This was posted 6 years 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired ALDI Bauhn 46" (116cm) HD LCD TV 1080P 100Hz $1299 - on Sale 19th Nov


On sale 19th November….


3 Year Warrenty
Built-in full HD tuner
100Hz motion compensating
Less than 1W standby power consumption

+ Aldi's 60 day return policy

For those interested in the Bauhn OSD (past Bauhn models have used a standardised layout), a brief video of the 42" Bauhn can be found here:

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    Not the best Aldi deal. Doesn't beat that $999 42" everyone went crazy about a while back.

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      Yeah, but the three-per-store they evidently allocated then sold out statewide in 10mins the local Aldi staff told me, they said there were arguments and fist-fights in plenty of stores over it. Pitiful!

      I've never seen a 46" 100hz LCD TV at anything like this price, I'll be happy if anyone can point me to a better, or even similar, deal! ;)

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        yeah that is a problem, but some aldis do actually take down names and call you back when they get more. however you cant call up aldis to check which one have any left or anything like that, which is the hard part, searching.

        but with that said, 1300 bucks for a 46inch fullHD LCD advertised price, no negotiating or anything like that, no ebaying unwanted items, and 60 day return policy….not bad…but sadly im not in the market.


    Sony W series is 100HZ. 46 inch you can get it for around 1800- 1850, the difference is a free PS3, probably worth $450. Both are offering 3 years warranty. So you can do your sums and make a judgment. Sony for around $1400 or Bauhn (Aldi) for $1300.

    For those of you wondering I bought a Sony WE5 46 on Sunday for $1840 from Retravision in Mount Waverley.

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      PS3 would be worthless to many, and eBay will soon be flooded with people trying to offload these value added units…I guarantee they'll never see anything like $450 for them either! ;)


      can u please scan your purchase bill. so we can use it for price matching. thanks

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    I would rather buy SONY KDL46W5500 for $1800 with 3 years warranty & PS3.
    In fact, I bought KDL46Z5500 with 3 years warranty & PS3 arrived today.

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    It's decent but is overshadowed by all the other deals

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      Such as?

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        SONY - Free PS3 with selected LCDS + 3 years extra warranty
        LG - Free LCD tv with selected LCDS
        SAMSUNG - Free LCD with selected LCDS
        SHARP - Free Xbox pack with selected LCDS
        PANASONIC - Choice of 3 gifts with most full HD Plasmas

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          "value added" junk doesn't count, how's about some real prices?


            "junk" is very subjective indeed.

            I've put down a deposit for a Panasonic 46g10 plasma + extended warranty to 5 years for $1800.

            Sure it's $500 more, but I get 2 years extra warranty and a Home Theatre system that I may keep OR SELL.

            If I decide to sell the Home Theatre for $500 (will likely be more), I've bettered the Aldi deal.

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              Right, first you are talking about two different technologies, you are citing a plasma, this is an LCD, compare apples with apples Donny! And FWIW I wouldn't buy a plasma these days, LCD has well and truly caught up, and in some areas has always surpassed it, fact! ;)

              Second, if you are happy to delude yourself into thinking you are getting value for money paying more for completely different tech and getting a console or some other "bonus" that you very well may not need and still have to risk on-selling at realistically less than the value add then more power to ya matey, let us know how that works out for ya! ;)

              Again, when you have a better deal FOR AN OUTRIGHT PURCHASE on a 46" LCD 100hz TV, please let us know! Value adding is for suckers mostly, use your commonsense, there's a great reason why they do it! Unless you absolutely want BOTH items, you're just fooling yourself! :)


                Stewballs, is it really comparing apples to oranges here? They're both flat screen TVs aren't they? You could easily substitute 'Plasma' and 'LCD' when looking at the prices as they've both fallen to a similar level. Sure, the technology used is different, but the end result is much the same. BTW, where has LCD surpassed Plasma? All I can think of is eye bleeding brightness, lower power consumption and artificial image smoothing.

                It's a bit harsh to say that I'm deluding myself, but yes the promotions are about giving away things that people might not need. But what if people genuinely want the items? People are essentially getting something for nothing on top of a TV that they were already going to get. You're kidding yourself if that isn't value. The risk of on-selling will have to be carefully gauged by the buyer, but if they're successful even selling the item at below it's value, they've earned themselves a nice chunk of discount off the price they paid on their TV.

                I will admit that in all probability, it isn't possible to buy a 46" LCD outright for $1299.

