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Kmart Burwood NSW - iPad 2 Semi Hard Case - 2c Using Card, Free for Cash


Went by my local Burwood NSW store and found this case for 2c.

Went to check out using the automated cash checkout, and came out free with rounding. Not sure if they will charge you 2c if you go to card only side!

They had approx 6-7 left. All clear except for one purple.

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  • 2c for credit? Cant really say you dont have the cash on you!

  • I'd assume just very old stock found in the stock room

  • lol beats the 50c I paid at k-mart months ago…..

  • +30 votes

    Semi hard eh? Giggity!

  • Good price !

  • Surely they could have called it something other than "semi hard"?

  • so if you pay it at the machine and u put in 10c..will it give you the 10c back?

  • Lucky there is automated tellers now, in the past at a Kmart, a 2c item couldnt go through the lady at the checkout due to the fact that Kmart had liability for things they sold. Something along those lines.

  • So if I take 100 and pay for them individually, i.e. nothing, then return them all with the receipts for a refund, they then should refund me $2. Great.

    Then after that the next ozbarginer can go in and buy the same 100 and do the same. And so on.

    • If you havent realised it yet, I think youve actually worked out a sure fire way to become the worlds richest man, $2 at a time!

    • Surely you should buy 99, and return those, then they have to refund you $1.98 in cash, which gets rounded up to $2? That way the rounding always works in your favour..

      Or better yet, buy them individually (free), and return then in lots of 2 ($0.04, that gets rounded up to $0.05). If you do it that way for 100 units, you get back 100/2 * 0.05 = $2.50

      So by returning them all at once, you're leaving 50 cents on the table! ;-)

  • Just bought one of these half an hour ago. Definitely still 3 remaining.

    • -2 votes

      Are you sure, it closed like at 7pm, you posted this at 10:25 so u said u bought it at 9:55. It would be closed already.

  • Umm burwood nsw kmart closes at 10pm.

  • Pretty sure they're just happy to see you take them away.

  • Why don't they just stick them in a basket and say FREE. Save the money they spend on receipt paper for each one of these.

  • sold out now, none left