expired Chuwi Vi8 Windows 8.1 Tablet 2GB RAM - $153.27 AUD Free Shipped with TOLL @ DX


Was surprised that this deal was so popular despite being a chinese device.
Figure people might enjoy this too, $3 more for many times faster shipping and a larger battery. Unfortunately no HDMI or Android on this one but same CPU as usual.

Main Differences:
-No Android
-It's from dealextreme
+TOLL Shipping (from my experience one shipped it takes a week to arrive at most)
+4800-5000mAh Battery vs 4200mAh Battery

Edit: if you actually want android theres this version for a few dollars more: http://aud.dx.com/product/chuwi-vi8-8-ips-dual-boot-windows-...

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    so you loose duel OS,HDMI,processor clocked slower at only 1.33 Ghz and it's more expensive.

    doesn't sound like a bargain to be.

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      I just reposted the one with dual os which personally i think isnt that great considering the limited onboard storage. Also the cpu on the other one isn't actually faster that "1.8"GHz is the turbo boost speed. Base clock for both is 1.33, these chinese windows tabs are all using the same SoC.

      edit: for reference my win 8 chinese tab has 11 gb free after office is installed out of the 32GB. I can imagine it'd be even more limited after if you had Android on it too. Yes you can install apps on SD card like I have but the speeds are significantly slower than the eMMC internally and as such apps load or write quite slow. I'm running a class 10 SD card and that 30mb/s speed is still insufficient for anything more intense than viewing videos or browsers.


        storage limit should easily be sorted out by having a nice and big SD card most of the time anyway.

        But hmmmm DX… I am not concerned about the time it takes for Toll to deliver to us and more concerned about the time it takes for DX people to actually process the time to be delivered.


        I agree with this.. the Dual OS capabilities needs to be mated to a 64GB eMMC instead of the 32GB. Apparently you only get around 8GB free in Windows (Without anything) for the 32GB version
        Windows 8.1 WIM BOOT OS + Page file - 10GB
        Windows Storage - 8GB
        Android System 4GB, Storage 4GB


        You can get much faster cards than 30MB per second.

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    Its $100 US delivered at Banggoood with coupon 15BGSF

    Although the real bargain at Banggood.com is the Onda V891w 8.9" 1920x1200 for $130US with coupon 3f3128

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    I have the Chuwi Vi8 and all i can say is, avoid. The case is nasty nasty recycled garbage bag grade plastic. It has a plastic screen that flexs quite easily. The OS is Win 8.1 and i got my 12 months 365 subscription, but that is the only redeeming feature. Anything longer than 15 mins use will see it heat up to almost the surface tempreture of the Sun and battery life is, well, it's non-existent. On the upside, fully shutting down and rebooting doesnt take too long, just dont leave it on standby over night, it will be dead in the morning.

    The plastic case i can put up with, the plastic screen, i cannot. The getting hotter than a latte glass without a napkin, i can bear, the battery lasting about 2 or 3 hours on low brightness surfing webpages is unforgivable. I even have grave doubts about the screen resolution, but it isnt bad, i think it is more let down by the plastic screen and rubish screen protector…

    I got mine for $99US posted here from Aliexpress… So it was a cheap 8.1 license and 365 subscritpion… that's all.

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      My Chuwi Vi8 Dual OS should be arriving soon… you've made me less excited.

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        I just bought one from Dealsmachine.com a few days ago and received it yesterday. I'm quite satisfied with it.

        Build quality is alright, apart from the dodgy microUSB port which seems to disconnect when nudged from time to time. Volume and power buttons are fine.

        I have not had any problems with heat or excessive battery drain. Constant use during a 2 hour lecture (as in, surfing the web, installing games and ignoring pretty much everything about the lecture) drained the battery to about 60%. I used the tablet for about 30 minutes today from here to there and it is currently sitting at 43% since being taken off charge at around 2pm.

        Restarting takes about 10-15 seconds. It's very zippy if you haven't had a computer with an SSD before.

        The screen protector installed at the factory is appalling and should be removed.

        Performance wise, it's excellent. For surfing the web, watching videos and playing some games, it's great. Far better than netbooks I have owned in the past.

        All in all, I'm quite satisfied for the price I paid. You may have higher standards than myself, though.


    Agree single OS better for 32gb… Got a Teclast X89 with the iPad style retina display and it's great, however took a while to find somebody selling the Windows only version as most were dual boot. Definitely would pay a little more for the better screen on the Teclast over these lower resolution units, but thats just my preference.

    Edit. Oh my tablet got stuck in customs when ordered from the AU direct store as the paperwork was bad… Value marked as '26' and item described as 'tablets'. Deal extreme support refused to help, the shipper did not reply so I had to resolve it myself with the courier company who were quite helpful. As a result the speedy delivery option took 3 weeks…

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      People buy (or should) these devices with the knowledge that there is a certain amount of risk involved, of course there is plenty of variability and unknowns but the important factor is value. Is the value of the item worth the potential risk? When such tablets with these spec's are around the $300 mark retail in Australia, the perspective is changed to - Are you willing to pay 2-3 times less for a similar device but unknown quality. In my eyes a device that is x times the price of retail here, should be expected to last x times less.

      You don't go buying a cheap ass Chinese phone that is $100 and expect it to last as long as say a Samsung would.


        True, but unlike the brands here, they don't have the brand name to keep up to.
        They can get away with having a backdoor, or get away with copy right infringements, relatively, easily. Well, it's not to say that these wouldn't happen with brands that are in Australia that follows Australian laws, for example Lenovo and Superfish, but at least their reputation took a hit from it. In short, I don't think we are protected by the consumer laws out there with these things and I doubt Chinese manufacturer would care too much about keeping their brand name high, at least in Australia; there is a certain aspect of risk attached to buying them, that would be perceived different to the person. I personally see it as high enough for me to consider this a problem, others might not.

        Also there is that sense of, price allows me to forgive certain aspects. I've been eyeing Chinese tablets for a bit, but the consensus I've found on forums I go to was that they are cheap for a reason. Battery drainage sometimes is issue for some, BIOS set up was required for few, many were looking for ROM for example, because they needed to flash the BIOS or something. Some were talking about shoddy materials like acrylic like feeling of the screen, which made them feel uncomfortable as it felt, for them, would get scratched so easily. There is a certain aspect of risk attached to buying them, that would be perceived different to the person.

        Is that worth all your hassle? Possibly. They are bloody good on the paper at the very very very least. There are people who've received decent quality ones out there, so I'd say it's like a gamble in a way. Will you receive a good one (or relatively) and have a hassle free experience? If so how long will that last? Is it worth the price you are paying? It depends on a person.


    apparently the new Chuwi Vi8 supper edition can single-click-switch OSes - so you just click a button to switch over to the other operating system, not sure how long it takes, but sounds much more convenient.
    The main difference is this tablet has the mini-HDMI out port, but everything else is the same as the first vi8 model.

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