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Getflix 40% Discount off RRP (Easter Special) or 49% Discount off RRP with Facebook like


Got an email from GetFlix just now -

Happy Easter!

We’d like to wish you all "Happy Easter" – this Easter you can enjoy delicious chocolate, yummy hot-cross buns and limitless hours of streaming goodness thanks to Getflix and our HUGE annual subscription savings!

Here is the deal… up until Easter, enjoy 15% OFF with our Facebook discount PLUS 40% OFF our annual subscription. Be quick though, this offer ends just after Easter.


To claim this special offer, simply login to your Getflix account and go to the "Subscription" section here: https://www.getflix.com.au/manage/subscription

Click on Like Facebook to activate your 15% Facebook discount. Then click on the "Promo Code" tab and enter the code EASTER40 to claim your additional 40% annual discount.

Once the code has been applied you can subscribe for 12 months using either PayPal or your credit card!

And you’re done! So wait no further and start your Getflix experience now.
Happy Easter Everyone!

Used it on my mum's account, and it offered the discount just fine - so doesn't appear to be targeted.

I swapped across to these guys during the last special, from unblock.us. I find the service exceptional, and granular control of the DNS for each streaming service is fantastic.

Getflix supported Netflix AUS/NZ launch on the same day, and even have a DNS override so that the traffic doesn't go overseas for Australian-switched DNS (ie watching local Netflix for example, on an unmetered ISP eg Optus/iiNet).

Their support is great too. They have lots of support pages.

Pricing for the annual plan is usually AUS$37.92. Discounted price should be AUS$24.19 with Facebook-like.
(thanks to thelute for the mathematics correction!)

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    what is getflix?

    • +1

      allows u to access foreign netflix/services

    • DNS service which lets you change the region some services believe you are in so you can access different content e.g. Netflix.

    • +5

      Getflix allows users from Australia, New Zealand and all over the world to easily access global video and music streaming services.

      Literally the first sentence on their website. Surely it's easier and quick to look for yourself, rather than expecting others to personally explain it to you? I don't get people.

      • 5 votes down. 5 votes up.

        Fight! Fight! Fight!

  • How goes Getflix compare to Unblock-us?

    At this price I should consider moving…

  • +2

    So how much is it with the discount, and how much is it usually?

    • I'll update the post with this info in a minute or two - just a sec!

      • Cool, thanks :-)

  • the site under pricing has a "20% off" is it 55% on top of this? or 55% off the full price?

    • 55% off that 20% off price.

      The 20% off is basically their discount for using an annual plan.

    • +1

      12 months is ~$26 AUD with all discounts applied.

      I signed up with the same promo a few months back (albeit not easter themed), it's a great service no problem at streaming full HD content.

      • Ended up with 24.19 usd for annual which equates to about $31 aud, guess the promo isnt as good with the worse off aud.

        • NB: getflix pricing is all in AUS$

        • @warwickjames:

          No it isn't

        • @Doggins:

          Mine is in AUS$. Why isn't yours? Are you in Australia?

        • +1


          Replying to my own comment -

          Actually I stand corrected, sir! Thanks!

          I notice now the pricing page is all in USD, but the subscription page is in AUS$.

  • +1

    For some reason I'm seeing these prices after the discount and FB like.

    1 month - USD $3.36
    3 months - USD $9.58 (5% discount)
    6 months - USD $18.14 (10% discount)
    12 months - USD $24.19 (40% discount)

    Anyone else getting this?

    • I'm actually getting the same on my account, when renewing again. I've contacted support about it.

      Still a good deal, but I'd like it to be under $20 :)

    • 12 months - USD $24.19 (40% discount)

      i got the same after both discounts.

  • +1

    So with facebook 'like' the reduced (additional 15% off) price is $19.34

    • yay! that's a better price. Maybe it makes a difference when you're a new customer?

  • I'm a new customer but the discounts are not stacking, only 40% total

    • Yep, definitely for me and others, the Facebook-like discount isn't sticking in the checkout. For others, it is. Support tells me the Facebook-like discount is one-off, but that isn't right, as their page says 'lifetime discount'.

