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Premium Dog Treat & Toy Parcel, $64.99 with $15 Discount, Shipping Only $10 from "Pet Parcels"


Great News our Popular Organic and Free Range Dog Treat with Toys Parcel is available with $15 off the current price.
Hurry while stock lasts!

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Pet Parcels

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  • Forget the dogs …anything for cats ?

  • The Premium Dog Treat & Toy Parcel sounds good.
    But I don't have a Premium Dog :(

    Do you have any mongrel dog treats for about 5 bucks inc shipping? :)

  • I didn't know "free range" lamb was a thing. Aren't they pretty much all pasture raised? Is there such a thing as cage or barn confined lamb? And why not calll the kangaroo treats "really free range"?

  • +1 vote

    Looking at the items, I reckon it's probably worth around $20

  • Human grade product

    Does that mean it is suitable for human consumption or that it is soylent green?

    We can also provide peace of mind in regards to the animals having been treated humanely in the processing of all our meats.

    So you guarantee that you only kill male roos instantly with a head or heart shot? No female and young are ever shot? No blunt force or decapitation is ever required?

  • Surely in this day and age you could include shipping in the price given Australia wide shipping is easy enough to lock down.