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Sony DR-BTN200M NFC Wireless Headset Black or White $55 Delivered with Code @ COTD


Great price for Australian Stock for these headphones.

If you havent used the code THANKYOU yet, they you can get them for this great price

Additional $13 Discount shows in cart when you type in your postcode


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    Can anyone recommend me a bluetooth with nfc earbuds similar to this??


    I see many good ones on Amazon but they all don't ship to Australia….

    E.g Icon Q boundless E1



    Best bluetooth headphone under $100 in terms of the combination of sound quality, features and build.


      Thanks for the neg. While you are at it, care to point out any headphones in this price range that are better?

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    GAWD KNOWS how an OP can make such a confusing post on a deal.

    And I also found something odd.

    A) COTD don't sell black - The deal is only for WHITE

    B) The price for this item is $69.95 PLUS POSTAGE

    C) In Internet Explorer
    - P&H is $9.95
    - Discount $13.99
    - Sub TOTAL $65.91
    - Add Coupon Code 'THANKYOU' = Discount $23.99
    - GRAND TOTAL $53.68

    D) In Chrome:
    - postage to me (2151) is $7.72
    - Discount $13.99
    - Total PRICE $63.68
    - Add Coupon Code 'THANKYOU' = Discount $23.99
    - GRAND TOTAL $55.91

    So, they are WHITE and the best price is either $53.68 or $55.91


      A) COTD don't sell black - The deal is only for WHITE

      Nope, I ordered a black one. $55.91 with Chrome on mobile.
      Did you click on the black link above? It still works for me now.

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        You are right - and I cannot edit my post now.

        Interesting. I clicked thru on the image, not the black link

        WHITE is under … Tech > Headphones: Philips, Sennheiser & More!

        So, if you search there for white, nothing shows

        BLACK is under … Tech > iPhone & iPad Accessories

        But if you search that category nothing shows (either black or white

        Then I search the whole site and find:

        BLACK is under … New > Stocktake Sale: Get An Extra 20% Off In Cart


        WHOO HOO - but when I add it to cart, there is no extra discount :-(


          Yeah I can see how one can get confused.
          COTD items/events are a real cluster f**k.

          But I believe it's pretty dodgy as llama just pointed out, Items are listed in multiples events, meaning that someone who doesn't have a good look thru all the mess that is now COTD or know this, could/would end up playing more than another listing for the same product (ie whats in the % sale items/events VS a tech event).

          And why is there a price difference when using different browsers?, WTF?????



          You could just search the COTD site for the model (or any other keyword) you are after.


      Now I am getting $7.71 postage in IE… so the new total (with THANKYOU) is $53.67

      The discount after you enter your postcode is 20% (clearance item) = $13.99

      The THANKYOU discount is $10 and I used it already on the Philips Bluetooth speaker
      - but it is honouring it again anyway

      That website is a bit of a mess.

      See Screen Capture: http://i.imgur.com/969iYqI.png

      Gunna order black at $53.67 :-)


        you saved 1 cent !!

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          Well, I saved $1.33 compared to your OP :-D

          What a silly website - every time I loaded the pages I was getting different categories, prices, etc.


    i got black 1's for $53.68 on chrome


      I was going with Chrome then I ended up buying on IE for $53.67 ROFL.


      I can't even access the COTD website using Netscape Navigator!

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        Strange. Works fine in Mosaic.


    I know I'm kinda going off topic, sorry OP, what would be the best BT headphones similar to these:

    1> Jabra Sport Wireless Plus (a few reviews note not great sound)
    2> Plantronics BackBeat Fit Wireless
    3> BlueAnt Pump HD Sportbuds
    Or other?

    • Must be hook style & around $100 for commuting,etc.

    I have a great pair of Sennheiser's for home use.


    THANKYOU code won't work for me at all on Chrome & Safari on Mac. :(

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      The THANKYOU code may have been used on your IP address or COTD Account.

      It ONLY works for existing accounts there, so you have to already have an account and be logged into it.

      I used it in December and it let me use it again today on the same Account, but I am on a different IP address (at work).


      Ungrateful web browsers!