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Seagate Expansion USB 3.0 5TB Desktop External HDD $188.10 Delivered from Amazon



I am coming back today with another deal on the Seagate Expansion USB 3.0 5TB Desktop External Hard-Drives, but this time, its the 2nd cheapest price on record, according to Camelx3: US$135.99 (A$173.24).

I have ordered on, and delivery costed me A$16.07, for a total of A$189.30.

This a cheap as chips for a high capacity hard-drive. If I could, I would order a few, and make a very high capacity NAS.

Shipping cost for multiple drives (in Australian dollars):

1 Drive: $16.07
2 Drives: $25.78
3 Drives: $35.49
4 Drives: $45.21

Be quick, while stock lasts!

EDIT: Exchange rate has slightly changed since yesterday, bringing the price down from $173.24 to $172.14, delivery from $16.04 to $15.96 and the total from $189.30 to $188.10

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thats damn cheap. Does anyone know what is inside?

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      The only Seagate 5TB drive I can find is the ST5000DM000. Therefore, I assume they would be using these drives to make the external versions too.

      If anyone have any other information, please let us know.

      • From all my reading, they use a new shingled recording pattern which gives quite poor sequential performance but otherwise are ok. I think that's why the pricing is so competitive. Seagate recent poor reliability and the unproven technology worries me though :/

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          From: http://www.hardware.fr/articles/927-6/disques-durs.html

          RMA rates for HDD:

          • Seagate 0.69% (against 0.86%)
          • Western 0.93 (against 1.13%)
          • HGST 1.01% (against 1.08%)
          • Toshiba 1.29% (against 1.02%)

          Good news for our data, the rates are generally in decline exception made of Toshiba. The latter thus positioning trade with Western and password 2nd to 4th place. It should be noted that unlike the other 3, Toshiba's return is necessarily through the dealer. There is no disc with a higher rate of return for failure to 5%, a good chance for the second consecutive time.
          Here are the 5 less reliable, with 4 cases of sales that are in the low range (100-200 pieces):

          • 4.76% WD Black WD4001FAEX
          • 4.24% WD Black WD3001FAEX
          • 3.83% WD SE WD3000F9YZ
          • HGST Travelstar 7K1000 2.56%
          • 2.39% Toshiba DT01ACA300

          Server records obtained by capacity 3.5 "drives sold over 100 copies (italics for 100 to 200 sales):

          2 To:

          • 2.30% Toshiba DT01ACA200
          • 1.13% Seagate Desktop SSHD ST2000DX001
          • 1.01% WD Green WD20EZRX
          • 0.79% Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 ST2000DM001
          • 0.77% WD Red WD20EFRX
          • 0.70% Black WD WD2003FZEX
          • 0.63% WD AV-GP WD20EURS
          • 0.56% WD Black WD2002FAEX
          • 0.52% Seagate Enterprise Value ST2000NC001
          • 0.44% WD SE WD2000F9YZ
          • 0.30% Seagate NAS ST2000VN000
          • 0.21% WD RE WD2000FYYZ
          • 0.00% Seagate Surveillance ST2000VX000
          • 0.00% Seagate Enterprise Capacity ST2000NM0033

          3 To:

          • 4.24% WD Black WD3001FAEX
          • 3.83% WD SE WD3000F9YZ
          • 2.39% Toshiba DT01ACA300
          • 1.89% Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 ST3000DM001
          • 1.50% WD Red WD30EFRX
          • 1.12% Seagate NAS ST3000VN000
          • 1.08% WD Green WD30EZRX
          • 0.57% Seagate Enterprise Value ST3000NC002
          • 0.36% Seagate Surveillance ST3000VX000

          4 To:

          • 4.76% WD Black WD4001FAEX
          • 1.95% WD RE WD4000FYYZ
          • 1.87% Seagate NAS ST4000VN000
          • 1.67% Red WD WD40EFRX
          • 1.58% Seagate Desktop HDD.15 ST4000DM000
          • 1.28% WD Green WD40EZRX
          • Deskstar 7K4000 0.63% HGST
          • 0.00% Seagate Enterprise Capacity ST4000NM0033
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          Their Introduction translated using google translate:

          "Return rates reported concern the parts sold between October 1, 2013 and April 1, 2014, for returns created before October 2014, 6 months to 1 year of operation. The evolution of the failure rate over the life of a product generally forms a U spread, virtually flat bottom, and therefore these figures cover the first part of their lives, a time when the rate is high.

          The statistics by make are based on a minimum sample of 500 units sold, these models by a minimum sample of 100 units sold. Of course the larger the sample, the greater the rate obtained reliable, but we are not allowed to be more specific about the source volumes affected by the e-retailer. Otherwise, and this is new, we now specify when sales are less than 200 copies by putting the line in italics."

