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New York Return Dep Per $1268, Bris $1291, Syd $1286, Mel $1293, Adl $1430 @ I Want That Flight


Great fares to New York from almost everywhere. All prices are for return airfares and include CC fees.

Perth to New York $1268. Etihad. Nov

Brisbane to New York $1291. Virgin Aust+Delta. Aug/Sep
Qantas is $1294

Sydney to New York $1286. Virgin Aust+Delta. Aug/Sep/Oct
Qantas is $1294

Melbourne to New York $1293. Qantas. Jul/Aug/Sep/Oct

Adelaide to New York $1430. Cathy Pacific. Sep

Hobart to New York $1464. Qantas+Jetstar Aug

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Prices shown here include CC/booking fees. Prices are good until sold out.

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  • Hey why can't you guys post more bargains given how popular and handy they are?

    • +17 votes

      Store reps are only allowed a 1-2 posts a week, unless the posts get lots of votes (enough to make it to the front page which is around 30-40 votes). This is not a request for votes!

      • I accepted your request

      • FYI - I like your posts and find them to be pretty good if you're looking for to combine your long haul flights with budget airlines such as Air Asia etc.

        Your posts are straight to the point, no sales pitch, not intrusive and non-spamming like some other store reps. Sometimes when I compare the search results from your website with Skyscanners or Kayak, yours came out better.

  • I bet travelwiz can do a better deal because online / search engines suck.
    Oh wait… that's right - this not BNE/LAX and this is not over the Christmas period. Oops! :D

  • Great deals!

    Rep, can you please explain how I can search your site for the cheapest flights from Perth - Calgary during the second half of 2015? I have no dates in mind, just want to find the best price.

    Thanks :)

  • The problem with these deals is that most have short departure/return dates (i.e. only 1-2 weeks).

  • Now that's what I call a deal.. Superb for mileage run !! And not to forget yummy status credits

  • PER to NYC from $1268 is an insane price! BTW, I guess people fly out from WA fly westward whereas the rest of oz fly eastward?

  • Nyc in winter? Would be nicer in summer when its not freezing.

    • Some of the dates are in August, which is right over their summer. The Nov dates will be pretty chiily, though :)

    • NYC in summer not pleasant either.. Humidity is shockers. Spring/Autumn way to go.

    • I'm not a huge fan of the cold, but NYC in winter is just as amazing. White Christmas, NBA/NHL - and just so many other things happening.

  • I want to see a cage match between IWantThatFlight and travelwiz.

    Btw been waiting for a deal for NYC for awhile, good chance i'll be snapping this up.

  • Hey rep, awesome work.

    Can you give some tips to @travelwiz from this thread.


  • Hi Rep - I just noticed the How Far Can You Go Airfares Map on your Home page. I've never seen it before on other booking websites and I think it's pretty cool because you can find out how much the airfares fluctuate from month to month based on where and when you want to go . It's pretty useful for people who are looking to get some idea for their next holiday destination.


    I want to go explore Eastern Europe in Sept - Oct for 4 weeks but I still don't know which city is the best arrival point. As a matter of fact, I could only see LHR or CDG or AMS and there's no Eastern Europe city on the map. How do I reveal the airfare prices for Eastern Europe? Any city will do as long as it's not Kiev (Ukraine) or in the vicinity.

    • Hi Gorodemon,

      Having a look on the map with my origin set to Sydney I can see a few - Budapest, Warsaw, Prague. Just zoom in a bit.

      However, if no one has searched for a fare to the city in the last 24 hours, then we won't have any data to show (which is why the more uncommon destinations don't have any prices).

  • @Iwantthatflight - Do you generally find the best US sale fares are released around January/February for the year? (as a annual trend?)

    • Hi Ant0888,

      You can usually depend on good sales at this time of year (even in Dec, as that was when Air NZ started their sales).

      • Thanks for that, seems South American flights are on sale too. And to pick your knowledge even more…

        For south east asia flights, when in the year do you usually find the most sales occur?

        Thanks for your info.

        • In places in particular? I ask because some locations are served better by particular airlines.

        • @IWantThatFlight:

          Singpore, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia.

        • @anth0888:

          I don't think I am going to be much help here… (sorry)

          For Singapore and Malaysia (KL at least) there are so many budget airlines that fly there (Scoot, Jetstar, AirAsia, Tiger) that there is almost always some kind of sale going. Just wait a week & something is bound to come up.

          Jetstar have had sales to Thailand in April in the past, though they rarely get much cheaper than $400 return.

          Cambodia - sorry, no idea.

        • @IWantThatFlight: Thanks for the advice!

  • Never heard of Etihad, then this:


    The Perth/NYC R/T is cheap- I know as my kids visit there nearly every other year (their father's family lives upstate).

    Good deal.