  • Mine is showing $24.19 USD too. That's not even 40% off the $37.92 USD and I've applied the Facebook discount as well.
    Even if it's not including the Facebook discount it should be $22.75

    • The prices are not in USD. They are in AUS$. I'm finding the discount is more like 39%, but my maths sucks…

      (still better than 20%, and considerably cheaper than unblock.us for a better service - but that's a forum debate if anything)

      • I'm a new sign up and the discounts aren't stacking for me. Although it says they have been applied

  • How is this different to uflix? Which is cheaper (assuming it's the same product). I'm unsure.

    • +1

      Getflix has a lot more countries and supports more services. uflix is really only netflix, hulu and bbc iPlayer and US, UK, AU and Germany.

    • +1

      also uflix are new and in my experience hasn't been as reliable as Getflix (bought uflix 12 month last week and now trialling Getfix)
      I'm working with their support so hopefully its just teething issues

  • Wow. So when did Getflix change over to $US? Was $A a month or so ago, and at parity pricing as well!!
    eg. Monthly (after FB discount) used to be A$3.36, not US$3.36!!
    I paid A$24.19 for the yearly subs with the Valentines Day "40% off" promo.

    That's a sneaky price rise. :-S

    • -2

      It's NOT in USD!!

      • +1

        yes it is

      • You keep saying that, but on their website under the Subscription Terms, it shows

        1 month - USD $3.36
        3 months - USD $9.58 (5% discount)
        6 months - USD $18.14 (10% discount)
        12 months - USD $24.19 (40% discount)

        • Yep, I stand corrected. The pricing page is in USD, but under the manage sub it is in AUS$. How's that for crazy?

        • @warwickjames: Could be 'cos you have an existing account? Maybe all new subs will be charged in $US?
          (Like I said, a price increase by stealth!! :-( )

        • @warwickjames:

          This makes a difference because if it's in $US and I pay by paypal, I get charged currency conversion by paypal AND by ING (total ripoff).

          So I paid by Debit Card and the $US$24.19 worked out to be $AU31.26 (plus whatever currency conversion ING will charge)

        • @starionx: How can you get charged a AUD to AUD conversion fee??

          USD -> AUD fee involved
          No more conversions possible/required.

        • @Utopian:
          I know this, but apparently ING don't. I remember calling them about it, and they were trying to convince me that the charge wasn't for currency conversion, rather the fact that the original transaction was made overseas, and the charge related to that. After arguing for 30 minutes, I just gave up as it was only for $1 or so.

        • @starionx: Saw this article on "dynamic currency conversion" (DCC). Could it be that?

          Sounds similar…

        • @Linkwick:
          You might be right. Since I chose to pay in $AU in paypal at the time, it sounds exactly like what that article discusses.
          I guess the moral to the story is to always pay in the oseas currency when using paypal.

        • +1


          Yep, also paypal conversion rates are awful.

          I thought ING currency conversion rates were supposed to be quite good (no mark-ups from the visa global conversion rates? Similar to 28d Mastercard rates I think).

          This was based on my research for best ways of making cash withdrawals OS, I found ING gave good visa currency conversion rates (albeit with a one-time $2.50 charge per ATO withdrawal, which can be avoided by other debit cards like citibank plus)

        • -1

          Okayyyy… so the real moral to the story is - don't use paypal for oseas transactions. ;)

        • @starionx: Nope. PayPal is fine… in original currency.

        • @Utopian:
          I give up… lol

        • @starionx: It's not hard to comprehend. You chose to have Paypal bill in AUD, not USD. That was the start of the problem. The DCC (which is insane daylight robbery) part wouldn't have happened in USD. ING would've done the USD-AUD conversion… one fee.

        • @Utopian:
          "…It's not hard to comprehend…"

          Neither is subtle humour.

      • I can see $US on "Pricing" page. Chromium says they appeared that way for him. Kaboose & Kurichigo both mention it's not.
        Can you double-check your charged cr card (or Paypal auto-subscription)? It won't display pricing when logged in unless I cancel my current Paypal one, & I'm not doing that to check a price. :-)

  • +3

    From a previous Australia Day post:

    rystyle7 on 24/01/2015 - 09:44

    Figured it out everyone.

    Full 12 month price: $47.40
    15% discount: 47.40 * 0.85 = 40.29
    40% discount: 40.29 * 0.60 = 24.174

    Actual price $24.19 (~49% discount)

    So instead of getting the listed 20% discount for 12 month, you are getting 40% off full-price.

