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HTC Google Nexus 9 Tablet 16G USD $359.47 Delivered @ Amazon


$50 USD off, one of the lowest price so far.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Works out to be $460 Australian delivered. Definitely better to purchase Australian stock from Telstra for $19 more; https://www.telstra.com.au/tablets/tablets-on-a-plan/htc-nex...

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      Dam you AUD.

  • The 32GB is US$429.99 (also down US$). Similar prices at eGlobal and Kogan, but don't know if I'd like to deal with either of those if things went wrong.

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    Too may issues with this tablet to risk a purchase from overseas.

    Purchase locally to cover yourself..

  • I bought grey import phone lg g pro 2 on ebay 20% off deal in june/july. the seller promised 1 year local warranty. but now the phone have many dead pixels, contact the seller and found that he is not on ebay anymore. I found that hongkong seller on ebay closed account and create a new name to void trouble after sale. so from now on, I only buy local except its very low price.

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      Since then eBay has extended its refund claim policy from 45 days to 180 days to help with this kind of thing. But yes, I would avoid purchasing phones etc from overseas sellers just because of the lack of warranty and the hassle and lack of support if something goes wrong.

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        I don't trust Paypals refund policy based on past bad experience trying to get a refund on 2 different occasions. It is up to their judgement whether a few dead pixels is worthy of a refund and if they can't get the money back from the seller is he has changed Paypal accounts I would expect you have got buckelys of getting your money back. I would doubt that there is any chance of Paypal footing the bill.

  • Not much saving with lower A$.

  • And if you are able to get GST back, I'd get it locally……

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      Even if you couldn't get the GST back, 4% premium for local sourced and supported product is a no brainer IMO.

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