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          Check out the blackblaze hard drive reliability report. It paints a very different picture. Seagates have worse ratings than other big manufacturers all over Amazon, new egg and forums. They can't all be wrong :/

          Can't run away from the great price though :)

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          Just googled,
          Seagate 4TB HDD annual failure rate is at 3.0%. And that's from a data sample of 9619.

          they don't have data on Seagate 5TB drives but I assume it will have similar numbers.

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          You know what they say about assuming ;)
          The 5tb uses SMR, a different technology to the 4tb so not the same but here's hoping it is as reliable because other manufacturers prices are ridiculous in comparison.

        • @rapoot6: the report had a lot of flaw. The particular model they were using had a firmware upgrade to fix the issue but they had not applied it to any of the drives that failed. Also of course people review on a shopping site paint a negative picture, every hdd has a lot of negative reviews. Who would bother writing a positive user review of a hdd. All you could say is it works fine and maybe a benchmark of your speeds, not really worthwhile going through the effort of benchmarking it just to write a user comment.

        • @Agret:
          Wasn't aware of that! Where did you read this?
          It may be boring but people still review hard drives and the seagates recently just haven't been received well compared to others. Fingers crossed this is good because other manufacturers can't offer even 4tb at this price

          P.S. The drive has a healthy 128mb cache

        • @rapoot6: Didn't the backblaze report cover drives during the seagate firmware issue?

        • @Davo1111:
          Not to my knowledge

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      Hard drive

  • That's a very good price. Great for those who missed out on the $159/4tb at office works

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    not bad, however too many reviews indicating failure of this HDD within a short time.

    • I canceled my original order (1 drive) and made a new one, for 2 drives ($186 per unit). I will let you know if one fails, but I remain confident, more reviews of happy customers than unhappy ones. And if it fails within the first year, Im getting a refund from Amazon anyway. They are really good about RMA.

      • They are really good about RMA.

        Do they make you ship the drive back? If so, who pays return shipping?

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          You pay…

          I paid $10 austpost.. but they recommend tracking courier..lol

          My 3TB failed after 1 year, send to sydney… after 2-3weeks they send back a 4TB.

          I wouldnt recommend seagate…Wb/Toshba are better…thru i did buy this drive a month back on ozb deal

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          I RMA a PSU, they refunded me the total of the original order (price of the PSU + shipping from US to AU), they asked me to return the PSU to them and scan them the receipt from the post office to get the postage back refunded.

          Really good customer service.

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          I ordered a Yamaha AV receiver from Amazon.it (Italy) - it failed after 3 days.
          The cheapest quote I could find to send it back to Amazon in Italy was around $350 as this thing is big and heavy (they were selling for $1200 in shops here) - Amazon said they would reimburse me the shipping costs.
          Sure enough they credited me back the $350 shipping cost, and sent me a replacement unit (which I still use today).
          Weird thing is, they refused to accept delivery of the faulty unit in Italy (possibly because of custom duties owed there), so one day it arrived back on my doorstep!
          So now I have 2… but 1 is still faulty. No warranty here in Oz.

        • @melb-ourne: So Sydney will accept drives from the US? nice to know.

          Have one that needs to be RMAed and wasn't sure if they would accept it.

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        Im pretty sure most of the failures are to do with lack of dissipation in the case, ie, if you take it out of the case and use it as a internal drive then it should be just as reliable as any other.

        • I suspect these external drives are firmware crippled once you take them out of their enclosures.

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          Taken from: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=34052.0

          "I registered here just to reply and say this thread is full of nonsense. Telling everyone to avoid a Seagate disk because of a few people's issues is just ridiculous.

          For reference, I have 9 (nine) of these 5TB Disks, bought in the USA in Seagate Backup Plus units. I had 4 of these running externally for a while (4-5 months) - connected to a Mac mini 2012 running SoftRAID 4 - two sets of RAID 1 over USB 3.0. No issues. (since upgraded to Thunderbolt enclosure)

          I have 2 running now for about a month, connected to an Asus Sabertooth Z87 motherboard. No issues - 180MB/s read/write or thereabouts.

          I have 2 running a simple RAID 1 over Thunderbolt connected to my Mac mini 2012.

          I also now my original 4 of them in an OCZ Thunderbay 4 enclosure - running RAID 5 over Thunderbolt connected to my Mac mini 2012.

          And then I have a spare 5TB just in case I have a failure.

          Again, NO issues with any of these drives. The only thing I had to was run the Mac HDAPM tool to prevent the head-parking issue that OS X is infamous for, but I had no performance issues prior to running the tool, and only did so because I didn't like the noise the head-parking sound made when running media in a quiet movie room. I did the same thing with my older 2TB Western Digital drives, too, so this is not unique to the Seagates.

