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1/2 Price Dr Oetker Pizza $3.75, Kleenex Toilet Paper 24x $8, Chicken Drumsticks $1.98/kg @ Woolworths


Thanks so much to imissbeans for the photos for these deals. Not sure if toilet paper has been this cheap per roll before? Starts Wednesday.

Dr Oetker $3.75 (save $3.75)
Chicken Drumsticks $1.98/kg (save $2.00/kg)
Kleenex Cottonelle Toilet Paper 24x $8.00 ($0.33 per roll)

Other 1/2 Price Deals:

  • Smiths Thinly Cut Chips 175g $1.59 (Save $1.60)
  • Golden Pash 1L $1.09 (Save $1.10)
  • RSPCA Approved Country Style Extra Large Roast Chicken $9.00 (Save 2.00)
  • Masterfoods Squeezy Sauce 500 ml $1.42 (Save $1.43)
  • Ocean Chef Yellow Fin Tuna Steaks 1kg $14.49 (Save $14.50)
  • Optus $30 Prepaid Starter Pack $15 (Save $15)
  • Espressotoria Coffee Machine $49 (Save $50)
  • Vittoria Coffee Espresso Beans 200g $3.99 (Save $4.00)
  • Medium Grain Sun Rice 10kg $11.50 (Save $12.50)
  • Cadbury Sharepacks 240g $2.29 (Save $2.30)
  • Chobani Yogurt Pouches $1.09 (Save $1.10)
  • Uncle Toby's Muesli Bars 185g Pk 6 or Oat Slices $1.99 (Save $2.10)

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  • Chicken drumsticks. Is that a new ice cream?

  • Don't think the Cottonelle has been this cheap for a while, although it has been cheaper since the bastards changed the thickness / amount per roll… oops, sorry, I mean since they started winding the paper on the roll more tightly.

  • Thanks for the photo credit TA! :)

  • I need a bigger freezer.

  • My favourte pizza

    • Not as good as they used to be. Bit thin with the toppings now.

      • not the import ones, they are the same. The spinach one is fine.
        We dont buy the ones with meat and they are the Aust made ones.

        • Yes, I like the spinach one best. I too noticed when they first were sold that the imported ones were miles better than Australian pizzas. Really dislike buying something frozen that is imported though. Particularly if it is something that can be made here. It just the local ones are inedible.

    • They are pretty good hey. I find all the other frozen Woolies pizzas just have no taste and crappy crust. I usually add a few extra toppings tho.

      • Try Aldi stone baked frozen pizza, it's really good. Best frozen pizza I think, crust is fantastic.

  • Still have toilet paper stock from the Woollies sale last year.. 24 rolls for $7.50

  • Ocean Chef Yellow Fin Tuna Steaks - Product of Vietnam. Apparently wild caught. The slices are well presented in individual vacuum packs and taste fine, but they're a bit greyish in appearance in their raw state. Still, $15/kg is pretty cheap!

    • I have been scuba diving all along the coast of Vietnam and I would NEVER eat any fish caught there.

        • +2 votes

          Most rivers are full of sewage discharge which inevitability ends up in the coastal region…

          The farm raised ones like Tilapia are much better as they are usually raised in a pond with freshwater.

          Same problem in China, Wild Caught is actually worse.

        • @josephchi:
          pretty sure you got that upside down and inside out.

          Ocean = tremendously large, and if fish are alive, can never be that bad.
          Pond = Small, stagnant, swimming in higher concentrations of poo and much more likely of contamination.

          btw, what is with all the guys (adult guys) that are into My Little Pony? Is it a meme/troll? Back in the day, that was STRICTLY for young females only.

          I so don't want to be in touch with the youth of today.


          @Son ofa Zombie: On the farms I've personally been to, the feces is usually collected and used in agriculture. Water is pumped on one side and the artificial current brings the floating feces to the other end where it gets filtered out.

          The problem with this is that you can only raise certain types of freshwater fish. The most notable one is Tilapia.

          I can't find the link at the moment, but I did find this:


          I would prefer fish raised like this in a controlled environment rather than out near the ocean where raw sewage is discharged "legally". That's the difference. I know at least several billion tons of sewage is dumped into the Pearl River Delta every year. The same happens in Vietnam probably…

          If Tilapia farm raised was problematic, then I think it would have been picked up through testing by now. Each year the United States imports millions of Tilapia into the country… You would think the fish would have tested positive for Hepatitis A or something by now if the fish really were raised in contaminated environment.

        • @josephchi: Thanks, now the MyLittlePony question..

  • +1 vote

    dr oetzer will never be as good as dr pepper(oni)

  • How does the toilet paper compare to Costco? I think I pay around $12 for 24x 270 sheets of Kleenex. Which is the same price. I like the extra long rolls as well. I could be wrong on the price though, so feel free to correct me.

  • Note that if you use a gift card in online shopping, and the item is out of stock, and not able to be substituted, you get an emailed voucher for the amount. You still need to spend another $30 to use it.
    I found an email for this in a little used folder, so check your junk mail etc. Not their fault though.

    I guess they get a bit of free coin but I can't see how else they could do it either.

  • I am the same as @vivanne

    I wont be ordering for a month or so, feel free to use this code if it works. SCqOS-B8-0DB $0.99 7 Mar 2016.

    Its for 1 Dollar haha, please post if it works!

    • Someone else can try.
      Mine for $19 can wait a couple of weeks.

      I do like that they always give a bit more in the deli orders. Got a slice or two extra of prosciutto. Yum.

  • Cottonelle == dingleberry, I'd rather use newspaper.

  • +1 vote

    Anyone manage to get any chicken drumsticks? They are always sold out. lol.

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