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Huawei Ascend Y550 PP $40 after $5 Sign up @ Harvey Norman

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      • gee there are a lot of vodafone starter kits on gumtree!

        i was wondering what to do with mine …

    • how did you do this? it doesn't give me anywhere to put in the paypal coupon

    • Isn't the code only for use on eBay?

      • There was a 'technical glitch' where the code wasn't working. So I wrote into PayPal, and they gave me $10 credit as a goodwill gesture.

        In the meantime, the code finally worked today.

        • Ah good to know. I received the $10 credit and was hoping the code would still work. What to buy on eBay…

  • Signed up for a HN account and got the welcome email, but no $5 code. Where can I sign up for the newsletter that has the code? Thanks!!!

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      Sign up to stay updated
      It only takes 10 seconds and it’s easy to unsubscribe

      Get your $5.00* Voucher now!
      Benefits to enjoy…

      Great competitions and VIP invitations
      Exclusive offers and unbeatable discounts
      Latest products and new season ranges
      Helpful buying guides and Editor’s choices
      Special events at your local Harvey Norman store

      • Thank you, signed up. Let's see how long it takes!

    • ..

      • Didn't get any newsletter or code yet :(

  • Any thoughts on the Telstra phone?

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      It's not bad at all for the price.

      Camera is useless though, pretty bad for a 2MP unit.

  • I NEED to get this deal but my $5 voucher isn't coming through! Sending my Xperia Z3 off for repair in a few days and can't be without a phone for 2 weeks. Anyone have a coupon they haven't used?

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      if you use gmail you can try again with dots in your address like [email protected] gmail recognises it without the dots but websites assume its unique

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      I am waiting for my code as well, but just ordered 3 phones without the code. Don't want to to go out of stock before I place my order, because the site is obviously getting ozbargained…

  • Got another one. Hopefully both will include the $50 sim pack.

    Just waiting for pickup confirmation.

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    Great deal!

    Just be aware that Hardly Normal might be cancelling your order later on. Their pickup stock inventory system doesn't work to well. I remember issues during the telstra starter sim packs.

    • Now you have me scared. Fingers crossed!

      • Both times I've got something from hardly normal from ozb my order has been cancelled. It was the shick blade deal I think. I ordered quite quickly too. I think they don't like it when things get ozbargained.

      • I have just received a tracking number for my order. Yeh!

        • Same here. Finally a successful HN grab :-)

    • yeah they are very dody.
      got a ready to pickup email from them recently then they cancelled it next day with no explanation.
      bet they sold the items to someone else.

  • Just grabbed one. Thanks OP!

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    Bought 2 from Kmart 2 days ago saw this deal didn't even think about it, got dressed up in 2 seconds ran all the way to HN Broadway bought 4 of them then headed to Kmart for refund. Ozbargain I love you. Thanks!!!

  • nvm

  • my bro is using the tempo at the moment. the battery life is really good and it runs stock android 4.4 kitkat. It is quite snappy even with 512 MB RAM, they are using some sort of sorcery!!! The main downside is the camera is quite bad, but its great for browsing, texting and calling, with a sturdy build quality and a good compact size! Worth at least $50 IMO

    • According to some website it's 1 GB of ram and not stock android as it's running Emotion UI 2.3 on top of android.

      • im talking about the ZTE tempo, not the huawei. Huawei uses their skin called emotion

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    Included $50 Vodafone credit from my local HN, can take 30 minutes for the credit to come through. Was in a hurry so had to leave urgently…




    • thanks for the code.ordered one.

    • thanks for the code - BTW all codes are/appear used now

    • Can take 30 minutes for the credit to come through…

      Sorry, meant codes :)

      But yes guys and girls, I hope you enjoyed the codes :)

    • Does the packaging shows the $50 credit. I haven't collected mine.

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        Yes. The phone comes with a $50 Vodafone SIM.

  • Thanks ordered one. No idea what to do with it as I already have 3 phones.

  • anyone have more codes to share? can't seem to get one off their email process. have tried 3x.

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      All your turkz are belong to me :) Will update post ASAP when it comes through.

      Still waiting :( Server is clogged…

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        I don't believe this… still waiting… and now I have to go do some garden work while the lawn is still wet

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          I highly recommend you buy it for $45. Knowing HN they will either run out of stock or even if you get one later they might cancel the order saying that they have no stock left.

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          5 hours for me now……

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          @fryandlaurie: thanks. already did buy one.. was planning on getting two more.

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          it happened to me today. ordered two online and just gave me one. reason: only one left.
          and I got the refund for one.

  • I received a ready to pickup email just now (HN Oxley QLD) Ordered one Y550

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    HN Adelaide City had the y550 as $99. They had to check it on the 'puter. [email protected]'s.

  • Got one although I dont even need lol

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      Ahh the ozbargain paradox. Come here to save money -> proceed to spend more money. Don't worry, I'm in the same boat as you.

