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QuietComfort 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones $224 ($194 with AMEX Offer) @ David Jones

  1. Use AMEX Connect offer for $30 extra off https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/174258
  2. Use Qantas Points Store https://onlinemall.qantaspoints.com/info/81336/15673/david-j... for 10 points per $1
  3. Pick up for no delivery charge

Better be quick, RRP $399 at JB-HIFI

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  • extremely hot (especially given i was super close to buying some a week ago).

    i cannot understand why these are so cheap - bose products are basically never discounted, and there is next to no chance of a new model being out soon.

  • wow… this is ridiculously cheap. Might have to buy a pair to go with my QC15s.

  • Why did I order them when they were $319….
    I've ordered another pair

    • Yep same I bought these as well for $319. These headphone are excellent especially on the plane, forgot I even had them on.

      At $224 these are a great deal!

      • Great on noisy Melbourne metro trains too!

        Bose offers international warranty for 2 years when purchased from an authorised reseller

        I'm going overseas in a few months and these cost around $500 overthere.

        I'll sell the new set for $370 to make some profit

      • By Bose standards, awesome deal. I bought a pair from ebay for $300. They are good. The NC is the best I've heard. But I still have difficulty seeing how it justifies even $200 for a pair of in ear headphones when you compare to the industry outside of Bose.

        The audio quality is rather pedestrian. Decent but not the best I've heard. I bought a pair of AT ANC in ears off Amazon for $50 odd, and the NC is not as good, but the AQ beats the Bose.

  • Error:Sorry, an error has occurred while trying to retrieve the inventory status of this product.

  • These are awesome. I lost mine on the train the other day. :( Might have to jump on these.

    • I just ordered a pair. Thanks.
      I chose delivery option and sale was processed fine, so maybe they have updated stock levels.

  • OUT of STOCK according to DJ's online help. Whilst stock is showing, once you try and pass through checkout your get an "inventory error".

    Still available in-store.

    • +1 vote

      I did store pick up and just checked again and still in stock

      • WTF!

        I just spoke to the online chat, she checked inventory and said none left!

        Anyway, have arranged to collect a pair from local DJ's off the shelf.

        I don't need them, but how can I not get them at this price.

        • +1 vote

          Same lol, although I was looking at getting these anyway at some point

        • I've been thinking about getting them for sometime too. And by "sometime", I mean about 60 minutes ago when I first saw this listing.

  • I can't do this…

  • Got one, thanks.

  • Ok, so if you live outside Melbourne like myself, I managed to secure a pair over the phone with Highpoint. Got them to deliver it for $10, so still amazing value at $204 after the AMEX rebate. Thanks OP.

  • It took a few refreshes to get it to show inventory with stock.
    Just ordered one myself.

  • Thanks OP. Just purchased one for pickup from the Marion store.
    Going to use it with my Android phone and I am aware of the caveats.

    $224 less the Amex cashback which the email came through for-

    Congratulations! You have completed all qualifying transactions on your registered Card ending in ****.

    So $194 plus 2240 Qantas Points and 224 Amex Reward points is a great result.

  • Thanks OP.Ordered two for wife and me trip to Japan

  • Thanks OP, I just got a pair each for myself and the misses. Not worth $399, but at this price, with the Amex rebate, it's too hard to pass up.

  • can the 20i version be used on android phones?

  • Thanks OP great piece of technology, good feedback

  • "Error:Sorry, an error has occurred while trying to retrieve the inventory status of this product."

    No stock, despite the online store showing stock?

  • I had that as well. Try pick and collect. It works for me at Market St, Sydney.

  • Any android ones?

    • Don't see many of those on sale.

    • You can use these on Android. I used these on my iPhone 6 Plus (all features work) and my Samsung Note 4 (also worked fine on Samsung S5) where the only thing that did not work for me what the volume controls (no big deal, especially at this price). HTH.

      • Does the non-i version actually have any volume buttons? If not, then the 20i is not worse for Android in that respect.

        • I do not know, as I previously owned only this version (which I lost on the train just recently).

