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Samsung Service Day $55 Phone Screen Replacements - Selected Models - NSW/VIC (First 50 at Each Store)


So I was listening to the radio this morning and heard there is a service day going on at all the Samsung experience stores Sydney George Street store and the 2 stores in Melbourne High point and Melbourne Central they are doing screen replacements for $55 I could not believe it so went to the Samsung site to see if this was true and it is. So if you have a phone with a damaged screen go for it.

Eligible products:

  • Galaxy S3 [GT-I9300]
  • Galaxy S4 [GT-I9505]
  • Galaxy S5 [SM-G900i]
  • Note 2 [GT-N7105]
  • Note 3 [SM-N9005]
  • Note 4 [SM-N910G]
  • Note 4 Edge [SM-N915G]

Stores (first 50 claimants at each store):


  • Sydney Samsung Experience Store, 450 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000


  • Highpoint Samsung Experience Store, Level 2, Highpoint Shopping Centre, 120-200 Rosamond Road, Maribyrnong, VIC 3032
  • Melbourne Central Samsung Experience Store, Level 2, Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, 211 La Trobe Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

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    only certain models

    "Participating Product" means any one of the following Samsung products: Galaxy S3 [GT-I9300]; Galaxy S4 [GTI9505]; Galaxy S5 [SM-G900i]; Note 2 [GT-N7105]; Note 3 [SM-N9005]; Note 4 [SM-N910G]; and Note 4 Edge [SMN915G];

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      also only for the first 50 people

      1. To receive a Screen Replacement, a claimant must, during the Offer Period:
        (a) be one of the first fifty (50) claimants to attend the SES Store and deliver their Participating Product to a
        Samsung representative
  • Good deal Thanks op!

  • Given how many Xperia screens have cracked for no reason, including my one, Sony is the one who should be doing this!

    • +1

      I had some luck having a self-shattering Z Ultra replaced under warranty ~18 months back, might be worth the call :)

      • Already tried… there are other faults on the phone, the USB flap failed and the wet strip in there is pink plus the power button does not work anymore either (turns on with Volume up and used a widget to turn it off) … both of those other two issues were there over a year before the screen went crack.

        Moved to a Lumia 735 now which has been a good experience so far.

        • Share the pain. I had lots of earpiece/loudspeaker issues, got rid of it after 3 months.

  • For some reason my brain was associating this was Samsung TVs. I was thinking this is one hell of a niche deal.

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      yet still better than free wifi deals…

  • +3

    Time to source broken phones on Gumtree for people from Sydney and Melbourne. :) I think one can easily make $200 if they could find a s5/s6 or Note 4/4 Edge…

    • +5

      Not if you're not one of the first 50 to claim.

  • Unfortunately not Brisbane… girl dropped her Edge 2 days ago :(

    • Out of curiosity how much os a edge screen to replace?

  • +2

    i had worst customer service with this brand last year with my S3.

    so i gave it up and will never touch anything from this brand.

    Good luck

    • -6

      If ya want customer service you go for Apple, if you want awesome hardware you choose one of the Android Manufacturers.

      • -3

        Apple makes awesome hardware. It's their software and prices that are undesirable IMHO. Also, every second iPhone I see has a cracked screen so they should do this too.

        • +2

          Allot of people like the ios (maybe not 8 though)

          I worked in mobile sales for a long time and I would recommend windows android and ios depending on customer needs..

          Each have their own merit..

          Im not saying blindly purchase a apple but value is in the eye of the beholder. Almost every apple user had heard that line before yet still buy it?

          P. S. I have a nexus 6 =)

          Allot more power than I need but I upgrade phones every 3 years or so

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      Last year my wife dropped her week old Note 3 and cracked the digitizer, when I took it to the Samsung service center in Nunawading the girl looked the phone then smiled and offered me a brand new phone as a replacement.

      Good luck

  • Anybody know if they have exhausted their stock yet? lol.

  • I got a GS3 hoping I can get it fixed. Doubt the 50 last long enough

    • Got a feeling they already exhausted the 50 lol. it started at 10AM and only goes for today.

      • Lol you are probably right. Would have gone by now

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    Jeez 50, bit cheap for a giant multinational. They're not even doing it for free you have to pay! What a joke.

    • +3

      Better than Apple who charges you $200-300 to replace a screen haha.

      • +1

        Oh yeah, like I'm not oblivious to the fact that it's a good price, but the fact that it's limited to only 50 per store completely deflates the gesture for me.

      • i think that number is more like $300-450 based on the newest iphone 6/6+

  • +1

    They are not hard to replace, it just takes time and patience.
    I learnt watching youtube and have done 5 now.
    But $55.00 is cheap considering it takes me a few hours.

