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Delivery Hero Again. $20 off Total Bill


Another deal again. It's a voucher to those who actually missed out yesterday. So be quick to use! NO MIN ORDER.

Expires 8th April (today) at midnight. But beware, they may end early. So be quick NOW!

Sorry to those who missed out and sorted their dinner plan elsewhere, I know is frustrating, hope history won't repeat.

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  • Thanks a lot OP, 2 noodle boxes for $2 - it's awesome!

  • Won't work on my Chrome browser. Had to use IE to complete transaction.

  • Only working with mobile app. Hopefully order wont get cancelled.

  • thanks OP.. two turkish pides for $5 delivered

  • Thanks OP, Dinner sorted again tonight :)

  • Although almost an hour late, my dinner did come last night.

    Ordered again tonight, another <$10 dinner for 2 :D

  • +1

    Pizza again. Thanks OP

  • Ordered :)
    Fingers crossed the order will go through!

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    Got vegemite sandwiches in the fridge in case this falls to sh!t

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    can someone tell me how to stack the referal code with the coupon please

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      I don't think you can !

  • order came 5 mins early last night, so hopefully i get the same experience again, but trying a different restaurant this time since its cheap.

  • I'm ordering pizza now. It got up to the credit card details and seems to have accept them is now sitting on:

    Your order will be forwarded.
    You will receive an order confirmation e-mail and SMS from us in the next few minutes.

    With the wirry thing (ordered online). Hope it works…

    • +1

      Confirmation email has been received so all looking good…

    • This happened with me yesterday and I still got the delivery (never received the SMS). I think it's because the store hasn't acknowledged the order yet - maybe because it is yet to open.

  • Bloody Awesome

  • Stuck at:

    "Your order will be forwarded.
    You will receive an order confirmation e-mail and SMS from us in the next few minutes. "

    Never received SMS or email confirmation

    • To be 'safe' try a pizza chain. Straight away I got an email that the order is successfully placed. Worked yesterday.

      But if you want something other than a pizza, well…

    • me too…. i hit reorder and its stuck…

  • Code not working now?

  • Yarp, my order went to a closed restaurant. They sent me this code last night in an email to make up for it. Well… I used the code last night to order dinner for tonight so it's not working for me, but it's a confirmed good code. Plus from me.

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    Thanks OP! Got some chinese for $4 :)

  • dinner sorted, thanks OP!

  • Is there a minimum order?

    • theres usually a min order for the restaurant. I beleive thats the only one that applies.
      (You don't have to order to the min order, but you will be charged the min order so might as well order up to it).

  • payment via paypal, system stopped accepting the transaction.

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      This coupon code cannot be redeemed 
      • copy and paste here the code you are using

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          i think its for people who actually registered yesterday

        • @weeenis: I registered today (having watched the s**t hit the fan yesterday on here) and everything seems to have gone through, try a different email maybe?

      • Had same error as you(using PC IE & FF), But I tried again using the android app, and worked perfectly.

  • Mine got cancelled yesterday and still haven't heard from them.

    I'd recommend everyone to double check the opening times of the restaurant they're ordering from. The place I ordered from said open at 2pm and since I put my order in for immediate delivery it was cancelled by the time they opened (they were closed until 5pm per their website) My friend who ordered from the same place had his set to be delivered at 6:30pm and it arrived fine.

  • dinner sorted

  • Not working again

  • This place is such a pain in the ass…

    after trying for an hour yesterday with no success tried again today, put in my order, was about to pay then decided to add something to the order.. BIG mistake, once you go back whole thing is invalid.. have to register yet again …

    Bloody pain !

    • +1

      That's what it seems like, I've made the same mistake as you.

      • it did eventually work, you just have to run straight through with no detours !

        which is a pain for OCD people who like to check everything three times !

        • Maybe I'm shit outta luck, cleared cookies, used another PC still the same old error.

  • I must be one of the lucky ones. My orders last night came early. One 15 mins early and the other 45 mins early. Ordered more for tonight and tomorrow night. Thanks OP!!!

    • My order came last night too, but it was about 35 minutes late. The DH website was down for a good chunk of dinner time so I assumed the worst, but it ended up coming.

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    Wow….whats wrong with me? Ordered again….should I feel bad? Am I greedy?

    • +1

      Nothing. no. probably.

      • +1

        I like this sort of reply. Succinct and to the point.

  • Feeling pity for DH. Might soon go out of business.

    Got my order last night. Pre-ordered for tonight.

    Thanks OP.

  • Works like a charm easily ordered just put the code in once Registeree and your all set, cheers OP.

  • Tempted to order again after last night, but I have a feeling they might cancel these ones if you hadn't actually got your previous order cancelled.

  • This coupon code cannot be redeemed???!!!

  • +1

    Ordered Indian for two for one for seven dollars. IF you know what I mean :>
    Also added my referral code for this and Uber too so hopefully I get some hits on them! Thanks for the helpful comments!

