAdbury Scorched Nuts 380-480G $5
Cadbury Sharing Selection 675g $10
Cadbury Christmas Sharepacks $2.50
Cadbury Marvellous Creations Star Gift Box 209g $5
Lindt Lindor Balls Gift Box $6
Jif Easy Lift kitchen or Bathroom Wipes Pk50 $3
Mortein Automatic Indoor or Outdoor Primary or Professional $14.99
Sorbent Facial Tissue Pk 95 $1.42
Morning Fresh 400-450ml $1.97
Finish Dishwasher Tabs Quantum Pk 36-40 or Max in 1 Pk 44-48 $13.99
Ocean Spray Varieties 1.5L $2.90
Bulla Creamy Classics 2 L $3.84
D'Orsogna Tasty Sticks $14.99kg
Ingham Frozen Whole Turkey #50 $24.99
Aunt Betty's Puddings 2 x95g $2
Woolworths Select Fruit Mince Pies 360g Pk 6 $1
Energiser Max AA pack 4 $4
  • Half Price All Modelco ( Hair )

Coles Specials Coles Catalogue

Product Price
Garnier Fructis Range $6
Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur $8.50
Imperial Leather Shower Gel $4.50
Natures Way Vitagummies Family 120 Pack $10
Golden Crumpets Rounds 6 Pack $1.55
Wattle Valley Soft Wraps 260g $1.99
Might Soft Raisin Toast 600g $2.62
Fantastic Rice or Cripsn Crackers $.94
Grainwaves Chips 175g $1.84
Confectionery/ Snacks
Cadbury Favourites Boxed Chocolates 540g $9
Lindt Limited Edition Assorted Chocolate Tin or Sharing Tin 3 Tier 500g $15
Quality Street Tin Chocolates 480g $8
Nestle Medium Bars 35-65g $1
Pringles Potato Chips 150g $2
Coles Cinnamon or Sugar Donuts 12 Pack $2
Nice and Natural Nut Bars 180-192g Superfruits or Oatie Blasts 150g $1.99
Tandaco One Pan Dinner Kits 185g-285g $2.50
Ho Mai Entertainer 1Kg $6.45
Birds Eye Ocean Selections Salmon 700g $15.50
SFC Microwavable Chicken Nuggets 200g $3
LA Ice Cola, Pub Squash, Lido Lemonade 2.25L $1
Xico Pure Premium Coconut Water $1.40
Fairy Lemon Dishwasher Tabs 36 Tabs $9
Easy Off Bam 500ml $2.99
Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid 900ml $3.24
Mr Muscle Easy Gel Bathroom Citrus 450ml $2.09
Mortein Naturgard Automatic Insect Control Odourless 154g $15
Radiant Laundry Powder 2.5kg or 2.25 L $9.50
Glen 20 Freshmatic Prime $5.99
Sorbent Toilet Tissue 8 Pack $3
Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375 ml $2.99
Fountain Sauce 250ml $1.25
Vodafone $30 Cap Starter Kit $9
Bic 4 Colour Pen 3 Pack $2.50
  • All Bonds Mens, Womens, Childrens and Babywear - Half Price
  • Deeko Range - Half Price
  • Decor Microwave Safe Range Half Price

