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Delivery Hero $14 off, Minimum $20 (Mobile App Required)


Another day, more calories! Enter code for discount and enjoy! :)

The blurb says: Use the code DINEHARDER to order takeaway through our apps and get $14 off*. Hurry: this code expires TODAY at 10PM; voucher quantities limited to 1,000!

And some MORE blurb: *This code is valid until 13.05.2015, 22:00 AEST at participating restaurants that accept online payment. The discount is available on orders placed through the Android or iOS Delivery Hero Australia apps. Minimum order value $20. The remaining balance must be paid by Paypal, credit or debit card (the offer does not apply for cash payments). You have to be logged-in to a Delivery Hero account to be able to redeem your voucher. You may not pass on the voucher to a third party or publish it. Voucher quantity is limited, and the discount will not be available once the voucher is exhausted. You can only redeem one voucher per order, per user and per household. T&Cs of Delivery Hero Pty Ltd apply.

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  • +24

    finally beat TA?

    • Cant wait to receive the D ;), … Delivery Hero that is.

  • TA, where are you ?

  • -2

    Only $10 off?

    • Nvm

  • Congrats buddy. You made it.

  • Only comes up as $10 off, not $14?!

  • Is it just me or is only coming up with a $10 voucher?

  • +2

    Lol get back to work clarky! :D

  • just $10??

    • +1

      Y'all are getting A/B tested. Will they still buy with only $10 off?

  • Its $10 not $14 anymore.

    • I get $14 off using the iOS app

      • fixed now, thanks OP

  • Here we go :D

  • +1

    Boo $10..its worse than $13.

  • +2

    Pretty sure they are going to fix it up. just wait ppl

  • +2

    Looks like its fixed, Get $14 discount on Android app.

  • Its fixed :)

  • Also, looks like they've opened to pre-order for the next day !!

    • no cant order for next day… did urs work on ios or android?

      • Android, Probably it depends on the restaurant…

  • It's $14 off for me via Android app.

  • Been waiting for this. Thanks. It's my daily dinner these days.

  • It's now $14 apparently but how do I fix it when I already added it?

  • Just when i finally decided to get takeaway, the only restaurant I want to order from is "temporarily unavailable" now. It was avail last night. Wonder how temporary is temporary.

  • I used this Hero yesterday for dinner and Thai restaurant deliver so late. It took them 90 mins for delivery :(. Fainted of being hungry

    • Next time you can call to have it picked up. Mine took like 10mins to make.

  • +3

    Thanks TA… TA?

  • Thanks OP pizza and garlic bread for supper

  • I feel the need. the need to feed!

  • saw a new Japanese restaurant in my area, go for that, no more Thai today!

    • If only I had that choice in my area!

  • TA where are you? chamber echoes go on and on

    • +1


  • +2

    Cheers! Indian for dinner it is!

  • "You may not pass on the voucher to a third party or publish it. "

    Just interesting, in the T n C Op published

  • +5

    This may already be common knowledge but the minimum $20 order includes delivery within the $20.

    To clarify you could order something for, say $16 from a place which has a $4 delivery fee (bringing your total to $20)and you would still get the $14 discount!

    • The fixed fee didn't count towards the min $20 on the iOS app for the stores that I tried. Fortunately there are over 70 stores that deliver to Brunswick on DH, so not hard for me to find one with min $20 and no fixed fee.

  • Trying a new place tonight. Hope to be able to add it to my list of go to places. Thanks OP and DH

  • Think these promotions are helping, last time I had 6 Indian restaurants and now I have 10. A shame there's nothing else (besides a couple of Thai and Chinese). But if they keep up the promotions, maybe one day a non-asian restaurant will sign up in my area.

    Also, how much Indian food must people be having? It's crazy.

  • +1

    Here I thought the code read: DIE HARDER

    • +1

      It's funny they used the code we joked they might use, after they used DINEHARD last week.

      • +4

        Yeah next code will be DINEHARDWITHAVENGEANCE

        • Every day is A Good Day to Dine Hard.

      • +1

        Funny how I guessed it right!

  • +2

    So over it now. If your reading this DH, get some new restaurants on board and encourage $20 minimum with free delivery. Or offer the $20 vouchers again, i'd try a few more places with that.