          So again, to the OP, your experience is certainly not everyone's, and telling EVERYONE to avoid Seagate 5TB Externals is just madness.

          PS I have several friends with ~15 5TB Seagate drives between them, and neither of them has any issues, either."

        • @Zirkaloy: I call that review BS!

        • @Zirkaloy:
          I'm curious to know if any of the companies have enough faith in their drives to offer free data recovery as part of their RMA. I'm doubtful, but would be great to know if one actually did?

          I've bought half a dozen drives over the last few years from various companies and of various sizes, and so far (touch wood) none of them have needed to be returned.

        • @BoneyMalone: segate offer data recovery for a minimal cost (something like $100) but only to USA customers for some reason.

  • 5tb? that's a lot of 'pawn' movies LOL

    • +1

      Hardcore Pawn, Pawn Stars … they all take up a lot of space in 1080p

  • +2

    So tempted! but will keep looking for other deals with 5TB,

    • Surely soon enough 5tb USB sticks will be in the bargain bin at harvey norman

      • Doh! Ended up buying anyway because local Officeworks would offer this price and match by 5% amazing !

  • I paid $149US couple of days ago.

    • +1

      Thanks for sharing, telling everyone about that bargain. That was about $190 AUD

      • It was standard Amazon price. $149US + Shipping. I was stating that I should of waited couple of days.

        • If you havent received it yet, I believe you can claim the price drop.. Ive seen other people do it by talking with Amazon support.

  • Do we need to buy new AU power supplies with correct 3 prong ?

    • +1

      yep, worth keeping in mind you will need a us to au adaptor.

      The power supply is in the plug with these- so can't just change the plug over easily.

  • Guys pls dont get these.

    Iv had 3 of these all failed

    1 was for downloads. Went first
    Other for tv recordings went second but played up firs
    And now my movie drive is playing up.

    Im going ssds and nas.

    • When did you buy them? Are they the 5TB version? Or 2TB, 3TB, 4TB?

      • 2 from jB hifi one from harvey i think, not sure, it was over the space of 2 years,..

        2x3 tb 1x4tb (my movies one) this is only under 6 months old… not sure if its due to Plex indexing it or not, it shouldn't be as its done it already at the start, but i don notice plex does like to do "things" in the background…

        but yeah, imo unless your doing light use,.. like copying 1gb every week, stay away form them…..

        • That is the problem: There are different families of hard-drives. 2TB, 3TB and 4TB drives belong to the same "family". 5TB, 6TB and future 8TB and 10TB can belong to a different family (ex: Archive) and use a different technology.

          You have to compare apples with apples, and cannot assume that these 5TB drives will be as unreliable as the 2TB-4TB versions (which have been proven to have high RMA rates).

          PS: I have a Seagate 2TB and it seems it is still going strong (http://i.imgur.com/SRM1cEa.jpg)

        • @Zirkaloy:

          ill only ever touch RED WD's (perhaps Red Pros) not sure if i wona go raid 5 or raid 6, im thinking better be safer than sorry and just go raid 6 ith 8x4tb red pros. total of 24TB should be plenty for a long long time.

  • Anybody know what are the implications of buying these and opening them and throwing the drives into a microserver are?

    I assume you can wave good-bye to warranty, would there be any other issues regarding compatibility?

  • Do these have any ventilation holes?

    Office works has it for $269 and a 4 year warranty which might be preferable for some.

    • They do have ventilation holds and its $178.69 at Officeworks with price match.

      • The drives still boil in their plastic enclosures. Plastic is an insulator and traps heat unlike metal casings.
        My 4TB Seagate Backup Plus reaches the high 40 degrees when plugged in doing nothing on a warm day.

      • I wasn't aware Officeworks would match an Amazon price. But even if they did they wouldn't match this item because the warranties aren't identical and that means it's excluded.

        • Maybe their not meant to but I walked in with an Amazon screenshot and walked out with the drive.

        • @hocbik:

          Hey, do you mind sharing the recipe please? Thanks!

        • @Zirkaloy:
          I think you mean receipt, right?

          I congratulate hocbik and I will try the same method if my store has them in stock.

          Does anyone know if the larger drives, 4TB, 5TB can be used with SMART TVs? I have a 3TB that works with my 2013 Samsung TV but I have read some people/TV's have issues.

        • @dfr:

          No, I really meant recipe! The recipe of his success!

          All jokes aside, yes, I meant receipt.

          I will give my local officeworks a go too, even though they are the worst officeworks I have ever been to.

