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Nikon D3200 DSLR Single Lens Kit $389 @ JB Hi Fi, $339 after Nikon $50 Cashback


Noticed this catalog today. It seems a decent deal for this camera as it comes with 18-55mm lens.
If you need further price reduction, you can try Officeworks to beat this price.
This catalog came with Adelaide Advertiser.
Catalog pages related cameras are uploaded.

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  • I seriously cant find JB HI FI doing these prices
    Im keen to get the 5300

    • Same catalog has the single lens camera Bundle D5300 body @749.00 after $100 cash back its listed with 18-55mm lens also

      • I would rather 500 with no Lens and buy something useful 700 is alot higher.
        May ask JB HI FI if they can match that price.

  • hmm.. on their own website, this price is for body only. Is this a nation wide sale?


    • Image says "Only available in-store".
      OP is from Adelaide. Same catalogue in today's West Australian newspaper.
      Regie69 from Melbourne also mentions the catalogue.
      I'd say it's nationwide.

      • Confirm today's paper in Melbourne

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    http://www.harveynorman.com.au/cameras-printers-ink/cameras/..., has anyonr got this deal with cashback?

    • this link doesn't go to a single product?

      • Yeah, I meant in general. I'm looking to buy 2 camera so that I get 200$ + extra 200$ cashback.

        Reference "Simply purchase one of the cameras below at a participating Authorised Canon Reseller or through the Canon online store between 13 November 2014 – 30 January 2015 and you can score up to $200 cashback. PLUS spend $200 or more on any other Canon products in the same transaction and you can claim for double the cashback. That’s up to $400 back in your pocke"

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    Buy a jb hi gift voucher valued $50 or more and get 20% off your purchase upto $100.
    Other words $20 voucher for over $100 spend.
    Offer valid until 31st jan 2015

  • Op can you pleas upload the full page of the catalogue…..

    • Did you purchase one during the previous deal you had posted https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/180263?

      • Yes i did….got the cashback as well. This deal seems better than previous one so buying another one for my family member. Rang Officeworks and they are happy to pricematch + less %5…..

    • +1

      Hi I uploaded the pages related to cameras.

      • thx

  • How do you claim the Nikon cashback?

  • Don't see it online, will call check instore tomorrow morning.

  • Got one from TGG Browns Plains QLD. Price matched and $50 money back.

    • Did you just show them this picture?

      • Yep. But they will ring JB HIFI to confirm the deal.

  • Cant seem to find catalogues online for Jb ? You know the ones that arrive in the brochure bundles or newspapers ?

    • Jb never have their catalogue online

      • I find this frustrating.

  • I thought so , was googling but nothing.

    • Yeah they are behind the times a bit lol

  • This or 600d for $428? On paper they look very similar and on dpreview they have similar 77 and 73% score. So what's the best buy? For context I am beginner, only used point and shoots before, looking to learn.

      • Never EVER use snapsort. Automated and inaccurate comparisons.

        Take a look at the reviews and the features. Go play with the camera in store if you can. Think about what you want to shoot. They're not that similar.

        - Twist and flip screen
        - Better for video. (For starters you can change aperture while in live view)
        - Flash commander (Can trigger multiple external flashes with auto flash exposure)
        - 18MP, less dynamic range. May or may not make a difference depending on what you're shooting.

        - 24MP, more dynamic range. Definitely the better sensor.
        - No flash commander

        Also take into account available accessories for that brand. Once you buy into a brand there are a lot of accessories that won't move with you if you change brand for your next camera. Flashes and lenses, batteries, remote triggers, GPS/WIFI modules are all brand and often camera model specific.

        Lens selection for cheaper lenses is much better for Nikon (but note that older lenses will not AF on the d3200 as it has no in body motor). Nikon does flash better for multiple external flash.

        Another thing to note. The next model up from the D3200, which is the D3300 has low light performance that kicks butt!

  • +2

    JB HiFi @ Elizabeth knew nothing about the deal, but after showing them the scanned ad, they were happy to honor it.

  • Went to Jb Hifi and picked up a catalogue from the front of the store. Took it straight to officeworks and grabbed the last one in stock via price beat.

    Unfortunately couldn't get an extra 5% off via Coles team member discount, in my experience the happens when it's already gone below cost price due to the price beat.

  • Cash back seems to have_ended. Wanted to buy this Monday :( can anyone confirm?

    • surely not, where does it say it has ended? They cant have a catalogue (ending 4/2) with a 'cash back' offer that expires before that?!?

      • just checked it on the Nikon promo site, doesn't work… that sucks!

        • @malkakas: it works! hmmm… it didnt yesterday, thanks for that! :)

        • +1

          Appears to work for jb. Cash back ended 31st. Jb seem to have done a deal with Nikon so it works until the sale ends. So no matching at offoceworks now, has to be from jb.

        • @Wilburre: ah i see! you know whats funny, it didnt work yesterday for JB, i called Nikon promotions to let them know… maybe my call fixed it (or id like to think so) ;)

    • Yes you are correct. I noticed that yesterday but the sales was rep was sure that the cashback was till the end of offer and said that I could have gone to the wrong site. Had to go back home and check again. I am thinking of going back to see if they can reduce the price to $339 as the cashback is not available now.

      • Let me know how you go, I'm going to give JB a call to see what they say.

        • I bought one today for $376. When i went there on sunday and mentioned that the cashback was not working, they had offered me a discount. They gave it today when I casually asked.

        • @kirath: the cashback works if you bought it from JBHiFi!!

        • @lemons4lime: Thanks. I have claimed the cash back. So it brings the price down to $326 now. Enjoying the camera now.

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