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[PC] Gears of War $13.99 USD @ Gaming Dragons



53% OFF @ $13.99 USD

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  • +12 votes

    Activation and Download via Games for Windows Live.

    (Closes down broswer - pours gasoline over PC - lights match - walks away)

  • A 9 year old game for $13.99 US?!?

    It was a great game in its time, still one of my favourites on the Xbox 360, but come on..

  • Gee desperate for referrals.

    POS game on POS platform at POS price…

    • I would also point out Xenatos only posts deals with his referral links.

      I am sorry but I do not believe he is posting them from the goodness of his heart…

  • Can you still even activate Games for Windows Live titles?

  • Unbelievable, but this is a good price.
    No outlets are selling this anymore, and if they are (Amazon) it's $45. It seems scarcity has driven the price up.

    Despite that, it's still piss-poor for a CD-key for such an old game.

  • Refer to my neg, because I have seen it for cheaper and this is a poor and old game.

    Try and block this neg.

    • What neg?

      Cheaper price elsewhere - Mention store or URL and price making sure to include shipping.

      Please refer to rules before trying to neg a second time.

    • Seen it cheaper does not mean this is not a deal. If it is currently cheapest then it is still a deal regardless of historical price.

      • I disagree.
        Current cheapest price is different to genuine bargain. If that was the case I could just post every single product on staticice right now. I could post any item currently selling in the world just because it's the cheapest at this point in time.

        • Isn't the 'current cheapest price' for an item - what we're all here for (genuine bargains aside…)

          We all want something now… and if that item is the cheapest price now and I want it… what else matters?

          Unless I'm prepared to wait, and wait and wait…

          "He who waits, waits forever." :)

        • @Xenatos:

          No, that's what sites like staticice and ShopBot are for. OzBargain differs from 'cheapest price available' sites as it focuses on genuine bargains and proper deals.

        • @BTRaynes:

          No need to neg due to difference in opinion.

        • @Xenatos:
          I didn't :-)

  • Microsoft need to bring Gears of War to Steam with Steam achievements, Cloud support and full controller support.