ALDI ALDI Catalogue

Product Price
Christmas Entertaining Food
South Cape Cheese Selection Platter 435G $11.99
Dried Fruit Salad 400G $4.99
Almare Smoked Salmon 500G $13.99
Roasting Tray 400G $4.99
Specially Selected Sweet Crispbreads 150G $5.99
Christmas Desserts
Unibic Sponge Finger 750G $5.99
Brooklea Brandy Flavoured Custard 1KG 3.49
Celebre Christmas Tree 275G $4.49
Choceur Christmas Bons Bons 120G $6.99
Brooklea Christmas Egg Nog 1L $3.29
Christmas Ornaments and Stocking Fillers
Lemax Christmas Train Set $49.99
Lemax Christmas Musical Village Scenes $99.99
Nativity Scene $24.99 each
Animated Christmas Scenes $49.99 each
Celebre Musical Tins with Cookies 175G $9.99 each
Christmas Feast
Copper Base Fry Pan 24CM $29.99 each
Ramekin Sets 4 pc $3.99
Copper Base Cookware Set 3PC $59.99/set
Enamel Roaster $12.99
Ceramic Polka Dot Bakeware $8.99/each
Christmas Home Gifts
Salad Bowl with Stand & Servers $9.99/set
300 Thread Count Fitted Sheet Pack - Queen Size $29.99/pk
10.1" Dual Core Tablet16GB $99.99/each
Leather Tablet Folio $49.99
Jewellery Box Assortment $24.99/each

BWS Specials BWS Catalogue

Product Price Save
Baileys Irish Cream 1 Litre, Jim Beam White Label Bourbon, Bacardi Rum, Bundaberg UP Rum, Gordon’s Dry Gin, Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch Whisky OR Southern Comfort 700ml Any 3 for $90 $39
Carlton Dry Bottles 24x355ml OR Carlton Draught Bottles or Cans 24x375ml Any 2 for $82 $14
Carlton Mid Blocks 30x375ml Cans 2 for $76 $18
Crown Lager Bottles 24x375ml 2 for $85 $21
  • 30% off all wines when you purchase 6 bottles or more

Liquorland Specials Liquorland Catalogue

Product Price Save
700ml Spirits as in Picture in Catalogue or Jim Beam White & Cola, Canadian Club & Dry, Bundaberg UP & Cola or Johnnie Walker Red & Cola Cans 10x375ml $Any 3 for $90 $30
VB Bottles 18x375ml or Carlton Dry Bottles 18x355ml Any 3 for $93 $12


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  • +2 votes

    Love you long time.

  • +6 votes

    Thanks MM.


    Gordon's three for $30?!?!? No it's "three for $30 each" or what I'd call three for $90.


    Builla? I think you mean Bulla. Also Laundry under Coles hasn't been bonded. Thanks though!

  • -2 votes

    Yes nice work MM, thanks for that!

  • +5 votes

    Thank you for categorizing, really appreciate that extra step.

  • +10 votes

    It would be handy to see how much you save for each product.

  • +4 votes

    I think it is important in this busy season we acknowledge the worthy efforts of monty.melb (and other hangers on) for the Compare-A-Tron.

    But don't just take my word for it, look at how the Tron has entered mainstream culture in (IMDB) Tron, Tron:Legacy, Tron:The Next Day and Tron:The Uprising or the even the lyrics from Nick Cave of "Babe, You Turn Me Tron"

    Even Sesame Street invites us to compare:

    One of these trons is not like the others,
    One of these trons just doesn't belong,
    Can you tell which trons is not like the others
    By the time I finish my song?

    Keep on Tron'n. :+)


    Thanks MM. Excellent work with the categorising too


    On Coles and WW at 12:10am Wednesday morning.

    WW has up-to-date pricing when browsing, but put something in your cart and its standard pricing.

    Coles browsing is standard prices, put it in your card and its discounted.



    Great work Monty. Were the items at the bottom of each table meant to be orphaned? I almost missed the Bonds 1/2 price deal at Coles.


    Thanks MM


    Fairy Lemon Dishwasher Tabs 36 Tabs $9

    This is more than 50% off. Normally $20.99.


    Birds Eye Salmon is from Norway btw. In case you wondered.


    Missed from WW - Fancy Feast 50c a can if buying 24 cans. Normally $1.30 a can.

    Great price.


    Reminder guys - 17 Days of Christmas Specials at ALDI -
    Saturday 6/12

    REPEAT TODAYS SPECIAL IS LEFFE - Radieus - 8.2%, 330ml X 24 - 79.99 (DM $99)



    TODAY CRYSTAL HEAD VODKA SPECIAL with Two Skull Shaped Glasses - $74.99