OzBargain 2014 Christmas Charity Donations - $14,580 to Charities of Your Choice

UPDATE 18 Dec: The poll has finished and the top 4 charities for this Christmas are:

  • Doctors without Borders
  • Beyond Blue
  • Cancer Council Australia

They will be receiving $3,645 of donation each. Thanks to everyone who participated.

UPDATE 14 Dec: Please vote on the charities now we have all the suggestions. There are 258 unique commenters at this point thus OzBargain will donate $12,000 + $10 x 258 = $14,580 this Christmas. The top 4 voted charities will receive $3,645 of donation.

It's December and OzBargain has planned to donate at least $12,000 to the charities this Christmas. We have already made more than $50,000 contributions to various charity organisations in Australia over the last 3 years, and for this year the plan is a little bit different. We will be taking suggestions from the commenters again, similar to our last EoFY donation. However to be fair to each of the charities suggested, votes will not be allowed until I have got a full list of suggestions. So basically it would be in two stages — first I am getting the suggestions from the commenters, and then I'll reset votes on all the poll options so all of them would start out equal.

Moreover, like last year's Christmas donations, we will be donating $12,000 + $10 x number of unique commenters in this thread until this Saturday night. So for example if 300 user accounts commented in this post, we will then donate $12,000 + $10 x 300 = $15,000 to the charities.

We will pick the top 4 charities based on number of votes, and then equally distribute the total amount to those charity groups.


The timeline would go like this:

  • 9 Dec — start taking suggestions
  • 13 Dec 11:59PM — suggestions closed, votes reset to 0 and let the voting start! Also count the number of unique commenters so far and update the total donation amount.
  • 17 Dec 11:59PM — voting closed. Top 4 charity groups chosen, which we will be donating to.
  • 18-24 Dec — OzBargain will donate to those charities picked

Now let the suggestion come in! If you are commenting on this post directly (not replying someone's comment), you shall see "Suggestion" there above the comment box. Put your choice of charity there + some reasons why this charity is worth donating to for this Christmas, and I'll add your suggestions to the poll.

Since it's Christmas, please think about which charity organisation would be good to donate to.

Suggestion Guidelines

Just a reminder. If you are suggesting a charity

  • Make sure "Suggestion" field is filled when you are making a top-level comment, so your suggestion would be added to the poll. It would be in the approval queue and I'll approve them when I get a chance.

  • In your comments please also link to the website. Under Poll Options you can click on the time to go to linked comment where the suggestion was made in the first place. It would be useful for others to see what the charity is about and able to go to the website to check it out.

Terms and Conditions

There are some rules…

  • Creating multiple accounts is against our terms of use and might get your accounts banned.
  • Banned accounts, unpublished comments etc do not count towards the tally

Poll Options expired


  • Suggested Hope For Paws

    Ever since my love for animals has been always adopting abandoned/mistreated dogs and not buying from pet stores.
    A charity that I would love to be considered would definitely be http://www.hopeforpaws.org/
    Please check them out!!

  • gj guys

  • So many worthy recipients, damn hard to split.

  • Suggested Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME)

    +$10 and Merry Christmas OzBargain. +1 Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME)

    AIME is a dynamic educational program that is proven to support Indigenous students through high school and into university, employment or further education at the same rate as all Australian students.

  • Autism Australia for me and this post for $10.

    Good job Scotty/Ozbargain.

  • 10 DOORLARS! On ya scotty

  • Suggested Light for Life Australia

    I suggest "Light for Life"

    This charity lights up the lives of people in need whose world has been darkened due to the loss of their loved ones from devastating impact of violence and terrorism.

    • Surprised to see my suggestion not even approved for the final list. Light for Life Australia is a registered Australian charity with DGR status. Unsure why was it excluded?

      • Approved.

        • Cheers :)

  • Was going to suggest a cancer research organization but decided not to upon seeing some children aid organizations in the list.

    So many ozbargainers have said it. Its so hard to chose. A very pragmatic yet idealistic view has to be taken when allocating such resources.