                However, I'll bet that there will be a lot of people who will miss out on this ALDI deal.

                EDIT: Which "two items" are you talking about?

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                  Yeah, it really isn't a fair comparison dude, very different tech, prices and target market IME. Plus, stick an LCD and plasma in an even slightly bright room and you'll see a big difference, as others have noted here. I simply could not have a plasma in my living room for daytime viewing (shiftworker), it's quite bright.

                  Yeah, probably a bit harsh, sorry! I'm a firm believer in buying what you need, not just accepting a bonus with an arbitrary value that I don't need. However, as you say, if you really did want that second item anyway, then yes, that is a whole new kettle of fish! ;)

                  "I will admit that in all probability, it isn’t possible to buy a 46” LCD outright for $1299."

                  Thanks, that was the only point I was trying to make, I think we're pretty much on the same page now! ;)

                  One thing we can agree on, you're right, a lotta cranky folks are gonna be missing out come next Thursday! :)

                  Re your edit: The TV and the "insert VA item here"! ;)


                    yeah i was gonna mention the different tech thing last night but didnt want to get in the middle of all this, but i got to throw out there..that my little cousin has a 50inch samsung plasma which they bought about a month ago for around 1800 bucks and they play games on it which have still borders, and i got to say… matters…im not saying his not an idiot….but yeah….technology matters…some pretty bad burn ins…

                    but yeah apart from that…great tv….i think i might have saw it in the paper today for just under 2k with a "value added bonus" prolly a tv….and prolly jb but i was just skimming it….

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            Sony, LG, Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic all FULLHD Tvs. These are Value added "junk"????

            Unless the TV is just a HD Tv compared to a FULLHD 1080P TV, then they are "Junk".

            Mate do some homework.


              Anybody who bought a plasma over an LCD for use in a bright room did not better the LCD deal.


                This is your Captain speaking.
                OK guys,, it's time to take a deep breath and cool it thanks.
                We mod's don't like having to come along and remove inflammatory comments.
                Let's all play nicely and keep it civil - end of.
                Make It So.


                  Hehe, I thought that was civil! ;)

                  No probs TEGH! :)

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    I'm confused, I had a look and this TV is a lot cheaper then everything else out there.

    Can someone provide links to TV's that are similar spec at a similar price?

    All the TV's i'm finding are $2000+ for 46" 1080p


      Same here, I think some folks are confusing a "value added" PS3 with retail price…I'd rather see a commensurate price drop then you have the option of buying a PS3 if you really want one! ;)

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        You can sell the PS3.

        Check out this dtvforum thread for prices:

        You will have to talk to the sales people to get a deal however, they don't advertise those crazy prices.


          I've never seen anyone on-sell value added merchandise for the "retail" value of the VA, despite grandiose plans; but if you reckon you can do it, go for it! Nobody wants to pay full retail for it! Would you, seriously? ;)

          On the other hand, I've bought a couple of brand spanking "bonus" items off folks over the years for used price, so I can't whine about the phenomenon! :)


            Are you mad? Of course no one is going to buy your item at the "retail" rrp price. You will be making a "loss" in a way, but the price you get will still be substantial and is definitely better than nothing.


              Yes, you're right, you'll recoup some value, just not the VA price; which has been the crux of my contention all along. ;)

              I'd rather avoid the hassle entirely, that's why I maintain I'd much rather have the equivalent price reduction at the point of sale! :)

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    they always have really bad contrast ratios too

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    krchiu, where are you finding the 46" tvs for $1800??

    I'm with samfisher on this .. The cheapest I could find them for was around $2k

    I did see a 40" going for $1540 but then it went up in price by $200 yesterday so if i can pay an extra $100 and get an extra 6" on the tv … why not ..

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      JB Online had the Sony W 46" series for $1840 last week, however, they have since jacked there prices back up to $1999 and are currently out of stock. I gather that was the price point people were using to "price match" in local store.

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      I bought Sony 46 WE5 series for $1840 from Retravision Mount Waverley on this Sunday. They had three more tvs left at that time in WE5 series plus few in the cheaper W series. JB Hifi Dandenong offered $1840 for the W series, but no stock and wanted all the deposit upfront. I declined. JB HiFi Southland offered $1800 for W series on Friday, but played dirty, thinking there's is the best offer on Saturday jacked up there offer to $1900. Obliviously we did the right thing and walked out. Clive Anthony (a JB Hifi group store - only store in Victoria at Frankston) had stock and had offered $1871 on the phone. Clive Peeters Moorabbin had offered $1900.

