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Alienware 15 (i5 4210H, 970m, 8GB, 1TB HDD, 128GB SSD) for $1768.34, 15% off XPS13s above $1600


I think this is the cheapest 970m in Australia right now, with Dell's great support and excellent build quality I think this is a steal.

Guide to getting alienware 15 to this price:

  1. Go to: http://www.dell.com/au/p/alienware-15/pd
  2. For the first laptop that costs $1999 scroll down and change the GPU to the 970m
  3. Go back to CPU and change it to the i7, the price should now be $2159.60 (See edit3)
  4. Go to checkout and apply the above coupon code.
  5. Price should now be $1835.66(price should now be 1768.34)
  6. Optional step - If you want an even better deal hit up dell sales support after saving your cart and I'm sure you can haggle and get some extra goodies such as extended warranty. Obviously YMMV.

The same coupon code should also work for any Dell XPS 13 above $1600 seen here: http://www.dell.com/au/p/xps-13-9343-laptop/pd

Edit: I should add that the code works with any alienware system over $1600. (15% discount)
Edit2: Looks like they changed the promotion of 16GB ram - > 128GB m.2 SSD+ 1tb 7200RPM HDD, which is better IMO.
Edit3: By the looks of it the i7 4710HQ option was removed and I have updated the deal, it appears to be out of stock since none of the other AW15s have that option now. I think the deal is still decent since the price has gone down although it is not as good as before: http://www.gaminglaptopsjunky.com/i5-vs-i7-midrange-gaming-p...
Here is a benchmark between 2 CPUs that are very similar. As you can see the difference is only around 5-10% because the i5 has hyper threading.
Note: I know those CPUs have the M notation instead of H notation, it just means that one is soldered and one is not. The performance is identical.

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  • +2 votes

    Seems like a good price.

    Strange the keyboard doesn't have a numpad.

    If anyone wants a smaller/lighter laptop with the same specs- the Clevo P650SE is great. 970m, 2.5kg's & 2.5cm thin.

    • Agreed, I would have preferred a numpad to macro keys but I guess it seems like better advertising to gamers when a laptop comes with macro keys. Although you could always plug in a keyboard at home, which is what I do.

  • If you want a numpad, the 17 has it.

    I returned my 15. I was hoping it was just a 13 with a bigger screen but its significantly thicker And they keyboard is off centre which makes it prone to palm swiping the trackpad.

    My 2 cents.

    The 970 is awesome though.

  • Awesome find! Comes to $1,932.90 if you add the 128gb SSD for operating system and programs. Cheaper than the previous deal ($1999 with eBay 20% off Dell).

    Quality can be hit and miss. I RMA'd my first one but YMMV.

    Can that code can be used on any system over $1600? "Q2 EPP coupons- 15% off Dell branded systems over $1600 (ANZ)"

    • It worked for my Alienware X51 R2

      • how good is the value of Alienware X51 at $1,444.15 (after the code) with i7 and 16GB ram ?

        • It's good, I added 256 Gb SSD and it came to $1,784.13 with i7 and 16Gb ram.

        • @tlam:
          Cool. If I dont need a slim desktop, would you think buying a custom built one for the same sum can get better bang?

          Last time researched about specs was 7 yrs ago when I bought the laptop I have been using…

        • @melfes:

          I won't recommend you to buy a custom build one as I am using one and it doesn't work like I expected.

        • @tlam:
          By any chances it was one of those listed in the whirlpool build guide?

        • @melfes:

          You meant the one I am using? I built exactly the specs of XPS desktop on Dell website and it was not any one of those listed in the whirlpool guide.

        • @melfes: Definitely build your own.
          For way less money, you could get an i5 4690(K), a decent motherboard, a GTX 970 (or even a discounted 980), 16GB RAM, a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD, a second HDD & a decent case and PSU - that will outperform an X51 graphically by a huge amount.

        • @AlexD: Cheers mate. Id like chat more in conversation if thats ok with you. Much appreciated

    • I'm not sure but it can be used with any alienware or XPS over $1600. I'll update that in my post.

  • Just a note that the free RAM upgrade to 16GB ends tomorrow (Thursday 14th May).