    • +3

      $55 which includes the screen + installation is cheap.
      For the models listed above, pretty much all of them the replacement screen alone is $100+

      • +1

        Ok, yeah I was thinking it was the glass only, but lcd replacement as well is awesome.

        • I'm pretty sure it is for both, as those screens & lcd now are fused together, no real easy way to remove them as the chance of cracking the lcd screen is so high.

    • +1

      Only the glass is broken on my GS3. But I heard the entire LCD has to be replaced because it's one piece.

      Not sure how you can get it done yourself.

      If the whole piece itself is like$200-$250 this is a good deal if so. Any pointers?

      • +3

        You can do it if you are handy, that was my point. I have removed the glass only on two S3 and three S4.
        Glass screens are a few dollars on ebay.
        Look on youtube, this one is good - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE0L7VZUzlE
        I don't even use a hair dryer now, just the warmth in my fingers, pick the glass off small bits at a time with a razor blade. The more it is cracked the easier it is.

    • "They are not hard to replace, it just takes time and patience….."

      ….and expensive hardware.

      Once I buy the screen & glass, I may-aswell pay the small amount extra to have a pro fit it, with warranty.

  • The galaxy note edge screen replacement is very good value. The special curved screens retail for over $200 alone. (But not in any need for one yet). I wonder if they can fix my note 3's proximity sensor for cheap?

  • Just getting my s5 screen replaced. Offer seems still avail at sydney store.
    Mad timing thanks OP.

  • -1

    my 2-yo-note 3 has a minor scratch, so i don't need to replace. @@

  • It's a nice little promotion but really they should advertise a certain fixed everyday price without a limited quantity and available Australia-wide including by post.

  • what is the normal price ?

    • +1

      Replacement screens sell for about $2-300. Samsung only sells the whole screen unit afaik, like the gorilla glass and the oled loca glued together, not gorilla glass by itself.

  • Thanks OP, just got them to replace a S3 4G (I9305) even though its not listed as eligible. I guess its the same screen as the I9300. It looks like they are willing to do this deal until they run out of parts or until the end of the day. Must be well over the 50 quota by now.

  • +1

    Had my Note 3 screen replaced at the Sydney experience store. Waited for about an hour, maybe less. Great service all in all, took home some freebies too like mouse pad and a 2gb usb drive.Thanks for the heads up OP!

  • -1

    Damn is this just for today?

  • +3

    If you went and did this yourself you would be up for $100-200 just for parts and the inside of the phone is very delicate and cramped with tiny plugs to pull out. Those spare screens on ebay aren't genuine either so they would scratch up pretty easily. $55 for parts and labour is dirt cheap, I only wish this was in QLD too.

  • Lol that didn't last long

  • +1

    I find it pretty hilarious that their idea of doing a marketing promotion is to give the first 50 customers a discounted screen replacement. I mean Samsung is a multi-billion dollar global business, not some small corner store. If you're going to limit it to the first 50 customers for one day only, at least do it for free. And in addition, this is a promotion aimed at people who already have a broken Samsung product. Imagine being the customer that went to the store and waited in line, but found out they were 51st. Now you've got a broken phone and wasted your morning. The entire purpose of the promotion is to change your tarnished perception of Samsung, but now you'd feel doubly bad about the brand. Dunno who thought this promotion up, but it's classic Samsung :p

    • I agree 50 is too less.

      Hell if there's a LG or Xiaomi store I would not hesitate to go to those instead of shocking Samsung.

      They are both better products and value of money than poor quality from Samsung galaxies

      • Yeah agreed. But a few conmenters have mentioned that they think more than 50 were performed at each outlet… Possibly just covering how many the techs could do at the very least in a day?

  • +3

    Went into the store at about 4pm and got my S5 screen replaced within about 30-45mins. Got my phone back and it's good as new. They were still accepting up until the last few mins until 5pm! Thanks OP and SES Sydney.

  • Thanks OP!

    I am not sure why they updated my software though. When I came home, I need to set up my phone wifi connection again!

    They did ask for my password for the phone.

    The screen is replaced perfectly but I am not happy that they updated my operating system.

    Anyone can shed light on this?

    • +1

      I can't say anything about the os but when I replaced the battery in my nexus 5 I had to retype the WiFi passwords again. It's a weird one but it happened every time I replaced the battery ( and more specifically disconnected the aerial connections).

  • Anyone know where i can fix my rear camera glass protector on note 4

  • Great deal, but I missed it. I was in the Samsung store today in Sydney, spoke to a rep, showed him my cracked S4 screen, and he tried to sell me a new phone. If only I'd known, I would have taken this up! At least I had a free cupcake and entered a prize draw for a tablet. Any Samsung rep willing to honour it again for Sunday please?

  • Went in today and the rep said one day only - maybe other can have better luck

  • +1

    would have been worth the 2 hr drive to Sydney.

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