    • That makes perfect sense! Thanks for investigating!

    • That makes sense, cheers :)

    • Makes sense

  • You can only use the account on the one household right? Do the have like a family account option? where I can set up my mums and brothers place on my account with Netflix offering 4 streams it would be handy if we could all go region free through getflix

    • Only one IP address per "account".
      You do get a 25% discount for having multiple accounts, but you have to contact them to get it organised.

    • One account per IP address (ie household or mobile broadband).

  • +3

    I have about 2 months left of my 12 month account so decided to pull the trigger and buy another 12 months. Getflix is much cheaper than any other like for like service and works without a hitch. +1 for OP and another for Getflix.

  • +4

    im using dns4me for $$19.42 AUD/yr with facebook discount

    • Can be used in more than one location (up to 3 zones)

    • Custom URL overrides as well as predefined services

    • Host file generator

    • +2

      It doesn't seem to have the same number of channels / services as Getflix, but it is definitely worth a look! If you're only using it for Netflix/Hulu, the dns4me seems like a good deal, especially as you can share it around the family a bit. Thanks for the heads-up! Exciting days for anti-geo-blocking :)

      • dns4me actually supports more netflix regions than Getflix, and supports custom domain overrides so you can add your own services.

    • Thanks for this, i have been looking for quite awhile for a dns service that allows multiple IP addresses,

      You're a life saver! :P

  • How it work. Can it work with Netflix Xbox app?

    • Definitely works for Xbox, AppleTV, Mac, Windows, Wii, iPhone, iPad, Android and WDTV-live, according to support page (https://www.getflix.com.au/setup/overview). I can verify it to work for Windows, and all Apple devices so far. Instructions for XBOX seem easy enough to follow.

    • im not sure as i use my getflix(monthly)/dns4me(yearly) for pc/tablets/smart tv/chromecast.

      they have a trial period…

    • Eveything you need is answered.

      In short, if your device's network settings has an option to change it's DNS setting (I would imagine any internet connected device has) then you can use this service.

  • +4

    These were my sub options with the promo code.
    1 month - AUD $2.45
    3 months - AUD $6.98 (5% discount)
    6 months - AUD $13.23 (10% discount)
    12 months - AUD $17.64 (40% discount)

    • WTF?!
      I feel ripped off!
      $31 is still ok for the service… I guess.

    • I renewed mine for $17.64AU, I had 99 days left so not sure whether that's why I got the cheaper pricing and in AUD.

      Great value IMO. My first 1 year subscription was a voucher that came with a Rockbox media player.

    • You used to get the price when you started subscribing locked in for life I think, not sure if they are still doing that. In other words, with say a 40% discount, you'll get 40% of YOUR base price (which might differ from mine). I believe that's what's happening here :)

    • Me too. Just paid for the next 12 months. It says it will renew in 12 months at the same price. Happy days.

  • +4

    Totally confused on the price now!! Is it charged in AUD or USD?
    Is it AU$24.19 as in post? Is it AU$31.26 as said by starionx? Is it AU$17.64 as said by shink?

    • I don't actually think the pricing shown in my account was calculated correctly. It seemed to have given me 40% off for the 12 months (instead of 20%) and then another 40% off promo.

      Edit: Actually I don't know anymore. Is the annual sub discounted at 40% normally?

      • The annual sub is normally discounted at 20%, per the website pricing page. The US$ pricing page vs the AUS$ subscription renewal page aren't helping matters though…

        I'm pretty happy with 40% off, but the OZB'er in me still wants the full 55%… I've forwarded it to their billing, for a look.

        • There's no 55% off is there?

          I thought that was explained earlier.

    • +1

      I got charged $24.19 USD

      • dam usd and not aud, thats no good

    • +2

      I'm guessing
      - warwickjames is an existing customer who joined before the buyout and is still getting charged AUD
      - starionx is a newer customer who is getting charged USD$24.19 and needs to get a 28 Degrees/Citibank Plus/something that doesn't charge conversion fees
      - shink is an older existing customer who joined before the price increase and is still getting charged the old price
      - I'm getting $13.18 :)

      Most people are going to fall into the starionx category, so expect USD$24.19

      • "Most people are going to fall into the @starionx category, so expect USD$24.19"

        Agreed. Still, it seems a pretty good price. :)

      • Ah yes, that makes sense.

