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Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker with Compressor for $274 @ Myer


I've been looking for an ice cream maker with compressor for a while and found this baby at Myer.
Rrp is $399 and at $289, this is the cheapest I've found it. Use 'MYHOME' coupon code for another $15 discount, bringing it down to $274, see post

Available instore or online (with free delivery).

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  • seems like a creamy deal

  • Incredibly tempting, it's on my "one day…" list.

    Quick Review:

    Gelato Messina Guy using it:

    • Mmmm, I love those "one day" lists. Mine also includes an omelette maker.

      • Really? Omelettes are dead easy to make with a standard frying pan. Ice cream, done properly, needs an ice cream maker. And these ones are the business compared to the cheap ones with the bowl you put in the freezer.

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    Enter voucher code myhome at checkout for further $15 off thanks to pingz total $274

  • Worth it, it's such a great machine. Paid $330 a couple of years ago and it performs well. This is the machine used on Master chef and occasionally MKR. Making ice cream is easy with this machine.

  • How many ice creams can you buy for that price lol?

  • Took too long… Out of stock! :(

    • Maybe just a temporary glitch? I see you posted this an hour ago, but it's available for me to add to my checkout list. (Note: I removed it again, since I don't want to buy it, and wanted to avoid inadvertently reducing stock again for you to buy).

      • Thanks mooooooo,

        I just tried again with a different postage address and it went through fine!

        Rather than tell me that they wouldn't post it to my other address it just brought up an out of stock error….

        Just a little Frustrating…

        Thanks again mooooooooooo

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    I love my Smart Scoop. It's a big solid brick of a thing but so worth it.

  • Very tempting. Had a krups ice cream maker that broke, but that didn't have a compressor and it was a pain to have to pre-freeze the bowl.

    Ice cream makers are worth it if you want to make flavours that aren't cheaply available in supermarkets, such as green tea, black sesame, coffee flavoured ones.

    • I've only ever seen green tea ice cream here at a specialist Japanese store. $7 for 200g. Yeah, I make my own for a fraction of the price. Also vanilla and maple syrup (no refined sugar) is very nice and not available in stores.

  • I find it, if I make ice cream, it is initially soft and good but once it is in the freezer, it tends to get very hard. Not the same ice cream I buy from the supermarket. Is it because the supermarket ice cream has more air?

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      Yes that's generally the case, so homemade ice-cream is generally denser. You can use a little alcohol in your mix to make it a bit softer when frozen, but I like to whip cream before folding it into an egg/milk/sugar mix and that really helps with the softer/airier texture.

      • Surely this pricey machine with compressor doesn't have this problem, though…?

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          It has a compressor to freeze the ice-cream, but it's still nothing like the industrial machines in factories which can whip loads of air ('overrun') into the mix.

        • @tori:

          So I can spend $274 on a premium ice-cream maker and still not get great results?

          Goodbye dreams of homemade lindor white choc and raspberry baked cheesecake ice-cream, I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I'll be buying 15 litres of Ben and Jerry's with the money instead.

        • @mgowen:
          It only makes a litre ice cream per churn, which in my family means it doesnt even make it to the freezer. And that's the beauty about having a compressor model as you can make icecream on demand.
          The other added benefit of homemade icecream is that you know exactly what's in it. I once read an article about all the nasty chemicals and addictives in commercial icecream and it really freaked me out.

        • @mgowen:

          I was wondering this. Its quite a lot of money to spend on ice cream. I really like the idea of making it though!

    • I used to have this problem with mine but I found that if I keep it in the machine longer until the mixture is very thick (to the point it starts sticking around the bowl in soft chunks), the ice cream freezes much softer and is a pleasure to enjoy later.

  • I got a sunbeam Gelateria ice cream maker and it does the same. Newly ice cream done is great but once frozen, it is hard.

    Thanks Tori. I haven't tried the alcohol or whip cream method. A lot of recipes I got didn't have whip cream. I will try one day to use alcohol and see how soft it gets once frozen.

  • Really tempting!

    Is this a 'use once or twice' thing though like a bread maker?!

    • Generally I would say yes unless you are very passionate about making ice cream.

    • Yep. You lose the passion after you realise that you're paying more for the ingredients than what you would pay for the finished product. Just like a bread maker really.

  • have had 'bowl in the freezer' types before which we never used much due to needing to plan ahead with the bowl in the freezer (plus they never made very solid ice cream due to warming up as it was being made)

    time for an impulse buy upgrade :)

  • Dammit I've been so good for the last 2 months avoiding ozb like the plague. I wonder if there is a deal on a bandwagon cause I'm back on. Good deal :|

  • sweet cool deal

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    If your ice-cream is hard after freezing you are doing something wrong most likely
    1) Not using high enough fat cream
    2) Not using enough sugar
    3) Not using high enough setting - the longer settings add more air, I found gelato > ice cream settings to both freeze well.

    Both of those things make ice cream scoopable. I've made salted caramel in this and choc orange, and neither have been excessively hard even a week after freezing. Keep in mind the less air the richer the ice cream tastes, so you don't need all that much of it. 1L is really heaps at this strength.

    I did make frozen yoghurt as well though, and that just doesn't work unless straight out of the machine (or defrosted again a little - too little fat/sugar). It set really hard.

    Don't buy this to make easily available premium flavours, while it does make ice cream that is even better than the premium commercial brands, it's not really worth it unless you want to do something special. I've had one for about 18 months and only used it about 9-10 times. Not because I wouldn't use it more, but more because it's an evil machine that makes this too easy. I made an apple crumble one and a cookies and cream one back to back in the same afternoon once, no re-freezing pain necessary.

  • Bought one, going to Japan soon so I will be bringing a suitcase full of green tea powder home with me. Can't wait to eat so much homemade matcha ice cream!

  • This or the Cuisinart one is better?

    • Hmm, that one is $389 delivered, 1.5L though, not sure you'd need to make that much at a time? I'd go with this brand.

  • I've had an ice cream maker at home since I was a kid that I have never seen used before (and I don't know if it even works) but I want to get this one.

  • Here's a little tip to stop any ice cream getting rock solid in the freezer. Put the tub in a large zip / resealable bag and zip it up. Ice cream will scoop out nicely.

  • Just picked up my machine from Myers and the sales person was even nice enough to give the myhome $15 discount when I showed him the online price. First batch of ice cream is being made right this moment and the first flavour is because of all this talk about durian on ozbargain :)

  • Mine arrived, with bonus remnants of xmas wrapping. Going in store next time.

  • anyone got a good recipe for green tea ice cream? :)

  • They have the icecream maker back in stock! Have been delayed a whole week of getting to try making some chilli ice cream!

    The coupon code is still working as well!

  • I remember my old cheap bowl type machine ended up being a full time frozen coke maker. Could be dangerous having one of these in the house :)

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