School blocked VPN

What should I do, my school blocked VPN and I want to bypass to go to social sites and stuff other than Facebook! Help!


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    Do you really need to check your Facebook while at school?

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    Aren't most of your Facebook friends in school with you anyways?

    • i agree

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      Maybe he goes to a single sex school and wants to talk to girls? Give him a break, guys.

      The easiest solution is to use your own mobile broadband.

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        yep own mobile

        $10 a month for me and its tax deductible

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          I doubt he pays tax

    • Sure, but talking face to face is soooo 1990s.


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    Unfriend the school?

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    no idea mate cant help ya back when i was in high school teachers where the only ones allowed on facebook youtube things like that so we simply watched out teacher enter there login and password a bunch of times till we got it right lol.

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      Consequences of this are huge. Worth it for a little Facebook time?

      • whats consequences? they just change Password when they find out.

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          Some schools would take it very seriously. It would be a major breach of privacy. Teachers have access to things that students should not - medical, pastrol and grades.

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          @saine: My school had two separate log ins one for the computer and another for internet access.
          and as far as i know all that important school shit was located on the school server part which didnt need their internet log in's.

        • yep, someone in my class got caught using a teacher's password/user. Both him and I got called in because we were the only boarders in that class, and he had logged in on the boarding house pc's. Wasn't fun dealing with two bully GDM's, both ex-cops. Funny thing though, in the meeting, the other student had some quality videos ;) on his laptop when they inspected it in front of both us, so that was pretty entertaining.
          edit: forgot, that student was using a teacher's account that had been obtained by another student by hacking

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          I know this report is from the US, but who knows how serious some schools here will take this:

          The student's "hacking" was just watching the teacher enter their password in. In their eyes, it wasn't how the password was obtained, it was the level of access that the student got from doing so.

        • @Kenb0: Why does this not suprise me? The US is crazy.

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    Don't you have a phone for that?

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    Use your own mobile broadband. That's what the Optus $2 sims are for right?

    but seriously, can't you get through a day without all the gossip on Facebook FaceCrack? Just concentrate on your studies, the friends you make in highschool will all eventually leave you anyway.

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      this is true. all of my high school friends have went their own ways. we only catch up like every few years now. most of your friends are temporary only. education is a life long thing and you only can go through it once, so make the most out of it.

      you seem to be a smart kid, using VPN and stuff. use your cleverness on your studies and you'll be successful in the future.

      edit: I sound like an old man already, lol.

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    Trust me: study harder, acquire girls later

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      Acquire wealth too, that helps with getting girls…

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        The materialistic ones anyway ;)

        • I think you'll find having money reduces stress in any relationship, its a pretty universal thing.

          Also when it comes to money the subject which is most predictive of how much you'll earn isn't Biology/Chemistry/Physics/IT/Business/Maths it's English. Communication will always be king, it's important to know what you want and how to influence others so you can get it. Learning how to steer a conversation to a predetermined end is fairly easy but you'd be suprised by how many people don't know.

        • @voolish:

          I don't think English helps with communication though, especially english taught in high schools.
          The only way you'll achieve good communication skills is by practice (in the workforce, socialising etc). A nurturing work environment is how i achieved my communication skills, combined with self-study/awareness.

          It's true money reduces stress, but beyond covering the essentials, relationship success depends mostly on how the individuals sort out their problems together, as opposed to the actual problems at hand.

          A friend of mine, who was fairly well off still divorced her husband due to financial problems (Her mother in law had cancer and treatment was eating into her savings) She divorced him to save the trouble. The interesting thing about this is that she and her husband were very comfortable financially, earning at least ~180k combined (senior pharmaceutical professionals). And could have paid it off after a few years of rough living.

          If they earned more money, would it have been alot easier? Sure, but it's generally not reasonable for you to throw lots of money at a problem and expect it to go away.

          I'd actually argue that having alot of money with an average mindset is a bigger burden, as expenditures tend to go up as well.

