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Win 1 (or More) of 3300 Prizes from $5 to $30,000 @ PayPal



Closing Date 10/06/2015


Description 3300 Prizes from $5 to $30,000
No. of Prizes 3300
Total Prize Pool $60,000.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Once per draw
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

Watch each of our PayPal episodes and learn how to shop online with PayPal. Watch all three episodes for three entries into the draw to win $30,000! There’s also 3300 prizes of PayPal credit between $5 and $100 to be won after watching each episode. But hurry. You only have 10 days from the launch of each episode to watch and win.

  • Episode 1: 4th of May
  • Episode 2: 18th of May
  • Episode 3: 1st of June
    You can re-enter every episode (every 2 weeks), for another instant win chance (3 times in total).

Thanks to imissbeans for this great find.

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closed Comments

  • +8

    Great comp!

    While this may be a good how to for Paypal, I don't think it's a good how to date a co-worker.

    • The guy was cute but I wouldn't look so smug so early in the courtship if I were him :) :) :)

    • I married my co worker. Can't be happier… lol

  • Didn't win instantly..thanks anyway =)

  • +2

    Paypal is jacking up their advertising now that they are becoming a separate company from eBay.

  • +4

    Oh great! Won $5 :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    • +1

      Congrats! Feel free to click the I won button so people know about your win.

  • Seems problem with webpage:

    The webpage at https://www.paypal.com.au/winlikejim/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

  • I can't get the clip to play more than a few seconds

  • +1

    Didn't win anything. But did anyone else try to look up 23 Millcent Pde, Willowville QLD 4064?
    It doesn't exist - that's Paddington's postcode. Jim lied.

  • +1

    Thanks, OP.
    I won $5, too.

  • +2


    Submitted the "New competition" for to be informed that TA posted it 5 hours earlier.

    • +1

      I just tried to submit this… And I am almost a week late to the party…

  • +3

    win like jim

    jim is a bit of a loser then :(

  • +15

    That poor lady. She gets the flowers and thinks "oh wow!" until she spots the office pervert, Jim, peeking around the corner like a creepy prick with a creepy grin.

    2 hours later, Jims other Paypal purchase shows up. "Delivery for Jim from Veterinary Supplies". Jim cackles to himself, and signs for the Propofol. Being a nice girl, and feeling sorry for Jim, she accepts a drink at the bar after work. Hey, maybe he's just a misunderstood guy.

    Then BAM she wakes up in a bath tub full of ice with her kidneys already on the black market.

    Jim, you're a (profanity) creep.

    Also I didn't win anything so i'm pissed off with Jim.

  • +1

    So far, is there only 1 episode available?

    • +1

      Yep entry 2 begins on the 18th of May and looks like it's one entry per episode, so everyone can enter again on the 18th of May, then again and finally on the 1st of June:

      Episode Launch Period
      1 12.00AM AEST on 4 May 2015 until 11.59PM AEST on 13 May 2015
      2 12.00AM AEST on 18 May 2015 until 11.59PM AEST on 27 May 2015
      3 12.00AM AEST on 1 June 2015 until 11.59PM AEST on 10 June 2015

      • So is this one in the recurring competitions page or will TightArse remind me to enter again on the 18th?

        He doesn't do much else anyway ;-)

        • +3

          This won't show in daily entries as it's one entry per draw, not one per day. We'll see if we can sticky the comp on the 18/5 & 1/6 though so it's at the top of the main comp page

        • Bookmark this page and check your bookmark folder (on OZBargain) at least once a week. You can also set a reminder on your calendar apps (Google, Outlook, etc.) or note-taking apps (Evernote, OneNote, etc.)

        • +1


          Or people can just subscribe, and someone posts a message in this thread on the 18th - everyone subscribed will get an email.

        • Round 3 (final) reminder + comp will be stickyed later.

  • +14

    i won $0

    • +13

      Congrats mate. Unfortunately, I lost $0 and 5 minutes of my life that I won't get back.

      • you can actually just let the video load, and skip it to the end without watching it :)

        • But the thing is that I want to know the story. Yet I lost another 5 mins from watching the 2nd video!

  • +8

    Wow. I can't wait for the next episode to see how Jim shops online.

