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Shelving Nut&Blt Handy Storage 137x71x30.5cm 4shelf 1113 $9.90 @ Bunnings


The Handy Storage 4 Tier Nut and Bolt Shelving Unit is ideal for storage in the garage or office and holds up to 200kg evenly distributed across four levels.

Each shelf is fully adjustable and supports up to 50kg

Holds 50kg per shelf.

Model Name
Shelving Nut&blt Handy Storage 137x71x30.5cm 4shelf
Model Number
Galvanised Steel
Product Dimensions (mm)
W:710 H:1370 L:305
Package Dimensions (mm)
W:32 H:6 L:70

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  • +1 vote

    Is this the same as repcos?

  • I bet they're all made by the same manufacturer, just rebranded.

  • Was $14.50

    • Yep, only yesterday. They've obviously dropped the price to match Repco. Guaranteed it goes back up the day after Repco's sale finishes!

  • Looks fine.. thinking buying this for shelving shoes.

    • I've used a few of these/similar in our stationery cupboard at work. So cheap, so simple. Perfect.

      Easy to overload, a few boxes of paper reams, for example. But read supplied info & keep it in mind. No probs.

      • Thanks for the feedback buddy. Is there anything particular you were pointing at in supplied info or just general things like dimensions and material etc?
        I have checked dimensions and looks good. Will give a visit on Sat - hope its still available then.

    • "… thinking buying this for shelving shoes"

      At this price, if buying SOLELY for shoes you may want to consider buying a second unit, just to use the shelves out of it. That way you can have lots of shelves, about 6 inches apart (i.e., like a massive shoe-rack). Otherwise you'll have mostly dead/unused space above all your shoes. If you do put extra shelves in the one unit, stick to the 200 kg limit so you don't over-stress the legs. Highly unlikely you'd come near the limit with just shoes though!

      And if you don't have one, invest in a cheap-assed battery operated screwdriver, for the initial (finger-tight) build (then do a final tighten with a real screw-driver); it will save you heaps of time.

  • Great for light stuff

    Don't run into it with the car.

  • Any good for outside in the rain?

    • It's Galvanised Steel so it should be OK, for a decent time at least.

      • The shelves/side strips are galvanised, but looking at the nuts and bolts, I don't think they are. So if you really wanted it to last/stay up for more than a couple of years outside in the rain, you'd need invest in (lots) of nuts/bolts of exactly the same size as the ones that come with the unit, and use them instead.

        • I just realised I didn't word the above post quite right, and for some reason I cannae edit it now… what I meant was:
          "… of years outside in the rain, you'd need invest in (lots) of galvanised nuts/bolts of … (etc.)"
          Anyways, I hope my intended meaning was basically clear, even though I failed to word it properly!

  • The only problem with these is that you want to slice your throat open on the sharp edges after you have finished assembling them.

    Nut & bolt. Arggggh.

  • Just got 3 thanks

    edit: Got them out of box now
    They have rolled edges so no cut fingers

    • Yeah, nuts and bolts are difficult for some
      and they are usually $14, so $10 is special right?

      • The "push together ones" are about $30 or more, and yes, the normal price is $14-$15, pretty much everywhere (K-mart/Masters etc.); so $10 is definitely a good price; you will not see them lower.

      • how is it difficult, do you mean it's hard to put together?? I'm not that handy (dont even have a drill…lol) so does this mean I should forget about it?

        • I think there was a slight hint of sarcasm there!
          No, not hard to put together, but they are a little time consuming and fiddly. You'll only require a screwdriver and a small shifter.

        • He was being facetious, it's just fiddly and takes a while to put together, if you can work a screwdriver and have the time you can build one.

        • hahah cool, thanks guys! :)
          Will try to see if they have any left tonight after work…(fingers crossed)

        • i hope it goes better than the bbq pit you tried building

  • +2 votes

    I bought one of these cheap shelves ages ago and seriously while good for the price it showed me I wanted better shelves.

    For an extra 10 bucks you can get some shelves which look better and aren't as flimsy.

  • I gave up on all these little shelving units years ago, if you've got the space and the height, go for "dexion pallet racking". You can store engines and heavy items on them (just put some yellow tongue across the beams) and secure the shelf to the wall. You can customise the height of your shelves, they really kick ass.

    Second hand on ebay or grays all the time…

  • Cheap and nice shelve, bought 2 in the past, took a bit of time to build it up but still its well worth what you are paying for! :)

  • just got one. my suggestion is wear gloves when u assemble it.

    it is good enough for $10

    • Why? As has been mentioned, no sharp bits.
      Even my little girl put one together unscathed

  • Bought one last night and assembled today morning within 1 hour.

  • I just bought a couple from Bunnings Artarmon. They had plenty in stock.
    The price of $10 seems to be reduced from $16/ea so not a massive discount.
    They are quite light to carry, unlike the bigger better quality more expensive ones.

    They are really not fancy, but I suppose it's an improvement over my current situation of having stacked boxes on top of one another…


    Got two today, took about 45mins for the first one and about 30mins for second. Actually pretty stable for something that didn't look stable while building it, make sure you put the bolts up tight :)

    Didn't cut my self once, sure it is a little sharp but nothing extreme as others seem to be complain about.