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Battlefield Hardline $24 USD or $31 AUD on Origin Mexico (VPN/Hola Required)


BF hardline is 40% off already, not too surprising considering the PC population is abysmal. Would not pay full price for it buy but for $30 I think this is worth considering, since it is new and apparently the campaign is decent.

Steps for chrome:
1. Log onto origin
2. Turn on hola unblocker from mexico
3. Add to BF:Hardline to cart
4. Go to checkout
5. Continue on until you are at the payment option screen at which point you turn off hola unblocker
6. Purchase it and your done

The digital deluxe and ultimate edition are also 40% off if you wanted that.

Edit: It should be noted that it is cheaper on origin brazil but I tried it and the payment process seemed tedious but if you want to save an extra 5AUD it is 25AUD on origin brazil.

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