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NetGear R7000 AC1900 Nighthawk Smart WI-FI Router $159 Shipped Wireless1 ($151.05 Officeworks Price Match)


I have been keeping an eye on the prices of the Netgear R7000 and noticed Wireless1 had it for $159 Free Shipping.Got it price match at my local office works $151.05 pretty good price if your after one.

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  • Thanks
    My office works was closed today or i would have tried to match the 169 from MSY.
    Now Ill try to match yours tomorrow ;)

  • I managed to get the price match done today as well. JB had this model for $315. Price match at OW for MSY pricing came to $160.55.

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    DD-WRT / OPENWRT Compatible - http://dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/DD-WRT_on_R7000

    Gets the thumbs-up from me!

  • Just got nbn in my apartment!! Will get this instead of the default TPG. Thanks

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        Not on the real NBN you don't.

        • why not? does NBN cable uses the WAN port?

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          You can plug the ethernet cable from the NBN box straight to the WAN port of the router.

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          oh this is news to me. I'm about to move into a new suburb (renting) that the owner told me is "NBN ready". So this means I don't need a modem router, just a router?

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          @teehee: Yup, no modem just router. I'd highly recommend the R7000. Bought mine 6 months ago and have not had any trouble with speed or connectivity on the 100/40 NBN.

        • Maybe this is the reason r7000is quite popular? Good to know nbn doesn't require a modem. I don't need to upgrade my modem.

  • Sweet, was looking to get some AC routers for streaming purposes

    • This thing is also fantastic on 2.4Ghz N

      My Xbox 360 had all sorts of problems keeping up a HD Live TV stream as a WMC extender on my RT-N56U, since I got my R7000, it may as well be connected via gbit ethernet. No delay whatsoever.

      • Yeah IKR, took me awhile to set it up but once i got it running, did some steam stream… runs like a dream, instead of slow network i got slow decode… lol at least now i know the bottleneck is the hardwareof my HTPC and not my network now =)

        P.S. my HTPC is using n as well… beam forming seems to work wonders

  • OP could you please post your receipt from Officeworks? Thanks

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    Will this work with Telstra Cable? I've just got the standard router that they provided but most of these new routers seem to all be ADSL?

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      Yes will work. Cable modem must be set to bridge mode first.

      • Great, thanks!

  • Damn! Bought it for $189 from wireless1 on Saturday. Can I ask to refund the difference?

    • Yes assuming your vocal cords work or you can write …

      • Thanx, have send them an Email.

        • well was refused the difference as I had opened the packet.

  • Nice deal! This is the fastest router for those on NBN right now. Why? It's got the fastest WAN -> LAN speeds throughput.

  • Is it possible to share your office works receipt?

    It will be easy to get price match from office works receipt than to show this deal and the request for price match.

    • l am sorry tried to upload the receipt,but it says cannot change the domain name contact moderator,but i can not start converstion with a moderator as my accout is less the 24hr's old?any help apprecited.

  • Would I be able to use an airport express to extend this router?

  • Excellent router if you have ore than a 50Mb/s connection. Great price too. I paid $220 shipped for mine a while ago.

  • Would it be worth hooking this up to a cheapo modem, or would that bottleneck the speed/features?

  • As It works out I need a router but how do you get office works to price match?
    Who are you asking them to match for $151.05?

    • wireless1.com.au or just click on "Go To Deal" top right of post.

  • I will be doing some reading on this but wondering if anyone has compared this with asus RT68AU? Not bothered about the fact that asus is twice as expensive.

    • I've got the same dilemma if you mean asus rt-ac68u. I'm actually leaning towards the asus atm. I don't think the price is all that different if you take into consideration the 2x gold class ticket promotion that's on atm. $215 + delivery (~$10) = $225 - $60 (gumtree search for gc tix) = $165

      Things I like about netgear:
      1 - 1ghz processor (800mhz asus)
      2 - The file sharing seemed simpler. Sorry, this isn't particularly technical, but I saw a YouTube video that showed the hard drives connected to the router appeared as if the drives were connected to the pc's USB ports rather than as a network drive. I can't find the video now though and I might be wrong.