        • @luztra:

          Yes the android does have volume control…I have them but could always do with another set!
          Need to know if mobile works on the apple model too as well as noise cancellation setup

  • Ordered for in store pick up, thanks OP!

  • Ordered for pickup, thanks.
    Paid with my AMEX registered for that $30 promo.

    However, haven't got an e-mail from AMEX yet (i'm with ANZ).
    Anyone else?

  • Just received a call from DJ Bourke St Mall cancelling my order from 2+ hours ago - apparently very limited stock anywhere.

  • Buy 2x David Jones gift cards with $150 value each, pay on 2 different AMEX with the cashback offer ($300 for $240). Earn $300 worth of AMEX points.

    Purchase on the online store using the above gift cards, purchase through Qantas mall to earn 10pts/$.

    End result: $76 remaining on Gift card and a set of Bose QC20i.

    Although this will require you to go to a David Jones store and purchase the gift cards first.

  • Orders above $50 receive free shipping.

    EDIT: dw, i lied. It didn't work

  • If really want noise cancelling in earphones, these are a more value buy


    Old school style MP3 player but with serious components and aptX blutooth. You're going to be carrying that battery unit anyway, may as well be a good MP3 player/handsfree unit.

  • Are these good for jogging?

    • Two things: I wouldn't run with noise cancelling headphones. You need to have some sense of your surroundings. I also wouldn't want to get them covered in sweat. There are some great, and cheaper, sennheiser wrap around IEM's you can get from JB (~$100).
      Edit: And these have a battery pack that could be annoying when running.

    • I walked with these on next to a busy road
      I couldn't hear any car noise….

      Road kill is just around the corner

      and what superklue said

  • Error:Sorry, an error has occurred while trying to retrieve the inventory status of this product.

  • +2 votes

    These aren't worth the price, the sound isn't that great for $300 (or $200) iems.

    • these are for noise cancelling
      if you want better sound quality earphones, there are Shure, Westone, Ultimate Ears

      I've tried many different NC earphones/headphones from different companies and Bose is definitely the best and these are great at this price

      • Basically this. You don't buy them for the AQ, you buy them for the ANC. But at $400 (RRP) for ANC, you're paying a lot. I would chalk this down to Bose tax.

      • But even something like the Shure 315 blocks a huge amount of sound something like 26db. And they sound much better.

        • I am using UE900 and Westone 2

          They're different. If you don't like them I understand
          But noise cancelling and noise isolating are completely different

          I've used UE900 and Westone 2 on the plane
          QC20i… Well it's like i'm in my soundproof room

        • @kazines: Really? For me it's never silent. I can always hear the background noise even with ANC on. It's just softer and I can hear what I'm listening to without needing to turn it up.

          If you commute to work, or listen in public places, it's a must have.

        • @lostn: I'm talking about the engine noise. Sorry if I misled anyone. ANC cannot completely block out people's chatters but yeah these things were also great for public transport. Besides Bose ANC is great but it works better with music on. Whereas all other ANC headphones/earphones I've tried I could still hear a lot more background noise than Bose

        • @kazines: Do yours seriously cancel out all engine noise?

  • Delivery is free for > $50 from David Jones, so it wouldn't have made a difference for the third point.

  • I bought these from Chermside David Jones and they work great with my Samsung Note 3. The only control on the headset that doesn't work with Android is the volume up/down. Calls answer fine along with microphone and the pass through button works just fine as well. Previously bought the Bose QC15 and the wife has taken ownership of them so these are mine. Couldn't justify $399 but $224 is within my budget. Anyone that travels a bit would realise that noise cancelling is worth it. The sound quality through these is slightly better than the QC15 and noise cancelling is much the same. I think over the ear headphones also help so was surprised how well these still block out noise.

  • I just spoke to Marion SA, they pretty much refuse to honour it and said its pricing error. The electronics manager said 3 of these orders came through and they don't wont honour them as they are 399

    Ok, just spoke with the store manager of the Marion store. They are honouring it now .. Quite disappointed the electronic staff had no idea about the sale and just said we are run by dick smith.. Whatever the price on dj site must be wrong

    • That's interesting as I picked up mine from there at lunch time without issue.