    • Damn, although from what I've noticed is that they alternate between a free RAM upgrade and a free SSD(m.2 128GB) upgrade.

  • What's with 970M's with only 3GB video ram?

    I've got one- a little disapointed that I can't max out all the settings due the RAM bottle-necking it (particularly in GTA:V)

    • 3.5GB of full speed, 500MB of slower speed. I have no problems nearly maxing out GTA V on my 970 at 1200p.

      • Really? I can set everything to very high (at 1080p) but I can only set MXAA to x4 (I can get x16 when I'm gaming on my ancient 720p plasma).

        There's no way to get more video Ram?

        • Do you mean MSAA? Can I suggest that you bump this down/off, and just use TXAA if you're having problems. MSAA is good, but it's quite a performance hit. With everything set to the Very High or Ultra (except tesselation, which I have on High) and all the advanced graphics sliders pulled all the way up(except distance scaling which I bump down one notch) and just TXAA I get 55-80FPS - which is just right on my 60Hz monitor. Ocassionally a rare scene will make it jump down to 40 (those damned waterfalls), but practically I'm getting a solid 60FPS flying or driving full speed across Los Santos. The aliasing is never so bad that I notice it. If I was taking screenshots or recording, I would bump it up for sure, but for everyday GTA mayhem - just TXAA for me.

          And this is at 1200p - you should be getting better frame rates at 1080p.

          You can overclock your card to increase it's processing power, but there's no way to get more VRAM without physically replacing your card with one that has more RAM.

          EDIT: Me no comprehend good. See ThoseDeafMutes comment below.

        • @johnno07: You're getting confused. He asked about the 970m (mobile version), and you replied talking about the 970 (desktop version). The 970m comes in 3 or 6GB configurations and is not related to the 970 desktop chip except that it is part of the same architecture (Maxwell). The 970 dekstop has 4GB with 512mb of that being "slower" to access. The mobile 970 has a normal configuration, but only 3 or 6gb.

        • @ThoseDeafMutes: Oops my bad. Sorry about that! Bugger and I just sat here doing GTA V benchmarks for the guy and everything haha.

        • @johnno07:

          Thanks anyway Johno.

          I'll take your advice on turning Tesselation down to high, and using TXAA.

          It 'feels' like this card is so capable (ie getting no lag)- it's a shame the RAM is limiting it. Would this be the case of GTA or would other games likely be the same?

        • @ycon: What frame rates are you getting? With/without MSAA? GTA is also a bit more CPU intensive than your average videogame (which are normally almost completely GPU reliant) so you might have a bottleneck there. In saying this, I don't know much about the 970M or even what your specs are, so I'm kind of just guessing.

  • why does the XPS 13 come with just a shitty integrated gfx card? and the XPS 15 a 2 generations old 750M??

    • Because the XPS 13 is an Ultrabook and there are no Ultrabooks out there with dedicated mobile GPUs; otherwise that'd defeat the entire point of an Ultrabook (lightweight, very thin, long battery life, etc).

      Only the XPS desktop range is strictly gaming-oriented; the laptops and ultrabooks have never been on Alienware's level performance-wise.

      • http://affordablelaptops.com.au/contents/en-us/d507_gigabyte...

        The above notebook is certainly in ultrabook territory with an amazing integrated graphics card. For several hundred dollars more you can get the Aorus.

        • Technically it's not. It's still a Notebook/Laptop. It doesn't meet most of the criteria for an Ultrabook (ULV Haswell/Broadwell CPU, exclusively Solid State-based, removal of most connectivity ports to save space, soldered motherboard components, +10 hour run-times, etc.)

          The Aorus is certainly no Ultrabook. The XPS makes that look positively gigantic.

          It's the besides the point; a majority of Ultrabooks will have IGPs rather than GPUs. That's a fact.

      • Unsure why you got downvoted - you were correct.