        • Turns out the policy is that they will price match Amazon.com.AU, but not amazon.com.

          I got one with a friend yesterday no problems by showing them amazon on my phone, but today when I went to get another one it was "NOPE has to be loaded on an in-store computer, and has to be amazon.com.au".


        • @craftylilalien:

          I tried the Brisbane CBD store and the policy is they will match amazon.com but only if the warranty matches (which it doesn't). They said if they did, you'd have to factor in shipping and exchange rate as well.

          Fair enough anyway - guess I'll just order from Amazon.us

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    Bit of misinformation in this thread.

    Here are my findings from a locally bought Seagate Expansion Desktop 5TB (STBV5000300). Can't guarantee Amazon version is exactly the same but can't see why not.

    Drive inside is an ordinary 3.5" internal (ST5000DM000).
    External power supply comes with US, EU, and AU adaptors.
    Can open the case without breaking it.
    Easily saturating my gigabit network (100MB/s+).
    Slightly sensitive G-Shock sensor.
    Heads park very rapidly.
    3yr limited warranty.

    Overall, great bang for buck. I've had no issues so far running multiple drives as internals (non-raid).

  • +5
    • Hm, this will be handy, didn't know you can price match against Amazon at OW :)

      • Me either. Although I wouldn't be surprised if hocbik got the one and only sales assistant in Australia that allowed it to slip through. ;)

        • +2

          Hey mate! Thanks so much for sharing this! I went in with a print out of your photo to my local office works (Browns Plains, QLD) I also showed them the amazon website with my checkout and shipping price added,

          Also notice I called ahead and asked them all this prior to heading out, also found alot of stores didn't have stock of this model HDD

          I was auctually worried they wouldn't match it as the model seems different to the amazon deal,

          STBV5000300 5TB is the model I got from officeworks, Original price $269 but after price match it's $178.69

          It helped the store clerk alot bringing in print outs of my proof, especially with the above user "Hocbik" office works receipt,

          I have attached my receipt you can even state, it shows price match comment: Amazon.

          I did question them while on the phone if they did price match amazon they said yes as long as it's in stock and current date also has to include the postage.

          Very happy with how I have this hdd now and not in a week or so time, :) Great deal for all local Ozbargainers :D

          Edit: 2 Left @ Browns Plains office works
          Edit: Link http://imgur.com/FBshcuf

        • +1


          Lucky you. The OW that I had been to did not even trust the shopping cart I print out from WDC.COM. They went on the website, confirmed what I said it is $299.98 for 2x4TB HDD. But they still did not trust what it shown. They made me waited for 30 mins while they are calling WDC. Although I finally got the 2x4TB WD drives for $285, but is it worth it given that they keep giving me the look: I don't trust your words, your print out or your website ….

        • @fatice:

          I went at a good time, Busy parents buying stuff for kids as the go back to school :) = long queues and lots of staff on, so maybe that had somthing to do with it,

          They even had my hard drive on a shelf behind the counter as I had reserved it =D great service and fantastic price at Office Works Browns Plains :D

  • My store said they would only price match Australian stores. I bought a WD 4TB mybook pricematched against the $149.99 Western Digital store.

    • After price match, I think it is the same $/TB compare to two deals. Also, it is WD vs Seagate. I will go for the WD since it is a very slim chance that OW will match Amazon in USD.

  • Can anyone help me out? For some reason when I go to shipping options it charges a ridiculous amount ($145 for expedited shipping) as per the image below:


    I think it's because shipping is no longer fulfilled by Amazon, so it's more expensive. If you choose one of the shops which uses Amazon, the shipping goes back down to $13. Does that mean this deal is dead? Or am I missing something here?

    At this point in time the best deal I could find was this one

    which is $167 USD + $13USD shipping :S

    EDIT: here are their shippping rates: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aag/details/ref=olp_merch_ship_1?ie...

  • probably dead now.. should of matched at office works while you could :D

  • I bought 2 of these for internal PC storage. It was my first time deshelling and installing a HDD in my PC that was more than 2TB, and I ran into some issues and found solutions that might help someone:

    1. System detects as RAW when installed in PC via SATA, even though it is NTFS when plugged in via USB. Solution: you have to format the drive first before you can use it via SATA in your PC. So don't transfer anything to the drive via USB if you intend to install it in your PC later. To format, go to Disk Management, right click the volume and format. Here, you might run into the second issue below.

    2. System does not allow you to use >2TB of the drive. Solution: You need to go to Disk Management, delete the current volume (right click > delete volume). Next, you need right click the drive name (e.g. Disk 0), and "Convert to GPT Disk". Your motherboard and version of windows may determine whether or not you can do this. Refer to links below for in depth information:



    Good luck

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