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Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1" 16GB Wi-Fi $338, 10% Off Apple Computers @ JB Hi-Fi


Great price on the Tab Pro from Jbhifi ($543 @ HN)
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1" Tablet 16GB Wi-Fi $338
10% Off Apple Computers
TitanFall Xbox One $29


  • 2560 x 1600 pixels
  • Android OS v4.4 (KitKat)
  • Quad-core 1.9 GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7
  • 2GB RAM
  • 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
  • 2 MP, [email protected]
  • GPS with GLONASS
  • Loud Speaker with stereo speakers
  • Multi-window display
  • Hancom Office
  • e-Meeting & WebEx
  • Infrared Port
  • microSD, up to 64 GB
  • microUSB v2.0 (MHL TV-out), USB Host
  • Li-Ion 8220 mAh battery

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  • Bloody good price, have you used one TRENT86?

  • Just bought a mac 2 days ago from jb hifi :(

    • Geez that sucks, never buy a Mac for full retail. Just wait around for the DSE 12/13/14% off Mac sale which came up pretty regularly last year.

      • I know but the missus overpowered me!
        This deal with the $75 voucher is quite a good deal
        $75 is for 50% discount on a purchase up to $150

    • Go to jb , they might refund the difference

  • How does this compare with the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 which seems quite good

  • Was $398 now $338.. looks like a pricing error as they retail for over $500

  • +7 votes

    Never buying another Samsung tablet again. Software updates never come. Anyone with a note 8 will know this.

    I'll stick to a nexus next time

    • +2 votes

      4.4.2 is the latest firmware for Note 8. Australia is very behind with firmware updates. Best to flash another country's firmware if you want the latest.

      • Doesn't the 4.4.4 update have S-Pen offset issues?

      • I wouldn't say Australia - Samsung are still releasing phones with 4.4 - unacceptable. They take your money and leave you to dry.

        Just got a Tab S for my sister (the one she wanted) - and whilst it's got an incredible screen, excellent form factor - it still has the stuttering and slowness of Ice Cream Sandwhich. Samsung are destroying Android. Never again.

        Hopefully the S6 has a lighter version of TouchWiz and runs smoothly.

        • Just got a Tab S for my sister (the one she wanted) - and whilst it's got an incredible screen, excellent form factor - it still has the stuttering and slowness of Ice Cream Sandwhich.

          Are you sure you didn't get a dodgey knock off? The hardware in the Tab S should be good enough to handle 4.4.4 for at least another year or so.

        • @ProjectZero:

          Yes, I'm certain. It runs well once you're in, but every now and then it stutters. This is common for Samsung from my experience.


          4.4 is kitkat, and it's the one that comes with the Tab S, which I have.

          Also most Android phones run older versions of Androids.

          Of course, you'll get the latest with a Nexus… But the Samsung flagships are not on the couch either. What flagship tablets come with Lollipop, the latest Android?

        • @rorymeister:

          Have noticed that stuttering is limited to Chrome on Tab S. Try the stock Internet browser, for me this gives absolutely no stuttering. Looks like there is an issue with Chrome on this device.

        • Tab S is going to get Lollipop this year sometime. Also, I thought other than Nexus, most tablets are in process of getting lollipop?

          That being said, I've heard rumours that Samsung is getting rid of all the junk stuff they had with TouchWiz (Aims to have similar experience to Nexus) for S6.

    • I have owned 2 Samsung Android phones and a tablet and 2 updates is about the most they got. My S4 is still on Android 4.3 :(

    • I also have note 8 n5110 , i dont know why when i play game ( Hay Day, about 60 MB) , battery runt out very quick,some time only 40 minutes , maximum time is 70 minutes. Does any one have the same problem like me? I only play one game for a year. But when i leave it standby. Did not use at all. It s take 9 days to empty the battery. Anyone play that game and have the same?

    • Doesn't google own nexus and that's why they get updates quickly because the system they run on is created by their owner

  • if only they sold this at OW for another 5% off…

  • Tab s is better

    • +5 votes

      Can you buy one for $338?

    • If you like Super Amoled displays and finger print scanners then buy the Tab S.

      Tab Pro seems sufficient for most tablet users and its display is still rather decent. The Tab S is also a lot more expensive so its assumed to be better but this is great buying for a premium 10.1" tablet.

  • Look. Its a price decision. If you are on a budget and want the Tab S, this is the unit for you. If you can cough up the extra dough, then the Tab S will be a litle more future proof with 3GB Ram and Octacore Processor…

    If i couldnt afford Tab S, this would do the trick…plus youll be able to hack it later if you get bored.