  • Nowt :/

  • $5 hooray

  • I was instantly told that ….I was not a winner :( :( :(
    Pleez if Tightarse would be so kind to remind us when next video 2 is ready for viewing, it would be appreciated!

  • In the next episode, Jimmy will be shopping online and using Paypal to buy a new dinner suit to take her on the first date. In the last, I predict Jimmy will STILL be shopping online on Ebay AND PayPal to get a wedding tuxedo as well as book the wedding venue with Paypal. (He'll also be paying for the honeymoon) Finito.

    • Spoiler Alert!!!

  • Sweet won $5 , Thanks TA

  • Also won $5, thanks!

  • +1

    Who thinks up these story lines?

    • +3


      • LOL and creepy stalkers

  • Did you guys get the $5 in your account straight away?

  • +2

    Yay, won $10!

  • wife won $10!
    I won nothing :(

    • You already won a beautiful and lucky wife.

  • yay won $10. thanks OP

  • Nothing here either

  • Won $5!

  • Great, $10! Nice easy comp, thanks tightarse!

  • Won $5

  • LOL watched the whole thing they said episode 1 comp is over and to come back on the 18th

    should have scrolled down

    PS its funny how they dont mention that the florist can't see Jims credit card details

    wasn't/isn't that paypals biggest selling point

    if you showed this video to somebody in the year 2000 they would probably just say 'why didn't he just use his credit card'

    maybe thats coming in episodes 2 or 3 - LOLLLLLL

  • +4

    Round two is now open

    • Lost :(

      • +1

        …again! ;(

  • +3

    Round 2, no win again :(

  • No win for me this round.
    Has anyone received credits for their instant wins? I still haven't received my $5 from 2 weeks ago.

    • +1

      It takes up to 28 days

      • Ah yeah, I forgot about the 28 days!

  • Failed again =(

  • No win for me

  • Nowt take two

  • no win for #2

  • Thanks for watching.
    Unfortunately, you’re not one of our instant winners.
    Don’t worry, you’re still in the draw to win the major prize of $30,000.*
    Good luck!

  • Same! :(

    Thanks for watching.

    Unfortunately, you’re not one of our instant winners.

    Don’t worry, you’re still in the draw to win the major prize of $30,000.*
    Good luck!


  • +3

    Nothin' for #1, but 5 buckeroonies for #2! YAY!

    • Congrats! Make sure you click 'I Won' up top.

    • well done!

  • No luck again :(

  • +1

    Sweet, got $20. Thanks TA

    • Well done! Please click 'I Won' up the top of this page.

  • Who else watching the second ad was like "should've checked ozbargain!"

  • +1

    Not a winner again…..and had to suffer myself watching that guy

  • Another loser.
    Is Jim cheating on his wife?

    • I think he married his co-worker. So no.

  • +9

    First week nothing, second week just won $100! Thanks TA!

    • Wow, congrats mate!

      • Great to see so many winners.

        • -3

          OMG! The legendary Sir tightarse replied to my comment. I can die now!

          …Wait, I can't. There are more deals and competitions waiting for me. I just can't let go too easily!

        • +1

          @721411: "Notice me senpai!!"

    • Awesome! Well done.

    • You lucky bugger! Feel free to direct some $ to me

      • +1

        He will - just wait for lunchtime.

    • Congrats!! You must be stoked!

  • Just won $20!!

    • Great effort! Please click the 'I Won' button up top.

  • Won $10! Great to see so many winners here!

  • Won $5! Can't complain!

  • Won $5 too! Great competition :)

  • Won $10! WOOOT!

  • +2

    I won $5. Thanks TA

    • +2

      This is turning out to be a very successful comp for a lot of people. Full credit to imissbeans for finding it. Well done Mr Binks!

      • +2

        Thanks TA.. and imissbeans . The Mrs and I are stoked with the windfall! :)

  • sweet made $20.00 :) Thanks to all!

  • I won a sweet $5! Thanks OP!

  • +1

    $5 here. Better than a slap in the face with a cold fish!

  • +1

    Woohoo got $20! My first win ever!

  • Sweet also won $5! Thanks OP

  • Won $10 thanks

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