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SanDisk 16GB Cruzer Force (USB 2.0) - $5 Officeworks (Not Available Online)


Was in need in a couple of USB flashdrives as I keep losing them, didnt want to wait for shipping from ebay etc so I went to officeworks and found this for only $5 http://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/sandisk-16gb-... I picked up the last 3 in my store Midland, WA. It small and works great.

Looks like it's not available online so check your local officeworks! :)

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  • Sweet - well worth getting - USB 2 is still plenty fast enough for docs, spreadsheets and music files.

  • A lot of cheap usb 3 usb sticks write @ similar speeds. Also lot's of people still have hardware with usb 2, for the price would fit suitable purpose nicely for many.

  • Queensland stock
    Ipswich -8
    Toowoomba -22

    • Ahh stock discrepancies - great!


        Sounds like when my son used to wirk at dick smith - $2000 cameras had a habit of disappearing out of the storeroom :) no wonder they tightened up their act

    • Albany WA showed stock, drove over there and no stock, although their systems was saying 12 available.

  • I bought the same USB awhile back but found that it doesn't fit into every usb port I had with ease. Eventually they would fit, but I had to force it in

  • Not available in shop at Coffs Harbour. Yesterday, Sandisk Cruzer facet 2.0 8Gb $4.77, some other brand 2.0 16Gb $6.97, in shop

  • Anyone else thinks this looks like a dismembered lady's finger with red blood/flesh at the amputation site and red fingernails?

  • Nothing at officeworks South Yarra

  • Nothing at OW QV

  • Nothing at north of river Perth. doubt any left in WA.

  • Usb 2.0 Reminds me of the good old days! Black and White televisions were just blossoming and the world ran so much smoother….

  • This 16GB Toshiba one looks decent for $9.97. Read 180, write 23, USB 3.0, made in Japan http://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/toshiba-16gb-...


    • Great find there "unity1." Appart from the rare, hard to source SanDisk posted here, and the last listing on Officeworks web site, the Dyna Store 16 GB USB2 for $6.98 (also hard to find in my area), this is their cheapest 16 GB USB drive. It is cheaper than all other USB2 drives, except for the the same priced SanDisk Cruzer U (looks like a small paddlock).

      • The dyna store flash drives are available at my local store in QLD, but the reviews on the web are disastrous :(

    • On the back of the packaging it says Made in china and only 12 month warranty.

    • I agree, couldn't find sandisk 16GB at all at my local OW but found that and it was easily best value on the shelf assuming it's reliable.

      Realistically I'm getting ~20MB/s read/write speeds on it with USB 3.0.

  • This one may actually be a better deal if 32GB is required:

    SanDisk 32GB Ultra USB 3.0 Flash
    Drive $19.97


    • If 32GB is required, that would be a better deal at any price.

      USB3.0 does make a big difference. Once you're used to the extra speed, 2.0 is -painful-.

  • :) Would anyone be willing to buy 4 (four) of these for me and post to QLD :)
    There are none available near me ~ the closest store is 4 hours + drive away and these would be great for my squidlets who are now in High School. Happy to pay for postage (naturally… lol) and for petrol and your time!
    Big hug and fingers crossed ~ Debs

    • Doesn't look like any in Melbourne to send to you. No stores seem to have stock

      • Thank you so much for thinking of us, unity1 :)
        Same problem I have in SE QLD! Nearest store that has any is in Ipswich, QLD ~ way too far for me to drive, especially with my gorgeous kids.
        Hoping someone will strike gold lol !

        • Call the store and ask if they can post them to you. Some retailers will take credit card payment over the phone and others wont, but worth a try.

        • Tried a couple of the larger stores, Milton and Woolongabba (in the City) ~ neither store had any left! The Ipswich store, south of the City has them but will not post! Yes, I did call and ask :(
          Going to have to call in the OzBargain magicians and see what they can pull from their hats… lol ;)

        • @alison4peace:
          Good luck getting help from out Ipswich way. I think you might have more luck from a nice country person from good old Toowoomba (except not from that family that was involved in that shooting on the news today).

        • @ozhunter68: Well that's a very sweeping comment to make kind sir!

        • @alison4peace: Hello! Am near Indooroopilly, seems we're in a similar area! Wish I could be more help, my local stores appear also out of stock, as now does Ipswich! But as another commenter mentioned, maybe this could meet your needs? Link… Alternatively if you're just looking for a few USBs to chuck on the kids backpacks, or aren't so much worried about capacity, these (or 3 pack for $9.97) could also work well for the price! They've had boxes of these at Milton/Oxley for a few weeks in black and silver, swanky looking metal things! Best of luck :)

        • @ozhunter68:

          I apologise for this comment above made in bad taste. Tried to make a timely joke at the time, but looking back way too generalized and insensitive.

  • Pack of 3x 8Gb Sandisk Cruzer Edge + $9.97 today walk-in @ Officeworks, Coffs Harbour.
    They are slow but good for posting (while a stamp remains $0.70).
    I recently posted a larger (memory and physical size) usb within NSW but all that arrived was a beaten-up envelope.
    I guess those gorillas that used to be at Taronga Zoo now have jobs in airport baggage handling and the PO.

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