    The following is my opinion

    Cancer mostly affects the old and cancer treatments typically favors pharmaceutical companies and insurance holders. While there are children's cancers, these are outnumbered and outpublicised by other cancers which will affect funding allocation. While nobody deserves to suffer more. Kids have seen so much less and deserve some sort of fighting chance. While everybody talks about finding a cheap cancer treatment, research is expensive and patents usually go to funding bodies (scientists get a small cut) or big pharma who can afford lawyers, tech transfers etc. Cancer treatment production is expensive because of regulations too, so the only realistic cheap cancer cure would be an anti-cancer tree that we can pluck the anti-cancer fruits from straight from our garden.

    I love animals and would like to ensure the strays get proper treatment and care. I would totally adopt if I was not renting a place. Unfortunately, if I were forced to chose, an average human live does weigh heavier to me than an average animal life.

    Ideally I would vote for a lean efficient charity that provides education to vulnerable and underpriviledged children. Children are the building blocks of our future. By providing a safety net for these demographics of kids in need, we may hypothetically, reduce the crime rate, reduce animal suffering, nurture doctors and scientists who may cure diseases and solve environmental issues.

    Call my idealistic but every life has enormous potential for good and evil. I believe in giving the good side as much of a chance as possible

    Sorry for the TLDR and poor writing structure need to sleep, Heres my +1

  • +1
    Suggested St Vincent de Paul

    These blokes pick up unwanted goods superseded by upgrades from OzB.

  • +$10

  • Suggested Starlight Children's Foundation

    I'd like to vote for Starlight

  • Suggested The Big Issue

    The Big Issue —- http://www.thebigissue.org.au/
    I often see these people selling The Big Issue magazine in Sydney CBD and think its great that they were able to rise out of their past and move onward.
    I stopped buying the magazines as I end up not reading them, but would still love to support.
    They even hold school workshops to educate primary and secondary school kids on homelessness, how some poor choices we make in life can make us end up like so…

    Great initiative by OzBargain team.

  • Comment!

  • Suggested Camp Quality

    Camp Quality

  • Suggested Western Health

    Western health

    Provides paediatric and other medical services to Melbourne's poorer west. It could really do with some extra funding

  • +2

    Doctors without borders :)

    • I'm going to add that I personally don't think they get enough recognition in Australia or even amongst medical students.
      They are doing some amazing work overseas, (think Ebola).
      GF aspires to be one (brownie points haha!..)

  • +$10 :)

  • $10 :)

  • Suggested Fred Hollows Foundation


  • +$10

  • <3 OzBargain

  • Suggested Wesley Mission

    Wesley Mission do great work with families, disabled folk, broken homes and counselling of many sorts.


  • +1 for Beyond Blue :)

  • +1

    RSPCA, billions of animals live a hellish existence on Earth due to humans

  • go rspca

  • $10

  • Beyond Blue +1

  • I voted for BeyondBlue

  • Great one Ozbargs, makes me proud to be a member.

  •         _
          (  :
         __\  \  _____
       (____)  `|
      (____)|   |
  • +$10

  • +$10

  • +2

    This is why I love this community. So much goodwill spread around. Is there a way for us to donate to the charity pool as well?
    As a previous depression sufferer, beyond blue is a great cause

  • Thanks scotty for ozbargin and doing your bit to give back!

  • +$10

  • Comment for $10 :)

  • 10 bux!!!!! Wow

  • +$10

  • thanks ozbargain/scotty; good work, I think most charities are worthy, +$10, hopefully those of us in the ozbargain community who can spare some $ will also be encouraged to donate.

  • +10 :D :D

  • Suggested MS Society of Australia

    The MS Society of Australia is a great charity to consider.

  • +$10, love the work you guys are doing! Our chance to give back to the community.

  • get some

  • +1

    Alzheimer's Australia is a really worthy cause, assisting people suffering from dementia.

  • +1 For Beyond the BLUE.


