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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for $4.99 [PC] @ Get Games


Have you ever wanted to be in the Avengers but found yourself without a radioactive spider to bite you, a lack of mutant super powers, or deadly does of gamma radiation turning your private bits green?

How about the urge to wear a black leather coat and an eyepatch but deep down you know you will never be as cool as Sam Jackson?

Have you ever wanted to drive an Audi V10 R8 convertible but lacked the funds of Tony Stark. Well I am here to fix that, not the money bit but at least you can be Tony Stark.

Getgamesgo.com currently has LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for a great price of $4.99 with redemption on steam so you get both pc and mac versions.

Oh and you can play as Howard the Duck… so… y'know… it has that going for it as well.

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