    • Torn apart between
      Dell outlet AS NEW E7240 (i5-4510U, 12.5 FHD touch, 8GB Ram, 128GB SSD, 3Cell-31Whr/upgrade to 4Cell-45Whr, 1.36 kg)
      $989 + $59.90 extra battery

      After code discounted New Dell XPS 13 (i5-5200U, 13.3 FHD non-touch 5.6mm bezel, 8GB Ram, 256GB SSD, 52Whr-Built in, 1.18kg)

      Mainly used for work, will be carried with me all the time. Read lots of pdf's, does lots of presentation, some light duty typing, would need a long battery life.
      Not to bring the charger with me during a day is a plus.
      I am somewhat tech savvy, the possibility of upgrading HDD, Ram, Wifi, battery and ease of service on the E7240 does intrigue me.
      However, that thin bezel! And light Unibody construction of XPS makes me drool everytime I see it.

      Can someone help me from my torment?

      • I've used both. The E7240 is great value for money, but the battery life sucks with the small battery.

        The XPS13 is a fantastic unit, great screen, and non-glossy, I guess it depends what the extra $400 is worth to you…

        • Great to get both perspectives from you @Redhab!
          If you dont mind, can you tell me if you had the 3cell or 4cell for E7240 and how much hours you get for browsing/reading pdf?

          $400 saving is great if I can get comparable experience with E7240. I do worry about inbuilt XPS battery.
          I plan to keep using my laptop for 5years+.

        • @ruthlesskid: I had the 3 cell. Two hours was realistic for working on it, perhaps 3.5 for reading a pdf?

          The E7240 is great, but it is not in the same league as the XPS, IMHO. I never had them side-by-side, but I reckon the XPS FHD screen is better, but perhaps it is because of the small bezel. They are both good machines.

          If you're planning on keeping the laptop for 5 years, then the E7240 is better. The XPS battery can be replaced, but it will be hard, like a MacBook, and you'll probably end up paying Dell $200-$300 for the job, I guess.

  • Don't forget 5% cashback with CashReward

  • What if I choose Radeon R9 over 970m?


    not bad i approve

  • I wouldn't exactly call Alienware "excellent build quality". I would call them within their price range, but they definitely do not go beyond.

    • I'm referring to their good use of materials(nothing feels like a cheap plastic and feels very studry) to build the system as well as their good cooling design my temps are around 70 degrees and it's backup against a wall since my table is small. Although I guess your right, it is what you expect for a 2k system.

      • This is true - they do use good construction materials I've just found the internal build quality (ie motherboards) to be lacklustre.

    • Last Alienware laptop I purchased was terrible. Came with a bent chassis so it didn't sit flat on a table by about 2mm on one corner. Imagine a table at a cafe with one short leg which rocks back and forth.

      Didn't last much longer than a year. The hinge where the screen attaches to keyboard cracked soon after warranty expired.

      Trackpad was horrible and screen ultra glossy. I'm sure these are better in current models though.

      Would not buy this "premium" brand again.

  • Anyone know when this coupon code will be expiring?


    Great find! :)
    Though i'd advise people to look more towards the Dell outlet as i got my 980m+4k for 1799

  • Will this play and enable 4k video editing? I want something future proof or am I better off building one from scratch.

    • This is a laptop, so you can't really build it from scratch. As for computers if you want to "future proof" that is a bit impossible because PC components will always become outdated. If that is your intent though, you are better of buying a desktop and saving the leftover money for future upgrades.

      As for 4k video editing I am unsure, but TBH you can't really get much better than this short of a desktop, since the higher end laptop CPU models are either ridiculously expensive or only minor upgrades.

    • Can I ask why you would even want to edit 4K video on a 15" screen?

  • i almost placed the order, but after reading the review and those comments and become aware of the thickness, (http://www.notebookcheck.net/Alienware-15-Notebook-Review.13...), i may stick to my original plan to buy a new mbp 3. (i dont play pc games that much with both xb1 and ps4 at home. i only play dota 2, for which my rmbp 15 suffices)

    • that being said, anyone knows where in sydney city i can find a display model to FEEL the thickness and the weight of this lappy?