  • $10 from me

  • +1

    Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders does a lot of great work & isn't widely promoted.

  • $10

  • Can i nominate Animals Australia? While i appreciate the great work other animal welfare organisations do, i really do appreciate the take no prisoners, in your face activism that AA employs (a la Animal Equality/PETA) to uncover and name and shame, truly inhumane practises. For me, the minimisation of animal cruelty cannot go too far.

    "Animals Australia's investigations investigations have been featured on every current affairs program in the country including Four Corners, 60 Minutes, Today Tonight, A Current Affair, The Project, Lateline and Landline. Investigations throughout the Middle East and South East Asia exposing cruelty in the live export trade resulted in the first ever suspension of live animal exports – to Egypt in 2006 then Indonesia in 2011 - and sweeping reforms to the operation of the entire industry. The organisation's investigation into the factory farming of pigs in Australia which aired on 60 Minutes was a catalyst to the pig industry agreeing to restrict the use of pregnant sow stalls by 2017."

  • Good on you ozbargain!

  • Suggested Bandaged Bear - The Children's Hospital at Westmead

    The Westmead hospital serve one of the most populous area in Australia. They need your support!!

  • +50

  • Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders is doing great work in fighting Ebola

  • +1 to Beyond blue

  • +$10
    RSPCA is definitely worthwhile!

  • Great cause.

  • -1


    Lets vote for a charity that doesn't use a large % for "research"…. in other words the board members excessive salaries.

  • Ooops I didn't read and voted :P

    • 1 for MSF. Planning on donating to them myself as well in the coming weeks.
  • Suggested Red Cross

    My vote will got to MSF, but Red Cross do a lot of work too!

  • $10!

  • +$10 MSF

  • $10

  • $10

  • Great OZBargain forum, you all are lovely guys, it is really a very meaningful event.

  • Great initiative Scotty. Proud to be an OzBargainer. MY vote is for Mission Australia.

    It would be good if we have links to these charities websites in the description so that people can quickly look into what they are doing and vote. Just a suggestion.

  • Thanks for doing this OzB

  • :-)

  • $10 :-)

  • Great idea :-) +$10 donation simply commenting is the best OzB deal of all

  • This is awesome - what a generous gesture

  • strange, i barely see any comments about beyond blue. yet its leading by quite a bit.. hmm.

    anyway i voted beyond blue, since im a previous strong anxiety suffer and i don't think the world quite understands how badly anxiety can affect you.

    • nvm there is quite a lot of people talking about it.


  • +$10. Will be voting for MSF too for their tireless work on ebola and providing health care to the less privileged

  • Suggested Cerebral Palsy Alliance

    +1 to Cerebral Palsy Alliance - Worthwhile cause giving help to those suffering from the lifelong disability

  • $10

  • Just commenting in to support these fantastic charities. I raised money for Smiling for Smiddy last year which was very challenging and rewarding. Every cent counts for these charities especially around Christmas time :)

  • Great work guys! Will be hard to decide where to send my vote, lots of very worthy options!

  • $10

  • +$10 :)

  • $10

  • Good to see Beyond Blue up the top. I'll be voting for them.

  • +1 for msf, and awesome stuff Scotty, hope this continues for years to come!

  • Great initiative!

  • Suggested Royal Flying Doctor Service

    Just putting the Royal Flying Doctors in the mix but really they're all great causes, can't go wrong. They're not for profit but not sure about their charity status

  • Suggested Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)


  • Commenting for charity.

  • +1

  • Not suggesting a charity as so many good ones have been nominated already. Thanks for doing this scotty.

  • RSPCA because animals can't help themselves.

  • RSPCA or a similar charity for animals. Animals bring so much joy to our lives and are the most helpless ones.

  • +$10 :)

  • +$10 from me

  • I look forward to this every year, I wish we could donate to them all! Will be back to vote tmrw :)

    Good job guys!

  • What a great thing to do… Well done oz bargain team! My vote went to Beyond Blue

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