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PS 3 Guitar Hero WT Bundle (Guitar + Game) $44 at Dick Smith St Leonards [SOLD OUT]


My 2'nd post here..

[SOLD OUT] Guitar Hero World Tour Bundle (Guitar + Game) -> $44,- at Dick Smith St Leonards

For PlayStation 3

Normally $88,-


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  • is this just for the PS3 version? or XBox 360 and Wii as well?

  • just rang store in WA, they quoted me $199 for the same thing!!


  • Strange, the DSE tag says (Solo Guitar). are we sure game included?
    my bad, yes, its a game and guitar bundle, just checked in DSE online
    great bargain!

  • I rang 3 DSE in WA - Won't match it

    • so much for the sick smith price guarantee ROFL!

      they won't even match their own stores? lol!

      thanks a lot Dick lol!

  • you'll be hard pressed to get this price-matched anywhere since it is clearly marked "Clarence" item and most price guarantee clauses specifically make mention of NOT matching clearance lines.

  • Grabbed the last one. All stock now gone.

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      So you read this deal, travelled to the store, parked, purchased the last one, travelled home again and posted your note all within 1 hour and 32 minutes? And that's assuming you read the deal the exact moment it was published…. Hmmmm…. Or do you just want people to think you grabbed the last one? :o)


        he just doesn't want to be in the queue of 50000 Ozbargainers at the one DSE branch.

      • Maybe he works in the area and walked down at lunch? I'm sure some people live closer than 45 mins to a Dick Smiths store.

      • some people have what we call Cars and phones with internet support lol!

        welcome to the 20th century!