expired Blackmores Weight Loss Accelerate - 90 Tablets from PayLess Chemists $33.10


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These sell for over $50 usually in the supermarkets, so $33.10 for a 90 tablet pack is good value.

These have helped me lose a few kg's before (so I can vouch they actually work) and Blackmores is a trusted brand too.

Arm yourself with the power of knowledge to assist your weight-loss programme. Here’s all the support you need.

Blackmores Weight Loss Accelerate is designed to support a balanced weight-loss programme. With fast delivery, buy now!

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This product is designed to enhance weight-loss results achieved from a diet and exercise programme. It contains hydroxycitrate complex (HCC) derived from the rind of a South-East Asian fruit.
As we know, there is no such thing as a miracle diet, but Blackmores Weight-Loss Accelerate™ can help you achieve your weight-loss goals.

Features and benefits

Blackmores Weight Loss Accelerate™ contains a patented ingredient called hydroxycitrate complex (HCC), derived from the rind of the Malabar tamarind, a South-East Asian fruit. When combined with a calorie-controlled diet and exercise programme, this ingredient has been shown to:

reduce fat stores
enhance fat oxidation (burning)
reduce appetite
reduce body mass index
help maintain normal cholesterol levels
How it works
HCC increases levels of serotonin, which helps with the regulation of appetite. If not utilised for energy, excess carbohydrates are converted into fat and stored in the body.

It is not yet fully understood, but it is thought that HCC works by inhibiting the enzymes that convert carbohydrates into fat.

Unlike many competitor weight-loss products, it does not stimulate the central nervous system with caffeine or guarana. The HCC found in Blackmores Weight-Loss Accelerate™ is highly soluble, making it more readily available to be used by the body.

Adults – Take 2 tablets 3 times a day on an empty stomach 30 minutes prior to meals, or as professionally prescribed.

Children under 12 years – Only as professionally prescribed

Contraindications and Cautions
Not recommended for persons with severe heart or kidney disease (due to potassium content).

Medicine interactions
Contains potassium. Consult your healthcare professional before use if taking a diuretic (fluid tablet) or an ACE inhibitor or angiotensin receptor antagonist (blood pressure medications).

Active ingredient per tablet:
Hydroxycitrate complex
(containing hydroxycitric acid 467mg) 778mg

Physical description
An opaque light pink, oblong-shaped unprinted tablet.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. Blackmores recommends use in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise.


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    seeing as you have used this before, do you recommend to someone who does not want to lose weight, but wants to lose fat (i actually want to put on a few kg's)
    I go gym so am wondering if maybe this can be used as a "fat burner"


      I go to the gym semi regularly and do mainly strength excercises. With the right protein intake and less over eating in general (thanks to the Blackmores tablets) I have noticed a considerable reduction in fat around the body whilst building good muscle tissue.

      The product does mention that it reduces fat stores and enchances fat oxidisation, so from that information and based on my own experiences I would say yes.

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      To gain muscle you need to have a calorie surplus, and to lose fat you need to be in a calorie deficit so that your body burns through fat stores. The goals are completely opposite, you can't lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Decide whether you're "bulking" or "cutting" and focus on that one first, then switch to the other.

      Nothing against this particular product.. It may well be a great cutting supplement, but it doesn't make sense to use it while bulking.


        Thanks for clearing that up. I'm not a dietician nor a personal trainer nor a doctor for that matter.

        For the majority of people who use this product, general weight loss is the primary reason for purchasing. All I can say is for me, the product is fulfilling that requirement.


        yea mate. thats what i thought. Was gonna get a weight gainer powder but gonna go naturally as I only want to put on about 3-5 kg.
        At present I am trying to bulk then tone soon.


        Muscle mass gain = hypertrophy = adequate (not excess) nutrition + muscle load! Proper diet will metabolize to give you gains without adding to fat stores!


        Muscle has a higher metabolic demand than other tissue, the more you build, the more fat will be catabolized to help sustain it, so the goals are not antithetical at all! The number of people who buy into these urban myths, contrary to everything modern science knows about physiology, really astounds me! :?

        All supplements will give you is expensive, brightly coloured urine! ;)


    mick123, I have 5kg you can have if you like. ;)

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    Save your money and put it towards a gym membership. This stuff has never been clinically proven to provide any real "fat burning" properties, furthermore, there is increasing evidence to suggest that hydroxycitric acid can lead to liver damage (Hepatotoxicity).

    Not voting negative as the deal itself is probably okay, the product is useless though.


      Dunno mate, this guy says its okay.

      "Research has shown that HCA supplementation is non-toxic to humans, even in high doses.22,23"


      (at least he provides a number of references to back up his claims)


        Given that he sells the stuff, he might just be a bit biased don't you reckon? ;) I loved this bit though:

        "Who needs it and what are some symptoms of deficiency?"
        "No physiological need for hydroxycitric acid exists and thus no symptoms of deficiency exist."
        "All persons can benefit from hydroxycitric acid supplementation."

        I was wondering how a person can benefit from a substance the guy states that their body doesn't actually need? :p

        If you start looking you'll find plenty to refute both it's efficacy and safety too, to wit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydroxycut

        IME, these type of products offer a placebo effect at best; and dubious therapeutic benefit and contraindications at worst! Most likely successes you've seen in the past are a result of diet/exercise/lifestyle change, rather than ingestion of a product that even it's proponents must admit to not knowing the mechanism under which it operates.