  • Is there A getflix rep in this thread? Every time a promo comes up I can't apply it without canceling my PayPal subscription, why can't I apply or cancel the sub through the website?

    • Hi! Not that we've seen so far. Best you can do is contact their support - they reply very quickly.

      My understanding though is that you do have to cancel your recurring paypal sub, but be aware you cannot renew via paypal if more than 3 months outstanding on account. Mine had 9 months, so I just re-subscribed with credit-card. Worked fine, via the website.

  • +1

    Can anyone advise, if I have another 7 months to go with GetFlix, can I extend it by using this 49% off so it brings it out to 1 year 7 months?

    • Hi!

      I can definitely say it will extend to that term. And that you'll at least get the 40% discount (off the USD annual RRP). Some people are reporting better discounts (ie Facebook discount sticking), whereas others report no extra discount (other than the 40%). YMMV.

    • How would you extend it?
      Since I've now got the 12 month subscription, it no longer gives you an option to extend/buy another subscription.

  • Iam getting the same figure !!! :-(

    Subscription Term
    1 month - USD $3.36
    3 months - USD $9.58 (5% discount)
    6 months - USD $18.14 (10% discount)
    12 months - USD $24.19 (40% discount)
    It say USD

  • So I tried using getflix trial on the weekend to watch the F1 using BBC iPlayer. It was a major lagfest and was unwatchable. Not sure if this was getflix or BBC swamped. Would have bought it if it worked

    • I've used BBC iPlayer on both Getflix and unblock.us. Via both, the service was unwatchable. I'd say this leads to the BBC itself… YMMV

  • Thanks… Up until "Easter", so when does the deal end?

    • The expiry date is mentioned in the original post.

  • Yep they are charging in USD
    contacted support and here is the reply:

    Thank you for the email.

    Yes, our subscription has a default transaction charge to USD but it is automatically converted to any currencies everyone is applying for.

    Please let me know if there is anything further I can do to help :)

    Please provide feedback on my performance with the link at the end of this email.

    Thank You!

    • [Slightly off-topic, but still valid]
      So, as an existing customer, where's the notification of the change of currency type, and will I be rebilled at $US instead of $A?

  • +1

    Plussing for a quality operation and a good deal.

  • I signed up for a free trial when they last had the 40% discount a few months back but never continued and then I signed up with same account for 1 year on the 18th of March and was charged Aud $24.19 plus conversion fee to my ING account.

  • Another plus for Getflix. Works as advertised for a great price and covers all that I use- Netflix, Vudu, and Tidal (Lossless Music Streaming).

  • Quick question, Im currently unmetered with aussie netflix through iinet, will this allow me to access US netflix and i will still be unmetered for both?

    • US Netflix - access yes

      US Netflix - unmetered no :(

      AU Netflix - access yes

      AU Netflix - unmetered not sure - you may have to switch your region from US Netflix to AU Netflix on Getflix to "re-enable" unmetered content

    • 1) it will allow you to access US Netflix (and the many other countries as well, many offering wildly varying content).

      2) no. Non-AUS Netflix will be metered. AUS will not be, if you are with iiNet or Optus (others too?)
      (clarification - if your device is configured with Getflix DNS, you just go into the Getflix portal and select Australia - and 'switch off' the DNS proxy) - which means the traffic stays completely local.

      • The portal has a region option of 'Turn off', separate from 'Australia'. I assume that your Netflix request will get passed through without any chicanery, and then should probably be unmetered?

      1. Yes - you use this to access US Netflix (or whatever region you choose).
      2. No, it won't be unmetered. iiNet is only unmetered for Netflix if you use their default DNS address (i.e. Aussie Netflix). If you use a different DNS address (which is how you get through to the Netflix region you want), it won't go to the right one for iiNet to do it unmetered.
      • Not sure Point 2 is correct.
        I am with Iinet and using GetFlix's Sydney DNS and getting unmettered traffic for Australia Netflix.
        GetFlix is set to Australia for Netflix.

        • Getflix was trying to get data "Aussie" region selection to be sent to Aus Netflix servers. Maybe they succeeded, hence the "unmetered"?

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