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10% off + $10 off + Free Delivery: Crucial BX100 250GB $129.50, 500GB $259.10 & 1TB $484.10 @ Shopping Express


Not sure it is a good deal for SSD at the moment. Just saw it on SE website.

Add coupon NEW10OFF to get $10OFF. Thanks Chrismor

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Shopping Express

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  • 120Gb also starts from $85.5 delivered

  • how do you get the extra $10 off? the webiste says $139.50 for the 250Gb one

    • Nevermind… just found the discount code (NEW10OFF), maybe you should update the deal to include the code

      • Thanks.

  • +1

    I can't get the coupon to work, I get an error message:

    ×Special Discount '' from Shopping Express (NEW10OFF) is limited to be used by specific customers. Your order will be processed without this discount.

    • Condition to use NEW10OFF:

      1. Need to login/register for code to work
      2. Once per account


  • Got one 250G.

  • Gday Rep,

    I wanna take advantage of the code. My account (last used 18 months ago) seems inactive and I can't raise the helpdesk on the email.

    Gissa hand?



    • Hi Polygamus,

      It should not be inactive as we don't inactive account - but it may belong to guest account. Can you please PM me your account?


  • TY. Made me pull the trigger on a SSD upgrade.

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