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Save 10% on Surface Pro 3 @ Microsoft Store (Save up to $227.90)


Save 10% of all Surface Pro 3 models. Free shipping and returns on all orders.
Offer ends April 27th.
Don't forget 4% Cash Rewards cashback.

Model Was Save Now
64GB / i3 $979.00 $97.90 $881.10
128GB / i5 $1,209.00 $120.90 $1,088.10
256GB / i5 $1,549.00) $154.90 $1,394.10
256GB / i7 $1,829.00 $182.90 $1,646.10
512GB / i7 $2,279.00 $227.90 $2,051.10

Offer valid from AEDT 12:00am on 23 April 2015 to AEDT 11:59pm on 27 April 2015. Offer is available while supplies last. Available in Microsoft online store in Australia only. Valid for Surface Pro 3. Not valid on prior orders or purchases; cannot be transferred or otherwise redeemed for cash or coupon code(s). Not combinable with other offers. Refunds will take into account the discount. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Microsoft reserves the right to modify or discontinue offers at any time.

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  • +1

    JB Hifi also have similar promotions - 10% off excl. accessories.

    Think now is the best time to buy before the official price hike of ~18 - 20% from 4th May in Australia.

    N.B. I was thinking of getting one but end up got a XPS 13 2015.

  • Looking at replacing my desktop, and adding potential protability. Wish Microsoft would drop the crazy price of the Surface Pro 3 dock. I'm leaning towards an Acer Aspire S7 instead.

      • Not sure to be honest. I believe they're a top 5 PC distributor in Australia, but that doesn't always mean good service.

        My hope is, of course, that it doesn't break. :)

        With the dock and 10% discount, SP3 still costs a couple of hundred more than the Acer - before adding a keyboard. It does look fun though.

        Stupid decisions!

    • which s7 is it youre looking at?

      • The i7, 256GB Aspire S7-392 with 2560x1440 screen. I need the processor oomph for Photoshop and large InDesign layouts.

    • I got the dock for $170 at harvey norman broadway. might have the receipt laying around somewhere

  • +3

    has anyone heard much on the surface pro 4 announcement? I'm interested in these but not sure if it's worth waiting to see what they announce and maybe drop the price on these. hadn't really considered a price increase with the crap aussie dollar though so might be worth pulling the trigger on these now

    • In my research I found that apparently MS will be getting manufacture of the SP4 happening in June. Hmm, the same time that Windows 10 hits. ;)

      • Optimistically you might need to wait for another 4 - 6 months before it is actually available at this side of the world.

    • Announcement of Surface Pro 4 will likely happen next week at Microsoft Build Developer Conference.

    • I'm thinking that they'll not likely release the S4 soon, just announce. After all, the Surface 3 hasn't even been released yet!

  • So same price as education?

    • Yes but with this deal anyone can purchase at that price.

    • Yeah, no further discount for education - confirmed yesterday through the live chat.

  • +2

    btw… if you'll be getting the dock and type cover, check out the bundles at CompNow:

    Better than what's on offer here with the discount.


    CompNow: i5/256 + black type cover + dock = $1,628
    JB: $1,391.40 + $149.99 + $229 = $1,770.39 ($1,681.87 with 5% off using Woolies gift cards to buy JB gift cards)
    MS: $1,394.10 + $134.99 + $229.99 = $1,759.08 ($1,706.31 after 3% cashback from Cashrewards)

    However, if you're using Woolies wish gift cards at JB Hifi then it's about even stevens. Even moreso if you're using it because you're getting triple Amex points.

    • Yep, my SP3 bundle order just arrived from Compnow. They say they only sell to businesses with an ABN (and I do have one, and this purchase actually is for my business), but they never asked for it during the whole purchase process.

      The SP3 is a beautiful piece of kit!

  • "Don't forget 4% Cash Rewards cashback."

    What's that bit about? I seem to have forgotten…

    • https://www.cashrewards.com.au/microsoft

      Only showing 3% off now for me? Could've sworn it was 4% before, which now brings it in line with PricePal.

      • Ahh I wasn't even aware of the Cash Rewards site at all. I am, undoubtedly, a rookie. Still looks like if you want a bundle, it's worth looking at the Comp Now site. Cheers!

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