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Free Pringles Party Speaker (+ $5 Shipping) When You Purchase 2 Cans


Buy 2x150g cans of Pringles and pay $5 home delivery to get Pringles Party Speaker delivered to your home within 60 days.

Simply enter 2 codes from the bottom of Pringles can (1 code per can) and pay $5 shipping.

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    I'm not sure whether codes are reusable, but I'm not planning on claiming this $5 speaker. Here are 2 codes: L3337KT900400 and L4134KT601050.

    It even takes the same code twice on the 1 claim form.

    Youtube Review

    It would make a great joke present. Just find a Logitech UE Boom packaging to enclose it in.

  • on the "where to find my code" page it gives you the code l4068kt600559 then i just changed the last digit for the 2nd one l4068kt600558 and seems to have worked for me

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    Reviews don't hold much promise, so you might want to invest your $5 elsewhere. It's a gimmick.

    YouTube "unboxing" videos show how to shove it in the end of a Pringles can.

    The good
    …if you have more than one speaker, you can boost your sound by daisy chain several thanks to the line-in port and integrated 3.5-mm cable.

    The actual Pringles can itself also helps to improve the sound, serving as an echo chamber of sorts after you've popped the speaker on top. It also helps you position the speaker in a more convenient position.

    You can even flip the switch on the side to enable LED lights, which flash in tune with music and giving you an impromptu light show.

    The bad
    If it's sound quality you're after though, you won't find it here. The speaker itself is tinny and lacks any real punch, and while we like that you can chain up more than one speaker to boost the sound, we're not sure why you really would - the quality is just not there.

    You won’t find Bluetooth for wireless syncing, and you have to plug in your phone or MP3 player via a 3.5mm jack.

    There's not even a rechargeable battery, and to even change the battery you have to unscrew a flap to gain access to the compartment. Certainly not ideal if you run out of juice mid-song.

  • 60 days to post! Where are they coming from? Can anyone find one on ebay for less than $5 delivered?

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      Deal link has details - Hong Kong.
      Bound to be similar toy on eBay, but why would you bother given the poor review?

    • Don't know about $5, but for $7 delivered (from Aussie seller no less) I got one of those "Super Bass" speakers (with bluetooth as well). Admittedly was by auction, but quick search shows it for $12 buy it now from China.

      Was quite impressed with the sound for the money, though it relies on the surface it is on to deliver the bass. Placed on the right table or box though and it's pretty decent.

      I think you'd be better off putting your $5 towards one of these instead.

  • Cool, thanks OP.

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    looks like the codes are multiuse, so you don't even have to buy any Pringles to get the speaker.
    It's still not worth the $5 though.