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        I'm in the same boat as you.

        This one?

        • Going to put that in my ozbargain dating profile.

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    Cheers got the phone, didn't risk waiting for the code!

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    Price matched at Dick Smith, came with the $50 starter pack too. Cheers OP.

  • Has anyone tried to unlock the phone with any code?

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      Just purchased a code on eBay, haven't received it yet though. I'll update when I receive it.

      • Link please?

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          @Cheap Skate: update: code received and working perfectly.

        • @Cheap Skate: I ordered through these guy's as well, 2hrs for the first code and 5 minutes for the second.

        • thanks for the information @Cheap Skate. Can you please confirm if you are able to access internet using your NON VODAFONE SIM CARD. Previously when I purchased a Telstra locked phone, I had a bitter experience after unlocking phone I couldn't change APNs of any other network other than Telstra.

        • @Cheap Skate: Hi, which code did you use to unlock the phone?

          They provided 4 codes: NCK, NSCK, SPCK and RESET

          EDIT: NVM - I used the NCK and it worked :D

        • @urcpc: cofirmed working the APN's changed automatically from Vodafone to Optus.

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          @Cheap Skate: Received code in 5 mins and worked fine. Thanks Cheap Skate

        • akd:Glad to hear it. :)

      • Me too !

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  • Anyone have spare code? Can I please have it?

  • keep showing "Sorry! There was an unexpected error.
    Please try again." when I tried to sign up newsletter, any idea why?

    • The same here. use another email address. It meens your email is already in the HN's system

      • I only got the code this morning but when I enter the code at cart it shows "Please enter a valid promotional code. Contact us if you need help"
        Does the code need to be use under the same account that subscribed for newsletter?

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          I used code at the checkout from another email. Do not login while ordering. Checkout as a guest , apply the code and then you can pout your own email address. short : do not login with registered email address.

        • @[email protected]:

          Still fail with same error message. Then I read the following on the email
          "To redeem your $5 discount voucher, you must create an account and log in. Minimum order value of $25. Voucher limited to 1 per person. Excludes Harvey Norman & iTunes Gift Cards. "

          Look like must create account?

        • @[email protected]:

          please disregard my earlier comment, now I managed to use the code without login into account

  • davehii ,looks like that email already been used
    try another one.
    i got the same error ,used a different email and i got the code

  • It just offered me free delivery to my home, not sure if they will honour it

  • How long does it take to get the code. I have been waiting over 1 hour :(

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      PM me dude and I'll send you one through.

      • Ordered! Thanks.

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    No love for me here with the HN code.
    Have tried 3 email addresses - total silence.
    Anyone got a spare HN code..?

    • +1

      same. last time i tried was february and the code never arrived (checked today again). tried 3 other emails today and nothing.

      • Be nice if someone out there in the OzB community was to PM me one……:)

        Hey zappa - is your first name Frank?

  • With the original HN deal, does it come with any call credit?
    Placed an order early this afternoon and there's no response from HN yet

    • Mine came with a $50 Vodafone sim, I presume the mainland stock is the same.

      • when's the $50 expiry?

  • So just wondering about the memory on this phone, only 4bg. My old Huawei has only 4gb but I can save everything to sd card. This one is kitkat, so you won't be able to save to sd card.

  • +3

    If anyone was slow off the mark for this phone (like me!), just went to a vodafone store (Broadway) and they are also selling it for $49, including $50sim. Some satisfaction at least…

  • Anyone got spare HN $5 code?
    Failing every time due to error :-(
    Please PM me..

  • +1

    I think perhaps HN turn off the codes if they see people flogging it?
    Been waiting several hours. Tried three addresses, no dice.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed 5, returned 3 to Kmart. Better deal at HN with the $50 cap included, that is if it is of any use to purchaser.

  • Help my urge to buy is waning and I need a coupon!
    I'll pass on the favour if any of mine arrive. So the HN comes with a starter but the one from Kmart does not?

    • Correct, on Kmart it says:




      • Thanks, where did you find that? I can't see it on the page. I don't think Dickies page makes it clear either.

      • did you open up the kmart ones to check? dick smith doesn't advertise the 50 dollar starter pack but it's in there all the same.

        • On the outside of boxes.

        • +2

          @VVV: I checked my dick smith just now and can confirm nothing written on the outside of the box about 50 dollar starter pack (but one inside).

        • @zappa:

          It was on the ad/flyer they send out advertising the price.

        • +1

          @Steptoe: Thanks. I bought a few weeks ago and thought it was a bargain at $79 even before I discovered there was a $50 starter in there :)

        • @zappa:

          You can claim difference on Shopper Protection if your Credit Card has it.

  • BTW does anyone know if this price is part of the Thursday only deals or ongoing?

  • does this phone have nfc? Some say yes, some say no.

  • Does anyone have a spare promo code I can use? No love for me from HN :(