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FREE Regular Nando's Meal on Your Birthday Month @Nando's


Nandos had this offer for a while now.
The rules have changed and it probably worth reminding or telling people again about this awesome offer.

Eligible Members are entitled to a complimentary regular Nando's meal (being any ¼ Chicken, Classic Burger, Pita, Wrap or Classic Vegetarian Burger, Pita or Wrap plus a regular side and a regular drink) during the month of their birthday. Verified Members who have transacted within 6 months prior to the start of their birthday month will be eligible for the birthday meal ("PERi-Eligible Members").

PERi-Eligible Member’s will be sent an email with a barcode for the complimentary meal offer on the 1st of their birthday month. For example if a PERi-Eligible Member’s birthday is the 6th September they will be sent the email with the meal offer on the 1st September and will have 30 days to redeem the offer, or if their birthday is on the 29th September they will be sent the email with the meal offer on the 1st September and still have 30 days to redeem the offer. The barcode will be valid for 30 days from date of email sent.

A verified PERi-Perks Card or App account as well as photo identification must be presented to confirm identity and birth date registered on their Account. This offer cannot be redeemed outside the above period regardless of circumstances beyond the Member's control, including but not limited to public holidays, store closures, etc. This complimentary Nando's Birthday meal is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash. Nando's take no responsibility for incorrectly entered birth dates during the registration process. If a verified member registers and joins the program in the month of their birthday no birthday offer will be issued. The member must wait until the following year to receive the offer, if PERi-Eligible.

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    Just pointing peeps to the Bday Deals in case they're after other offers!

    Thanks for update on this deal!

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    :( you have to have a previous transaction on your account, it's not "free".

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      A previous transaction within the last 6 months.

      Seriously, it's not that much of an ask for a free meal on your birthday.

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        It used to be once every two years, but one paid, one free per year is pretty good too.

      • Cheapest thing is a $3.50 drink - I bought that the week before my b'day to get the free meal.

        • oh, so as long as you make the transaction max and not over 6 months ago from your birthday you can get the free meal?

          i read it as, you need to make a transaction minimum or over 6 months before your birthday

        • @CBR250RR: Within 6mths, not prior.

        • @anastasiastarz: I didn't know this and mailed their support. Replied back saying if am able to produce a screenshot of the receipt proving that I have done a purchase in the last 6 months… they are happy to send me a voucher.

      • Also have to remember to present a Nando's card or app when making that transaction?

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      It's free of freeloaders. :)

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      couldn't you just buy the cheapest thing on the menu or am I missing something?

    • or just sign up a new card at least a month before your birthday

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    just buy a bottle water

  • Remember to take that email with you or else, no bar-code no food :(

    • Edit: Wrong thread.

      • The barcode he means is in the offer they email you at the start of your birthday month for the meal.

        • Yes, the barcode was shown on the email, if you haven't bring that barcode, no freebie for you even you show all the other stuff to confirm your birthday :(

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    Outback Jacks have a really good offer. You get a $30 voucher just for joining and then a $35 voucher 6 months from your b'day and again on the month of your b'day. Here's the link Hog's Breath Cafe also give give a prime rib steak meal but you have to be a frequent diner member and have your birthdate registered.

    • Nice one! Wasn't aware of this (not in the Birthday Wiki!) Was expecting to see one store under Locations: Back of Burke - but they've got a few around. They seem to have a weird fascination with giant crocodiles, but ok!

    • I think you need to book or table or have at least one other person dine with you when you get your "free" feed.

      No cash value. One time use only. All offers will require identification for verification and will expire in 21 days. Minimum 2 adults must dine. Not valid with any other offer. A maximum of one voucher may be used per table

    • with the $35 voucher .. can you buy multiple items ( ie 1 item for me and 1 item for the guest) that add up to $35 ( or more) or does it have to be a single item worth $35 (or more) so that you can claim the voucher? also is there a minimum amount that the person dining with you has to spend?

      for example can i order 2x chicken schnitzel @$19.95 each ( 1 for me and 1 for the guest) = $39.90 then claim the $35 voucher and then pay the remaining $4.90 in cash

      also is it possible to spend less than the voucher? ie if i order:

      2x chicken burger $16.95 each = $33.90 and then use the $35 voucher to pay all the bill ( $33.90)

  • I thought this was something else… I was disappoint when I found out it was for bikes.

    • Drugs are bad, m'kay

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    CBR250RR, it's definitely for one main meal up to the value of $35 at Outback Jacks(Your welcome offer upon joining is $30 value). You may as well go nuts spending up to that value on the one main meal (burgers included) since it's free. You could also for instance order a Steak and Ribs combo for $39.95 and pay the $4.95 extra. Then just ask for another plate to share as it's a big meal (and not uncommon in many cultures (wink wink). Only the Outback Jacks 1Kg Challenge is not included. They don't mind you ordering over the amount and paying the extra. They also have more $9.95 lunch specials in their 'Tucker' menu (including Crocodile Burger) than Hog's Breath. I'm a Hog's Breath Cafe fanatic but Outback Jacks is a nice change.

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    To clarify my previous comment, you do need at least ONE other person at your table ordering another main menu item (even if it's just a $9.95 lunch burger or wrap) to to qualify for the $34.95 main meal for the birthday club offer at Outback Jacks. They don't care if you book in for LUNCH or DINNER to use it in the month of your birthday, from my experience.

    • Ok cool. thanks for explaining .. also i looked at their menu online but didnt see any lunch burger/wrap for $9.95.. is it only in their menu @ the restaurant?

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