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Win a New Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro by Referring a Friend



Closing Date 14/01/2015
Draw Date 21/01/2015


Description Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro
No. of Prizes 2
Total Prize Pool $4,198.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Recruit/Referral

Yeah. I want that Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro. Help me to win that!

To enter,

  1. Go to the linked page
  2. Put in your first name, last name and email address
  3. You'll get a code which you then pass to your friend to get them to sign up

You only get an entry if your friend also submit the form with your referral code. So if you want to help me to win,

Username Code
Big spender 48FE9
Brachneos 5CB7F
chonghe 4C547
elusive B768A
full0085 47A7B
hitubaba 2BEAA
Hutchy D8908
iChopstick 2373E
kellieed 3D494
kev go westie 80C14
loke 9801B
mrgeckoz 41DA5
nbpengii 48640
ngf FC50C
obo 5CCF0
pickleric 195DC
POWERevolution 2D969
ProspectiveDarkness 176B1
ScaryZombie 82A94
scotty C84F3
sovereign01 EE804
spartan17 51EAF
sweefu 7CBD2

Share your code (if you don't have friends like me) and I'll add them to this page when I get a chance.

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closed Comments

  • I didn't get a code when I did it. Nothing happened for ages so I resubmitted and then it said my email address has already been used.

  • +1

    Scotty I used your code.

    If anyone's feeling generous here's mine: 7CBD2

    • +1

      I used your code
      Appreciate if anybody uses mine: 4C547

      • Thanks mate

      • +1

        I used your code chonghe.
        If anybody wants to use mine: 5CCF0

        • Thanks mate.

  • My code: 176B1

    • +2

      Used your code.
      Here's mine: 48640

      • +1

        Used your code. Mine is 5CB7F.

        • used your code (i think), is your name Clark?
          my code is 9FDAB

  • +1

    Used yours Brachneos . Mine is 2BEAA

    • Used your code. Mine is 2D969

      • Used yours Power, here's mine 48FE9

  • Used your code Big spender. Mine is D8908

    • Used Hutchy's, Mine: 9801B

  • Used Scotty's, here's mine: 2373E

    • Used yours, mine is B768A

      • used elusive's, mine is 82A94

  • Thanks.

  • +1

    Used full0085.
    Mine is 3D494

    • Used kellieed
      Mine is FC50C

      • Used FC50C
        Mine is 2C4BB

        • I used yours Joe. Mine is CCBD4. Good luck to everyone.

        • +1

          @stubatman: used yours. Mine is C9618. Thanks if anyone uses mine.

  • Use my code to enter please :) 922D4
    I used iChopstick's code

  • I commented saying that I used your code Scotty but it didn't give me a code. Lenovo just provided me with it by Facebook PM, it's 0FDAD. Be grateful if someone will use it please.

    • Used yours compacc.
      Mine is F7202

  • Thanks :) here is my code F6CFE

    • Used yours hipmumma. Here's mine A2DDE. Thanx

  • Big spender, used yours. Here's mine 3DB35

    • I used yours flex350. Here's mine E1604

  • 7FAD8 :)

    • +1

      Used yours DrSJ, thanks!
      My code: CA5D8

      • used!

  • 68736 :)

  • Here'my code 25EFD !!

    • Used yours!

      Mine is CFA2D if anyone would like to help out :)

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