    • Seems like I'll get my meal.. probably, my order was for 6pm, I called restaurant at 6.20 to see if my order existed, it did but they were weird about it and said it would be ready in a few minutes. Then at 6.40pm got a call to say it was 40 minutes away and I would have to pay $5 because there was a surcharge (nowhere on either website, was free delivery for orders over $25) for deliveries UNDER 2.5km away. Said no, unacceptable, inappropriate etc… until they said they would do it this time but next time.. etc (lol next time). So it should be here soon if it comes at all. Ordered around 11am, wasn't involved at all yesterday.

      • You're brave to do that to someone who hasn't served your meal yet. Hopefully you didn't get a surprise.

  • is it possible to change the delivery day to 2 or 3 days after?

    • Some people try that but the restaurant doesn't read the date sometimes so it arrives on the day you order.

  • Attention!
    This coupon code cannot be redeemed 
  • ordered pizza for $6, loving these delivery hero deals thanks OP

  • +11

    My experience has been perfect so far:
    * 12.44pm yesterday - Checked OzBargain for 21st time today - found good Delivery Hero deal
    * 12.45pm yesterday - Ordered sashimi from local Japanese place - $8 delivered
    * 6.45pm yesterday - Delivery arrived at my apartment 15 minutes early
    * 6.46pm yesterday - ate delicious, cheap sashimi
    * 10.20am today - checked OzBargain for the 12th time today and found Delivery Hero deal repeated
    * 10.21am today - Ordered thai for delivery tonight at 7pm
    * TBC……

    • +1

      Substitute sashimi for Ribs and Thai for Steak and Salad, and our experiences are rather similar. :)

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    Got the 'invalid code' for two I tried last night within the 6155 Canning Vale area. Any assistance available from locals as to which supplier I could try?

    • I'll answer myself-thanks OP it worked. Difference between yesterday (on android ) and today ( on desktop) was I had to register to enter voucher code today. I was not prompted yesterday to register prior to entering voucher code. Got a confirmation email so we'll see!!!! (I have noted all the negative comments here)

  • 2 pizzas for $7!
    Hopefully they actually get delivered tonight!

  • +1

    Expired? Just used the coupon code 10 seconds ago.

  • +1

    Ordered lunch for 1.30 just got delivered lol

  • Lunch sorted. Thanks!

  • +1

    Yesterday, I ordered for today, they delivered to me yesterday…

    • now order for today they will deliver tomorrow :)

  • Code working for me!

  • +1

    This deal is absolute JOKE - it takes voucher but will not adjust payment page. I have had problems with Delivery Hero before and swore then never to use their site. That was some time ago - things have not changed.

  • Now saying:-

    This coupon code cannot be redeemed "

  • Try use your smartphone, download the APP and order from there again. Some say Chrome OS can't, some say PC can't.

    • Chrome OS can. Just placed an order on my chromebook

  • Attention!

    This coupon code cannot be redeemed

  • Thanks OP lunch sorted

  • +1

    Ordered! I am not sure how they make money out of this.

  • ordered lunch and dinner lets see how we go!

    Worked for dinner last night!

  • Not working for me.

    If you ordered last night can you order again tonight??

    • yes

    • Yes. Just ordered for tonight.

  • -2

    Just made 5 orders from differnt restaurants with 5 accounts, thanks for the large dinner for tonight

  • Ordered some lunch and my flatmate ordered some dinner. Sorted! Thanks.

  • free lunch and a drink in Brissy for me and the wife :) thanks OP

  • +1

    I want to pick up as the delivery is costly, around $15. Can i pick up or I have to delivered it?

    • +1

      only delivery, no pick up.

  • +1

    Thanks for this OP!!
    Got dinner sorted tonight! 2 large pizzas, 1.25L soft drink and garlic bread for $6.. can't complain.

    Mi familia will be pleased

    • Just writing a follow-up;

      Everything went smoothly. I called the restaurant to double-check (OzBargain put some fear into me) and they, without confirming my identity, said it was the first order they received that morning and would be delivered on-time.

      Seems a lot of the mishaps are coming from NSW??

  • Ordered via app for dinner, thanks OP!

  • ordered from desktop, works for me.

  • How do you enter the coupon code on desktop? When I enter it and press "agree to terms and conditions" then press okay, it leads me to paypal, asking me to pay $20.

    • Must be logged in, it is after payment selection, Coupon.

    • You need to create account and login to enter coupon code.

    • You have to be registered and logged in, the coupon textbox will then be visible.

      • Yeah, I have entered the coupon code in the box already. After pressing "agree" and "okay", it still asks me to pay $20.

        • simply create a new account.

        • +1

          After entering the code, try click any area on the screen aside from agree and wait for it to apply the code.

    • Well it worked yesterday but it's not today..not sure why. Do i need to create new account?

      • I tried a different store and it worked. That store must've have been having problems… I tried desktop and mobile app and both weren't working.

        Thanks everyone!

  • Can u order multiple per household?

    • One per email address.

    • If I remember right, Delivery Hero have canceled orders for people who made multiple orders per household in a past deal.

  • There a glitch you need to bypass by constantly reentering the code its abit frustrating but it works.

  • Ordered with this new coupon. No problem. Pizza this time!

    Review of last night's Thai $15 extravaganza - FABULOUS! Thanks for the deal Delivery Hero (and OP!)

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