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Dan Murphy - Member Offer - Crown Golden Ale or Great Northern Brewery Lager - 6 Pack $10


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3.5% cashback on beer from cashrewards as well.

Also Vale Lager 4 pack for $10.

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    What's going today…is everyone sampling the special before posting?

    feel free to edit & do a C&P of my post in here so you can list the specials

    • Sorry, but i received the member's email and posted what i felt would be a good bargain for the weekend. Cheers


        They are good deals…but feel free to post them all….if you do that, we can get the mods to delete the other posts & use yours as the combined one.


  • Just incase some arn't aware - Great Northern is a light beer (and it tastes like one). Good for smashing with a pie and chips while watching the footy and staying 'reponsible' but in my opinion you can find much more full flavored beer for ~40 a carton.

    Regarding Golden Ale - What can be said about Crown Golden Ale that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan.



    • It's mid strength but yeah they tricked me with that too.

    • I tried Crown Golden Ale and my guess is that Afghanistan would taste better but the unpleasant mouth feel would probably be the same.

    • I bought a bottle of Great Northern at the leagues club on the weekend for $5 to taste it and left it in the counter and proceeded to order another beer. You may as well drink mineral water.

  • Looking forward to June.

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    I already posted this as a comment on the other Dan Murphy post, no need for separate posts for all of the 6 items in a deal.

  • what about vale lager? is it any good?

    • I have tried it, it was decent but don't remember anything spectacular. Probably better flavor than the other two on special though. Personally I like their Vale Ale the best.

    • The got the vale IPA a few months back when DM had them on special. A very nice drop indeed.

  • Gotta say the deals are getting worse each month. Wish I'd stocked up on the first months offerings of White Rabbit and The Constable. Cricketers Arms was OK as well. For wine I usually hold out for a winemarket voucher although DMs had some good deals like the Wynn's blend and Cab Sauv bundle

    • Agreed. Last 6 pack of the white rabbit from 4 cases. Cricketers arm was good as well. Come on DM, give your members something decent .


      the wahoo summer ale from last month was disgusting. every dan murphy review bags it. putrid. makes me ill thinking about them.

      could only drink 3 from the 6 pack I bought.

    • Yep I agree, my last White Rabbit went yesterday and my last Cricketers Arms went today. Definitely wont bother with any of this months specials. Crown jumped the shark years ago and Great Northern is CUB's attempt to take on XXXX Gold here in QLD. Vale can be nice - $10 for 4 is a good price but their IPA isn't really my thing.