      I would recommend ordering via the site and picking up today before it gets pulled by DJs if it actually is a pricing error.

      • did u need to wait for the e-mail saying its ready for pickup, or just the first confirmation e-mail is OK?

        • I headed down there with the first, but by the time I got there I had received the pickup email.

  • just been called by david jones. i had it set to collect at market street, sydney. anyway there are none in stock and it was a misprice, so not being honoured. he said if they had it in stock they'd usually honour but it seems that when it went out of stock the price changed somehow. shrug.

    not sure if those who got it delivered will have more success.

  • +2 votes

    I picked up a pair from Highpoint with no issues at all.

    • Had salesperson called adam at highpoint put through order over the phone for me and they are getting sent to me on Monday. Awesome service

  • +1 vote

    When I picked mine up from Hay Strret the lady said they'd had 12 orders for them and she wondered why they were so popular … I told her the price lol.

  • My order got cancelled too. Pretty sure I was the one of the first to purchase this, since I posted this up.

    • yeah, frustrating. and i was first to reply haha :( what store did you try, one in sydney CBD? seems like other parts of the country are having success.

      • If you can order via the site and select store pickup go for that option and pick it up today. Don't go for a shipped option as you may have more success getting one today before it is pulled (unless they cancel that to).

  • I tried buying online but got the "Error:Sorry, an error has occurred while trying to retrieve the inventory status of this product."message.
    Decided to go check out the store. They did not have stock for QC20i stock but had the Android/windows/blackberry version which is the QC20. Picked it up reduced from $399 to $222.73. Have not received the AMEX email yet.
    Difference between QC20i and QC20 from the BOSE US website: The 2-button remote (QC20 model) is designed for your Android, BlackBerry or Windows phone. The 4-button remote (QC20i model), customized for use with your iPhone or iPod, adds volume, music control and voice commands.

  • I just picked up mine from carindale Westfield. The lady said I was the 5th today! Cheers OP!

  • Managed to collect 2 from Bourke St Melbourne

  • I bought 2 as a friend wanted a pair for himself as well
    Ordered 2 for pick up at Glen Waverley VIC
    Just got a call saying they're out of stock and one of them needs to be refunded.
    BS I ordered as soon as this post was up and they had plenty in stock

    I'm ordering another pair to collect at Bourke St, Melbounre

  • I'd buy these but found some on a train, they're awesome! :D

  • Picked mine up from Bourke St today after purchasing online this morning at 10:15am!
    Very good price, considering I paid just over $300 in Tokyo jan this year for a set.

    I gotta say these are great for travelling on planes!

  • Like all headphones what happens when the connector wires break? Can the cord be replaced or fixed?

  • Picked up the last one at the Perth Hay St store. They said they sold all 12 they had today.

  • Well I ordered one for pickup at local store.
    1. If website says "In Stock" is that correct?
    2. Recommend getting the connector for Airplane from? Store/website link please …cheapest and quality?

    After 4pm so says may not be available for pickup tomorrow?
    Even though postage free thought best to get in and pickup.

  • If u don't need NC, the closed momentum deal at DS is better

  • Damn it. Just bought QC25 for $319.20 @ Myer yesterday, now bought this for $194

    Mss not happy…. :P

    • they cancelled my order with the QC25 :(

      which myer did you get it from?

      • chatswood nsw

        • So it was instore for that price? i might take the drive down (I'm in the central coast)….

        • @Yongaz:

          Well, wasnt that simple. Remember last month they had $15 off every $75 spent but they had only white ones? I managed to get a staff to promise to "raincheck" it for me :P. And i have just picked it up yesterday. Very surprise they still honor it.

          I wish you good luck finding one. Don't give up.

        • @cloud68:

          oooh yeah that's what I ordered on… and that's what got cancelled. Alright thanks I'll see if I get lucky!

  • Seems nowhere near me has stock :(