      So, don't go by the advertised price. Do some research, look up the tread on whirpool forum. It helps when the retailer knows that you have done your research and are a serious buyer.

      Best of luck.

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      Cereal, it's all about research & timing I would say.
      I did my research on both DTVForum & Whirlpool forum.
      I bought my KDL46Z5500 for $2067 @DSE and the ticket price was $2992.
      As Spal said, just ignore the ticket price & "cost price" things…and hay he has done all the hard work for you guys…
      Let me share my experience… initially I was after a KDL40W5500, did the research and find out best deal at that time was $1680 with 2 yrs extended warranty (5 yrs in total). So I went into a JB store (first try) just to try my luck / shape my skill. I said "I'm interested in this TV, and I know another JB store sold it for $1680 with 2 yrs EW. Just that your store is much closer, can you give me the same deal". He then went to talk to the "manager" after the PDA thing, came back in 2 mins said we can do it. But unfortunate (I feel fortunate later on) it was out of stock, so I put down deposit to seal the deal. Wow I was overwhelmed with the great success, first attempt without even a scan of the other receipt and the ticket price was $1997…

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        Re. The W Series 46"

        Just visited my local Good Guys here in Syd …. Offered $1840 for the W 46"….showed them a few forum discussions (on my phone)regarding prices etc ……sales person went and did the PDA thing, the manager thing, and said sorry, the pricing of the last few weeks has changed…..we can't even come close to that! No counter offer was made. They even had at least a dozen of the 46" W sitting in boxes on the shop floor.

        So perhaps they are right, prices have gone up!

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    this isn't a bad tv, I had the 42 version of aldi and a sony 46 full hd + now i have 50 panasonic plasma and i can tell you the aldi lcd is as clear as sony and lcd both more clear than plasma. Good thing about plasma is the colours r better

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    Aldi products are generally good and are reasonably priced. However, off late the consumer electronic market has taken a nose dive on prices. This has left the Aldi offer not very tempting. However, anyone not interested in the add-ons or the value packs could try this one out. Aldi's 60 day moneyback policy is great. I have used it many times, no questions asked. Just remember to pack everything back properly and hang on to your receipt. No receipt, would more than likely mean no refund.

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    Problem with the Aldi deals is that you have to be at the store bright and early on the day of release to even secure one. Sonys are available at most major retailers (free PS3 deals makes it attractive!)

    But dealing at JB? Mileage varys. They sales people always take out their little PDA, punch in some numbers (looking rather serious while doing this) and the proceed to give you a price and some BS like, 'Oh, we're selling at cost.' or 'Oh, we're only making $15 dollars on this unit?' Really? What a way to do business.


      Hahaha…it's true about the PDAs.



      A tip at shopping in Aldi, go there on Wed evening, stock is already laid out and you get the same offer pricing.

      It might be too late to try out now. However, from my experience expensive things like a 46 inch lcd should not be sold so soon. This is not Myer's Boxing day sale mate.


    While I'm usually an Aldi fan because of the 60 day money back offer, this TV would really need to be at the $999 to be a "bargain" in my mind. As others have already stated there are so many good deals available atm for established brands that buying an Aldi brand TV seems not to be a good deal at $1299


      Well take a punt and wait. If it is not a great deal, in few weeks Aldi would put the unsold stocks on a clearance price. You could pick it up at that time. I have see this happening all the time. I think something is a good value, I buy and come in few weeks all unsold stock is available for a lot less price.

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        I'm not sure how likely that is though, everyone's been saying that all the stock from the previous TV sales were sold shortly after opening time.

        But who knows, maybe everyone's gotten sick of the Aldi rush lol.

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    I can personally vouch for ALDI tv's, the "Vivid" branded one I have at home (32", 720p) is a Samsung panel and I like it a lot.
    As others have said though, this deal is not as spectacular when there are other great deals on the line.

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    OK i want one - or one of the Sony 46" LCD's with a free PS3.

    Now to find the best price on the Sony.


      And if you are rushing, go get the Aldi one first, use it for few weeks, how about after Christmas get a Sony and get money back from Aldi:S


    Just picked up one today for 899$. Will comment on PQ and stuff when it arrives here :D

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    there is one of these available at the Southport Park Aldi Ferry Rd on the Gold Coast for $799 if anyone is interested!

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