        These products will help you lose some weight however, mostly around that unsightly wallet area! ;)


        His references don't add anything to his argument. Keep using the product if you like, but it has no fat burning benefits…


    Last year, over three months of taking the product - I shed 10kg with some small dietary changes as well as a modest amount of increased physical activity.

    The hardest part for me was kickstarting the healthy eating plan, which is where the Blackmores supplement really helped. I could go from breakfast to lunch and then lunch to dinner without any sugar or carb cravings. Also, I found I was feeling fuller sooner and overeating wasn't a problem any more.

    I have lost weight before without the aid of the supplement, sure, but I have found the results have been greater and far more noticeable when I have been taking it.

    Placebo or not, (I suppose the scientific jury is still out on that one) I can honestly say I have had success with the product as have many other people. http://forum.tonyferguson.com/Topic258505-7-5.aspx


      Congratulations of course, but seriously dude this phrase "some small dietary changes as well as a modest amount of increased physical activity", tells me YOU did the work, not some wonder pill! You've just outlined ALL you need to lose weight sensibly. Pat yourself on the back, it's YOUR accomplishment, not Blackmores! :)

      The reason you probably felt fuller longer would have been proper food, which in addition to being MUCH more satisfying provides you with longer lasting enery to boot! Most people don't realise but the key to losing weight is actually to eat more, not less; you've just gotta eat good stuff, not junk! :)

      Sorry, but the jury's been back a while now, scientific studies are 100% in favour of placebo effect, and the US FDA imposed voluntary recall of these products doesn't bode well for it's long term safety either, sorry dude! Don't forget, the folks using TF are already on a modified fasting regime, of course they're gonna see results either way! ;)


    To be clear, the FDA put a consumer warning on the Hydroxycut supplement not on the Hydroxyitrate complex ingriedient itself. As a consequence of this action the Canadian manufacturer of Hydroxycut voluntarily recalled this product in the United States.

    Also the 100% placebo study to which you refer to was from one scientific study which was criticised due to the high fire diet the test subjects were subjected to, thus potentially reducing the effectiveness of the HCA supplement given.

    I can eat junk and the feeling of being full is still achieved when taking the Blackmore supplement.

    I do appreciate the plaudits however. :)

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    gotta love ozbargain even the comments are cheap

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    Haha. I'm sitting in my pharmacology lecture reading this. Had a good laugh. As said before, congratulations with the weight loss. It's definitely a difficult task for many people. If the pills work for you then that's great. However, I can assure you that the pills didn't do anything to help, other than giving you the boost to your psyche. The difference between medicines and dietary supplements is that dietary supplements don't need any scientific proof to back up their claims when being advertised. The therapeutic goods of Australia don't test dietary supplements for efficacy and thus any "scientific study" done on dietary supplement to "clearly" show that it works would most likely have a conflict of interest with the manufacturing company or incredibly small sample sizes/bias experiment protocols. Furthermore, CNS acting drugs aren't that effective in losing weight. Even with clinical trials, the results have alot of cross over. The most effective weight loss drug, by far, has been Orlistat which doesn't act in the CNS, but rather limits the fat absorption in the GIT.

    Anyway, I guess ozbargain isn't about debating the efficacy of the products so I guess the deal is ok. However, as suggested previously, you'd be better off using the money on gym membership.

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    Charlie I appreciate you putting up this bargain. Even though I'm unsure as to the voracity of the manufacturer's claims.
    One of the brilliant things about OB is that not only do the deals get discussed, but also their relative value in the consumer world where other options are available.

    For my 2c I'll chip in that elevated heart rate exercise eg brisk walk (1.5m+ per/sec) will burn fat. Note: That intense exercise doesn't burn fat so much as the body has to go into survival mode and will consume sugars. eg Jogging at a speed that you can't talk easily.

    The corollary, is that you want to avoid eating too much junk eg most processed foods especially low GI (sugars) ones.

    Now here's the really important part…
    If you want to maintain a different weight, then you need to make these changes permanent. They have to be life-style changes. For that reason I'm not so interested in the tablets (at best they would only work whilst I took them).
    But if you can make a couple of changes, eg get a dog and walk every day, get a bike, go to the gym, swim, whatever and limit fast food/processed stuff for home (including all the crap with weight watchers branding - sheesh). Then you'll effect a change for the better.
    Start today - order that chicken salad for lunch, and walk to the next bus stop.


    Guys I already go to the gym.

    Losing weight isn't so much the problem for me anymore it's making sure I don't put any more on.

    For that reason I use this product as it fulfills that requirement.

    I'm a healthy guy, I know what is the right thing to eat as well as what is bad.

    I'm not saying it's a miracle weight loss pill, of course it isn't, even Blackmores say it isn't.. Read the product description!

    I'm certainly not criticising any of these arguments developed from posting this bargain, in fact it's been a great discussion.. Everyone seems to have their own opinion here but it seems I am the only one who has actually used the product, therefore I have every right to comment on its (perceived) effectiveness as the consumer.

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