  • +1

    Where i am, there is a minimum spend plus a fee. Completely useless and i would be wary eating food from any of these places. Not that 'inviting.'

  • +4

    Butter chicken and two garlic naans for $8 delivered!

    • +1

      Great walue!

    • I wouldn't mind ordering indian but they are all greedy around here, $30+ minimum order with delivery fee on top.

      • For me it is $18.50 a dish.

  • +1

    fried rice and a few entrees bottle of drink delivered,$20+discount, not really a bargain but new restaurant worth a try

  • Just want to confirm with other app users - can you pre-order deliveries for tomorrow? Seems it limits the app to tonight only options.

    • Nope. No preorders for these promo codes. Straight from DH

  • I get $14 as well on android 5.0.2

  • Im getting code is invailid

    • -1

      I think that happens when the restaurant does not want to accept vouchers (for whatever reason). Try another restaurant.

  • Will you tip if there is no delivery fee and they arrive in time?

    • No, we have minimum wage in Australia for a reason.

    • Usually not but it depends. If service and food is fantastic and its delivered quickly I'll tip.

      • How would you that the food is fantastic when they just delivered?

        • +2

          When I order it the second time ;)

        • +4

          @Austrosaurus: Good, you are not asking the delivery boy to wait until you finish your dinner !!

  • I get $14 on android

  • +2

    I wish my job could be the person who gets to think of what the code will be. They're living the life.

  • deal gone? 2 different stores didn't work..

    • +1

      Code worked for me. The app was having some difficulty working properly though. I eventually got though after shutting down the app and re-opening it.

      • I ended up getting to work I think there was an issue with my card not being accepted then it led to the code being denied.. I guess the app assumed the code has been used with the corresponding account.

    • +1

      Can't be used already. My order worked.

  • Thanks for sharing the code. Feeling unwell and can't be bothered cooking, glad to pay only $10 for take away dinner for the family.

  • Char Kwey Teow and a House Pizza from my awesome local Hong Kong & Italian place.

    • Hong Kong and Italian… awesome combo!

      • +1

        They do Sushi too!
        $18 minimum and everything's cheap.
        Love the place.

  • done, thx

  • +1

    I think I've found the best value place near me. 1x pad thai, 4x curry puffs, 1x side of steamed veg and a can of Coke for $6 delivered.

    • Wish I had your place to order from. The lowest minimum here is 25 + 5 delivery. Ended up costing 32 total (18 after discount). And it's basically Indian or Indian. But a good deal nonetheless.

  • Thanks OP. Wife said she felt like takeaway tonight so i agreed only if there was a DH code :P

    2 curries, rice and naan for $22 delivered, its not an oustanding bargain but still cheaper than having to get off my ass and going to one of the cheap places

  • I'm so sick of Thai food.

  • +1

    Chicken Korma, Butter Chicken and two Cheese Naans for $10 :)
    Thanks Clarky.

    Note: If some people are getting 'Code Invalid' make sure when you enter the code your predictive text settings does not add an addition space.

    • Wow absolute bargain!!

  • thai food again, thx.

  • damn, just made tacos, could of had thai, another time i guess

  • thanks OP. Butter chicken tonight!

  • Thank you!

  • +1

    DINEHARDERER next week?

    Ordered… kthxbai :D

  • Won't restaurant owner's make a fortune by ordering their own dishes?

    • +1

      They can probably screw the system but they wouldn't be able to do it a lot. This is probably why DH don't allow cash payments and only credit cards/paypal. DH would pick up on restaurants which are receiving multiple orders a night from the same paypal account/credit card.

    • You can only use code once per device…so unless the owner has 100's of iOS and Android devices at their disposal, no.
      Might need 100's of credit cards as well if they are checking…

  • Thanks.. Tonight I DINE HARD

  • Double half pounder beef pattie, lettuce, cheese, egg, onion & tomato relish
    Small Yiros Pizza


    Won't be able to eat it all tonight so leftovers for lunch. The burger is insane.

    • +2

      The burger is insane.

      I thought we didn't have mad cow disease here!

  • Best everr deal for such a cold rainy night. Thank you

  • Dinner sorted!
    Thanks Clarky :D

    • :D

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