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The Witcher 2 (Free on Xbox 360, Only with Gold Membership)


The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

RELEASE DATE: 7/05/2013
SIZE: 6.35 GB
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  • Not valid in my region .

  • +1

    Good game, great wenches.

  • not working for me?

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      Me neither. Can't find it by searching on my 360 either.

    • nor me, only asks me to purchase at final stage :(

      Now, can't even get to the final stage - get a "whoops we can't find the page" message.

  • Every single month I have a problem with GWG.

    The Xbox website is a hunk of junk; I have a pre-paid subscription and every single time I try get a free game it says I don't have a valid payment option.

    You're lucky it even find it when searching for it on the Xbox.

    The whole system needs a revamp.


    • Yeah since the One the Live site hasn't been the same, they have issues even using your own account money.

    • Try purchasing from your Xbox.

      People were creating free 1 month Live accounts, redeeming the free games and then selling the accounts on eBay. To try and cut down on that Microsoft wants you to download from an actual Xbox.

      • So if you have an Xbox One but wanted to "buy" the free Xbox 360 game you can't do it from the Xbox.com website?

        • You can usually, but Live seems to be having all sorts of troubles lately, and this game isn't even showing up on the store.

        • @MrFunSocks:

          Just tried, looks like I need to purchase on an Xbox 360 once before I can purchase Xbox 360 games on their website… :(

          Message from website when I tried to purchase below:

          Is this your first purchase? To ensure it is compatible, please sign in to Xbox Live using your console and try again.

  • I can't get to anywhere where I can 'purchase' the game. May be a bit early yet?

  • Its set on american time. If you have an australian account you may be a day early

  • Yes just wait till tomorrow afternoon then you can find it from your Xbox game channel

    • It is working

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    Available from the dash if you search for it there

  • +2

    Wasn't listed in the Games for Gold section (which was still showing the previous game), but found it via a search and it was available for free.

    This is from the Xbox 360 dashboard, Australian account.

  • Brilliant, thanks OP!!! :D

  • +1

    For those having trouble, Xbox live is munted atm:


  • Searching the store returns no game results for The Witcher 2 atm, looks like Live is having problems again. Surprise surprise. Been a member for 9 years, first 8 of those never had a single problem, last 12 months seem like its been having troubles more often than not.

    • Fantastic, wish I'd know that before purchasing my Xbox…

  • Would I be able to "buy" this if I have an Xbox One? (not to play on the One obviously but who knows, I might pick up an 360 at some point in the future…)

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      Not from the Xbox One, but you can easily do it from the website.

  • They seem to have fixed buying it from the link now, and it's free.

    • When I click on the game under games with gold I get "No items".

      I've checked and my region is AU.

  • The link in case people are having difficulties.

    • I get:

      Ooops! What happened to this page?

      We’ve moved some things around.

  • And from Games->On Demand I get error with status code 8C230002. I've got my privacy settings changed so nothing is blocked as per the guide when I go to www.xbox.com/errorhelp (though some of the info there doesn't match the current menus I managed to figure it out).

    Very frustrating. Games with Gold? Games with frustration!

  • e 8C230002. I was getting that most of the day just trying go redownload things to a new 360 from Accounts > download history. Check you can download and install one of your older games first, as I couldn't until that worked.

    I followed the original post link, and it opened witcher2 with a purchase button for $49.95 (but said gold-free) - when logging in with my gold account and hitting purchase, it brings up payment options, then that charge is "free", so I went ahead. When then logging into the xbox the game was available in my download history—- although it seems to have licensed to the wrong physical xbox as I have several - but that's my issue.

    the live site is intermittent, they're having real issues > the link is again NOT working for me with öops what happened to this page" - but it worked last night.

  • Is it my imagination or did the comment linking to a youtube vid outlining how to
    get a 'free' 1 month XBL Gold membership get removed from this thread!? :-/

    fwiw I think they've already patched it