  • The s800 is the better processor, go look at benchmarks and compare

  • Just remember that the processor is only as good as the OS written for them…optimise the OS to make use of processor instruction sets and the game changes…would be interesting to see how lollipop would run on both if and when they roll it out, which by my calcs should be in the not too distant future for the Tab S…hence why running custom roms beyond processor capability on devices creates lags and performance/battery issues etc…been there done that over the last few years…

  • Does 10% off Apple computers also include iPads? In a way iPads are also a computer tablet :)

    • +1 vote


    • @DEvok: My thought exactly.. steve wanted it to be a computer tablet, now that hes gone its sitting in the table category

  • Thanks OP. Was just about to pull the trigger on Tab S. Bought this tablet and the original Samsung book cover case for $380. The case retails for $79.95 on the Samsung website, so not too bad.

  • Does anyone know whether JBHIFI would do a price match of the macbook pro selling for 1188$ at Officeworks? And do they reduce it to a further 5%? Jbhifi is selling it for 1211.40$ and what are your opinions on buying the non-retina macbook pro? Thank you.

  • I know a senior gentleman in JB and their policy is not to turn business away. Having said that, you can try the 5% bit but it is not stated policy so they are not obliged…you can try and find it cheaper than officeworks and tell the JB dude but I can go to officeworks and get another 5% off and see how you go…harvey norman and good guys should also come to the party…times are tough, margins are thin, turnover is crucial for businesses…

    • Thank you for your reply, really helps, have a good one.

    • i am friends with the owner of a good guys store and he has even turned me away when it costs him money to sell me a product that is way too cheap.

    • For the same 5% price match, I rather go with OW than begging on price with JB or HN. Also, the after sale support is hell in JB and HN since it is commission based.

    • on boxing day i went to JB to ask them to match Dick Smiths $249 Galaxy tab 4 10.1 and the IT guy said nope. Didnt hesitate at all in saying no and telling me that was below their cost price.

      • Had that experience as well. Each retailer buys in at different prices as we know and at times, so Ive been told, manufacturers such as Samsung or ASUS offer the retailer a subsidy/factory cashback in order to promote their product. I remember clearly the case with HN a while back where they had ripper price on a tablet and no other place could go near it. Subsidy of some sort I was told.

        Moral of the story. Never go into a store on Boxing day without boxing gloves…

  • We're in the market for such a tablet (9"-10", SD card). What are the other good non Samsung options?

  • Got one today. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wish its 8"… Much better portability

  • I dono get it..

    MacBook 13" non retina - $1080 on Mac store
    Same mac for 1200 at jb.

    Why bother

  • Combined with the $75 off deal with Mac purchases, this isn't too shabby at all.

  • Good price. Thanks for sharing. Just bought one as a prezzie for the missus.

  • I found it hard to get.
    Paid at one Jb and drove to another to pick up.
    Also displayed at old price of $385?

  • Cheers, picked one up today :)

  • Has anyone found stock in Perth? I'm pretty keen to grab one of these for digital graphic novel reading plus the usual movies/games/browsing etc. Is anyone running one of these with cyanogen mod? and does it have lollipop support yet?

    still wish i had jumped on the Tab S 10.5 16GB Wi-Fi White $367.20 deal back in November. :(


  • Does anyone know if the instore prices and online store matchup? It seems almost impossible to get 5% discount sinxe their online store always matches it (probably have an automatic computer or something)

  • Thanks, Bought one.
    @18 - Yes same price instore, although the sales rep was not happy with this price and did not give any discounts on any cover or mmc.

  • Brought the Tab Pro for my partner online from JB. It's a great buy at the price. Very happy and fast with Nova launcher, tweaking developer settings and switching off some of the touchwiz features.

  • The battery drains so fast even on standby mode, any tips :P ?

  • Got one on Sunday. Crazy deal for what you get… Tab S has slightly bigger, but not better display, too over saturated! I rooted my device within 24hrs and I am hunting for a cheap decent folio case and a 64gb card… I have been looking for an iPad for the 3 and a half years old iPad 2, dead by dipped into the bath water twice by my son. I must confess if price is no object, I will get an iPad with 128gb on board, but after my brief trial at JB, I couldn't convince myself to look elsewhere. This tablet has decent screen, no lag, acceptable text rendering speed on text while reading with Zinio app, which I bought my tablet mainly for. I am glad that I didn't order Xiaomi's Mipad which costs even less, but this tablet is a safer bet. About Snapdragon, like I said, no tablet has yet to beat an old iPad in every way in my opinion. Snapdragon processors are good too, but Tab S wifi has the same Octa-core processor as this Tab pro, which is no slouch at all. Unless you opt for the LTE version which costs roughly double the price I paid for this.

  • does anyone know when this offer ends?