          My two cents.

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      I don't know if that's good advice by itself though. I've met some incredibly awkward people who ignored social interactions when they were younger to focus on their studies.

      I would tell him to focus on his studies yes, but spend more time working on his social skills outside of Facebook. Meet more people outside of school, pick up a hobby, talk to a lot of interesting adults and professionals so he can decide a lifestyle and career that suits HIM.

      THEN he will have the drive for school, and be equipped with the social ability and sense of identity that will make his personal and business life much, much easier.

      One of the big things I noticed in uni were the 80%+ of people who had no idea what they were doing, and were only there because of the parental/societal pressure.

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        I would be ok with social awkwardness if I am in Ferrari- just my opinion.

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          Wouldn't be very smart to buy a Ferrari though now would it.

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          @SilentBob: if I wouldn't be smart then how else I would have earned all that money ?

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          @expertreader: Dumbest thing I've ever heard, you think people need to be smart to make money? lol…

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    Not going to judge you, just tell you what you came here for.

    Try accessing the sites from the CyberGhost Free Anonymous Proxy Browser here:
    Make sure you access the site by using https, type the www address into the "Your destination address" field and voila!

    • I'm pretty sure the site is blocked by the DET's age-based filter for proxy avoidance

      • Should be fine when accessing through https.

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    Use a mobile broadband wifi dongle in your pocket :)

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    go for a VPN that has SSH/SSL.

    • Good filter block by destination and not just port. SSH is blocked anyway for sure. The only way to get out of this terrible situation (hahahaha) is to use your own VPS as a host for a SSL VPN.

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    Do some work

  • What year are you in at school?

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    Use a VPN that runs on a different port :) Some VPN's can accept port 80 and port 443 (http and http) so it should not be blocked… but might have some issues if that traffic goes through a proxy.. or tether your phone.

    • Some can even use 53 UDP (DNS), but I'm not telling you how to do it, work it out yourself and at least you'll be learning something in school.

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        That can be done too. Also, he can setup own openvpn server and ubuntu… might as well learn something if gonna be distracted at school

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    You get the school laptop for nothing, and the rules are no internet!!

    Talk to some REAL people and make some REAL friends for a change!

    Wait till you get home to do the other stuff.

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      Cmon we dont live in the year 1800 any more.. We use telepathic communication to communicate and don't need to go outside the house now.

      • Houses were the 90's, its now our

        Mothers Basements

    • As many posts have led me to believe; people often purchase their own school-laptops…

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    • Hehe. Prepare to get your accounts hijacked though

    • It doesn't mate. There is in the URL. Decent filter check the whole URL.

      • OK but that works on a filtered system I access

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          Well, then you're luck that your place has a rubbish system :)

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    Find some way to get your hands on a TAFE account and use it to login to use the internet if you go to a public school

    • lol most useful advice so far

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    Leave a computer on at home installed with teamviewer. Use team viewer to RDP into your home. Use teh internetz without any censoring.

    • Yes! I remember doing this in year 10 through to year 12 never got caught

  • maybe he needs the vpn for things other than "facebook"

    • We just need to trust them with this one and I agree.

  • openvpn using 443 port might help you with it. You can do some Google research.

    • My friend's office get all of the ports block other than 443 so I set up a nginx proxy over 443 and it works fantastic. However this needs a bit of VPS and server knowledge but you can make your own proxy server.

  • I used to use a website that would let me use Facebook chat. Don't know if they're still around

    • let me see the three latest twitter updates last year, dunno if it still works

  • Good old school days. The IT dep had restricted our access to social media. A group of it geeks made a programme to bypass the proxy. Worked for 9month until some retard told a teacher….the rest was history ;)

  • how many other teachers do we have on here? Im sure we know someone who knows this kid hahahahaha

  • If you know your school's proxy and port you can bypass it using proxifier.

    That's what I've been using and its been working for me because it uses the school's own proxy and port. I've been using this for over a year now.