      Pros of asus:
      1 - AiCloud allows remote access when away from home network (netgear only allows access from home network)
      2 - simpler setup (I'm not super savvy with networks)

      $214 and free delivery right in front of eyes

    • I can't speak to the netgear in terms of quality of this series but the asus units are unstable in my experience and cause interference, and support is terrible!

    • -1

      Having owned both netgear and the ac68u, I would highly reccomend the asus. It is slower as a nas but the Netgear in my experience is more unstable and required constant restarts. The asus which replaced it has been rock solid and may not be as fast for throughout but can still crack 65MB/s wirelessly and easily manages my 100 NBN and 2 synology NAS (4 lan link aggregated) with 10 wireless devices without a hiccup. IMO it also better looking and thanks to it standing up also occupies less space so you can place it more centrally in your home.

      PS like the Netgear you can easily mount network drives on the asus 'like a USB drive' also 02LyW. Same process :)

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    I just downloaded the manual and blew up a picture of the rear connections and dont see where the phone line goes in.
    So my limited knowledge tells me this is a router and not a modem router, is that correct?
    Do you then still need a modem?
    If not where does the phone line attach to this router?

    • This is a router only. Connect phone line to a modem then Ethernet cable from modem to your new router.

  • Nice! Gonna pick one up.

  • This is a ROUTER only, they have some AC/DualBand/Gigabit modems that are all in one and better in my opion

  • picked up one at OW for $151.05

    thanks op

  • Grabbed one at OW .. thanks

  • Bought one. Thanks very much OP!

  • Thanks!!!! Brought mine today from North Sydney Office Works.

  • Got one from garden city Westfield… $151 and change after 5% off. The staff was very helpful, just had a look on my phone and that's it. Was the last one on the shelf, thanks op!

  • Just got mine from OfficeWorks Nth Ryde, paid $159 and wasn't going to argue the $7.95 difference as I am pretty happy with the price match.
    Also, store had to verify the cost and it was all legit which I knew it would be.
    This has made my day # happy OZ Bargainer!! Thanks heaps for the post!

  • Is this router overkill if you only ever plan on getting 25/5mbps?

  • Got it from OfficeWorks East Vic Park WA
    Nice speed upgrade from Apple Airport Extreme N (130 mbps to 700 mbps)
    Perfect if you have a local media server and want to copy files really fast!

  • Thanks OP. Got one from OW Fremantle WA for $151. Have 2-3 left if anyone was interested.

  • Grabbed one from OfficeWorks in Burleigh (Gold Coast) - heaps on the shelf.
    No worries price matching when I showed the the Wireless1 page on my phone, and confirmed the free shipping.
    Setting it up now.. timed a large file copy from NAS to phone over current WiFi to see if there is a noticeable improvement.

  • Thanks to OP.
    Officeworks in Hobart Tas has stock available

  • Damn, should've bought one earlier… back up to $189 now :/

    • MSY have it for $169 (till tonight) - OfficeWorks pricematch is $160

  • I have tried using MSY's price to price match at Office Works Virginia Qld, and was told by the staff that MSY has a different warranty policy, so will not price match them :(

    • Try a different store, or (if there are no others within reasonable driving distance) just try another person/manager.

      MSY are not selling grey imported Netgear products, and while MSY only offer 12 month replacement/repair warranty in store, you get the full 2 or 3 year Netgear Australia warranty with Netgear. So its a bit rubbish them refusing price match on that basis.

      I can see where they might refuse price match against say Kogan, who is an online only store, grey imports products, and offers their own 12 month Kogan warranty on them.

  • I successfully price matched MSY at OW Greenarce here in Sydney.

  • Just tried again at OW Rothwell Qld and then realised price at MSY just gone up to $195. Argh!

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