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Subway - Footlong Roast Chicken Sub - $9.95 (Save 50c)


With subways current promotion all chicken foot long sub's are $9.95 EXCEPT for the Roast Chicken Sub… Like wtf?

Some of us are healthy people who don't want their chicken crumbed, battered or lined with bacon.

So here is what you do:
1) Ask your local Subway Sandwich Artist whether you can have a Roast Chicken sub for $9.95.. He will give you an automated no reply.
2) Then go in for the checkmate by saying 'I'll have a chicken and bacon ranch with out the bacon'


You just saved yourself 50c and you get to watch the look of their face as you smack them down.

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    Do they use real chicken?

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      Heavily heavily processed chicken. Almost as if they went to KFC, bought 24 nuggets, went to McDonalds, bought 10 hashbrowns, mashed together with some napkins and produced 50 servings of 'chicken'.

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    I don't know if anything had changed at Subway since I worked there, but the chicken pieces frozen in big bags. Not really high quality, but real chicken nonetheless.

    If you are actually concerned about the health benefits of Subway, I'd be the most concerned about the bread which is a far cry from real freshly baked bread. Frankly, you should be able to get a better chicken sandwich for $10.

    Whatever… I still eat it.


      How else is chicken supposed to be transported and stored?

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        Hey, I'm just telling it how it is. I don't think it's high quality chicken, but it's not too bad.

        In terms of vegetables:

        These are chopped fresh in store

        • Tomatoes
        • Onions
        • Capsicum

        Everything else comes in bags etc so quality isn't as high. Also, not sure if they've changed brands but the tuna used to be John West so actually pretty decent quality.

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          But if you go to the super market and buy salad it's packaged as well..
          What's the harm of frozen chicken anyway

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          I dunno, I like to make my own salad with fresh ingredients (you can get the same thing from a lot of independent sandwich places). I find veggies don't keep particularly well being packaged.

          No problems if you are okay with it, just shining a light on what you actually get at Subway.


          the tuna used to be John West so actually pretty decent quality.

          Does Subway do anything to the tuna, like add mayo or anything to it? It's all mushy and spreadable as if it's been mashed with something extra.. and reminded me ever so much of the kind of the cooked tuna you get in sushi rolls which do have mayo mixed up with it.

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          @waterlogged turnip: When I worked there, they used tuna flakes and seafood extender (for the seafood sensation one) plus heaps of mayo.. Not exactly mashed, just kind of massaged in using gloves… So you're right :)


          @moogi27: lol @ massaged in mmm

          Thanks moogi :) Been years since I've had Subway but still wondered about it. Tuna would potentially be a really healthy option but with enough mayo mixed in.. definitely less so :S


      I always wondered…. why do all subways smell the same? e.g. that distinctive subway smell.

      Do they make a perfume out of it and spray it in store at every store like some hotels do with their distinctive smells? haha


        That's the bread. It comes frozen, is proofed and baked in store. It's pretty rank actually. I don't trust the bread at all.

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    You save 50c today and save 50c tomorrow, you have a dorrar.

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    I never thought I'd see the day when not getting bacon that you paid for is a bargain.

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    Umm you missed out on free bacon. You fail.

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    Doesn't the chicken and bacon one have less chicken than the roast chicken one?

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    A game of supremacy with a Sandwich Artist leads to a game of chance with E. Coli.

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