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TorGuard 50% off VPN Service: US $30/Year, Proxy Service US $23.50/Year


TorGuard VPN Lifetime 50% off Discount

Use coupon code: TGLifetime50


VPN Service $4.99/month or $29.99/year
Proxy Service $2.98/month or $23.47/year
Encrypted Email $3.48/month or $24.98/year

New Features:

  • Secure No Logs VPN
  • P2P and Torrent Support
  • OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, and Stealth VPN
  • 1200+ Servers in 44+ Countries
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Speeds
  • Socks5 + http Proxy Access Included w VPN plan
  • Easy to use Apps for any OS
  • FREE 10mb Encrypted Email Account

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  • From their forum staff:

    "btw the torrent site blocks where in error on UK and some parts of USA - we have now removed these from UK and USA locations. But we still don't allow in the following locations: Australia Singapore Japan Brazil Denmark Chicago (Mainly for Hulu Streaming users) New York Regards"


    Has anyone used the service and can confirm this?

    Also PIA VPN: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/189039 $60 for 2 years

    • You're not supposed to use UK or USA endpoints for P2P anyway so I'm not sure why blocking torrent sites on them would even be an issue. The same goes for the Australian servers btw, which is why I've never connected to them.

      If you use P2P you should be going through a server that it's allowed on anyway, I mostly use Sweden or Netherlands servers and I've never had a problem connecting to TPB or KAT on them.

      I don't know why they would be blocked on Australian servers though, I don't have a problem connecting to them when I'm not going through my VPN, so that makes no sense to me.

  • (profanity), I signed up about a week ago at full price, not sure at this point if its just their software or the service but it frequently disconnects and doesn't save my credentials (on windows).

    Works well on Android but is a battery killer
    Haven't tried it on my Apple gear yet.
    Speeds are very average for p2p.

  • They usually have a Black Friday deal at 75% off, but obviously that's a fair way off, and usually requires signing up to VPN, proxy & email services, I don't even use the secure email but it still works out cheaper.

    I'm happy with the service in general, there are disconnects, I personally wouldn't call them frequent, but then I'm only connected when downloading so… Never had a problem with it not remembering my credentials on Windows, it sometimes doesn't accept them if there's a problem with the server, but I just switch to another and I'm usually good to go.

  • this looks like good deal. what would be best/easiest way to pay?

  • Does this work with netflix? to whatch the US shows

    • just use Chrome install and run Hola (Chrome extension)
      seems to work fine and free

  • How does this compare to pia? any logs at all? speed?

  • Just subscribed for a year. Browsing/streaming speed is good (compared to others I used before). Torrenting speed not excellent but acceptable, although i have fibre internet at home so i really notice the difference.

    If anyone are considering between this or the ibVPN deal - I tried ibVPN before, frustrating speed and i get disconnected quite often so i personally will go for Torguard