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    They usually have policy for what you are allowed to use it. So to block the VPN is not unreasonable as they have a certain responsibility for what you are using it for. In many companies, they terminate the connection on the proxy, even SSL (check what certificate comes back) and looks for viruses, malware, employees leaking information, etc. Things they do with supported certificates on some school configured PCs so you don't get the "unknown certificate messages". We do the same in the corporate world, hence the work SOE PC that work is responsible for vs use your own device which gets passed by SSL. Inappropriate material on a work PC is bad for the company, on your own PC it's your problem.
    Often there are selected sites that are bypassed from SSL inspection from the proxy "man in the middle" e.g bank sites.
    That is why Facebook, Gmail, etc have ssl now, so if you are at Maccas using the free wifi on your device you can see if it's being proxied and checked and maybe logged, rarely isn't your traffic checked, and if it's to sites they aren't sure off, e.g VPN, they block.
    Schools have a fairly large responsibility for what you do with their Internet and what you download. They don't want to be in the media for their resources being used for cyberbullying or giving free wifi for radicalisation.
    If you use your own data plan, go for it no blocks, no inspection , take a toilet break and surf facebook rather than be in class.
    Whoever provides the Internet access has a right to inspect what it's used for to ensure it complies with their policies.

    • Unreasonable is whatever they want. They own the infrastructure this student is using. Reasoning has nought to do with it.

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    Luckily for me I was in charge of our schools internal radio station, so I had access to the administrator account. This worked really well, I would keep the radio station computer on then use remote control pc to access this computer from my personal student netbook and I worked really well. But then I just used the username for the radio computer on the personal laptop, as it was an administrator and then could access anything from my computer. Then when I was logged in as the administrator I created another login account as a Local User. The local user on my netbook got onto the internet without any credentials, piece of cake! loved it!

  • Does your school have a guest network?

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    Haven't you got homework to do?

    • Err… yeah. Just discussing our work on Facebook. And exchanging help. Y…yeah…

      sweats intensely

  • Google translate, put in your website, say its in german or french or whatever, then translate to english.

    Also try webanywhere.

  • Install Glype on a Ubuntu VPS, access the URL from school

  • Go get a real friend, that "LIKES" you.

  • Use ZenMate, it's an extension added to Chrome browser. I doubt they've blocked it because it's not the same as other VPNs such as CyberGhost etc. Hope that helps.

    And here's the link:

    • Do we know what proxy software they use?

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    I love circumventing security measures…

    Multiple things you could do here:
    1. Tether your mobile (easiest)
    2. Use web proxy sites (usually blocked, performance tends to be crap, no guarantee of security)
    3. Leave a computer running at home to connect to with RDP (or RDP through a web browser) (little bit of set up, good results)
    4. Build your own SSH or VPN server (lots of setup, great results if done correctly)

    Protip: If they're using a whitelisting firewall and it's blocking RDP, SSH, etc, scan to figure out which ports are open and change the ports you use (doesn't beat DPI though :( )
    Protip 2: figure out and use DDNS so you're not stuck when your home IP changes

    At home I run a NAS with SSH exposed, use Putty to connect to that from work, then tunnel all of Chrome's traffic through Putty. DDNS means I connect to "myhome".com and don't have to worry about changing IP addresses.

    In summary, you can learn a LOT of maybe-useful skills if you want to, but if you're just interested in watching cat videos, tether your phone

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    //puts on High Expectations Asian Father hat on


    Why don't you face book and study?

    • +1 for being "High Expectations Asian Father" that also makes dad jokes.

  • Learn how to use Cain & Abel.

    Alternatively, you can try another method I used to use in High School.

    • Right Click on your desktop and create a shortcut
    • When you are prompted with the location, type in "cmd" (no quotation marks)
    • If you are able to load this up type "ping"
    • If you have made it this far, copy the IP address that gets displayed and paste that into your browser.
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