    • From the article "Some users will only turn up their noses at the height: 3.4 centimeters is not extremely high for a gaming laptop, but other manufacturers use a slimmer chassis, for example MSI's GS60 (2.0 centimeters) and Gigabyte's P35X v3 (2.1 centimeters). However, these laptops also struggle massively with the cooling. Overall, the AW 15 places itself between Clevo's P651SG (2.9 centimeters) and P751ZM (3.6 centimeters) barebones."

      As you can see the reason this laptop has good cooling is because of the height, it's essentially a trade off when it comes to laptops like these. Cooling vs size. However, if you don't plan to play games I would suggest a different laptop if size is a big factor because cooling won't really matter if you don't plan on gaming.

      As for your other question, if you pop into the world square JB they have a display model of the AW15.

      • ws is bit far from my office. i may try jb in the westfield. what do you think of the alien 13 with i7? i am sort of spoiled by my thin rmbp and sony's pro 13 ("the lightest 13"). i prefer apple's large touchpad. (the touch pad on my sony's is crap!)

        • The JB at Westfield Centrepoint is the flagship store so they have all the Alienware models there on display. That's where I checked the models before buying the Alienware 15 myself.

        • yep most JBs have alienware 13 and 15 on display

        • @Siuto: thanks a lot, will definitely check it out tomorrow lunch time.

    • 34mm height is exactly the same as two Macbook Air stack up together (17mm x2). That would give you a reference :)

      • frankly i do love apple's "modern" and "clean" design, their touchpad in particular. i am satisfied with sony pro13 (very light) except the touchpad. meanwhile, the screen on my rmpb (first generation, made by lg) is flawed and the notebook is out of warranty, so i dont think apple will fix it for me for free. i dont want to sell it as a second hand cheaply, either. so really a bit torn between a new rmbp 13 with awesome new touch pad, retina and extremely impressive battery life and a really powerful (game) laptop like this one :(

        • Just get both!

          But seriously I'm in the same boat as you. Like the portability of my Macbook Pro 13 (which was bought 3 years ago) but I also play PC games so I need a gaming laptop like the Alienwares.

        • @Siuto: i think it's an easier decision for you: get a new $3k rmbp 15 :D you can play some games on the higher spec rmbp like what i have been doing on my 2012 rmbp15 (only dota2 though).

        • @alwayseric: I don't think any of the Macbook Pros are powerful enough for my gaming needs. I have the AW15 (optioned with the 980M) for heavy gaming and I use my MBP13 for light gaming on the go. But my Macbook is getting old so I'll need to upgrade the ram and HDD.

  • Got this laptop a couple months ago, its built pretty well although opening the bottom latch is a bit annoying. It's worth every dollar I spent on it. I'm very happy overall.

    • Agree about the bottom latch. I actually broke one of the screw holes when I was trying to pull the bottom plate out. Rang Dell and they just sent me a new bottom plate. I actually bought a plastic spudger on eBay to help getting the plate out as I don't want to break it again.

  • I bought 4 Dell laptops over the span of about a decade and unless things have changed "Dell's great support" isn't something I'd ever buy one for. On the other hand I don't know any laptop manufacturer that does better either.

    • Really? Because I think it is pretty good because they offer 14 day(or was it 1 month, not too sure on that) change of mind refund, onsite repairs(pretty sure no other laptop manufacturer offers this) and I have never read a story where Dell has failed to honor their warranty, even if it was slow on a few occasions.

  • Doesn't look like the i7 is an option anymore.

    Luckily, I went into my history and was able to order a previous configuration which included it.

    • You have to pick the graphics card first then go back n select the cpu

      I brought mine for $2500 with
      Win 8.1 pro
      128gb SSD
      Plus UWHD touchscreen as I do a lot of photo n graphics editing

      If your playing games FHD is the highest res you want to play with, otherwise the game lags like a super freak!

  • Just curious what is a desktop equivalent in performance and price to this laptop?

  • 4th gen intel and not 5th? wat is dis?

  • Just a heads up my ETA for this notebook is the 29th of May…. This to be is a set back. Why is it 2 weeks? 😤

    • where did you see the ETA?

      • I received an email not too long after ordering mine if an ETA of June 4. D: it's a bit of a wait but I'm sure it will be worth it.
        Also the cash back from cashrewards was only on the laptop itself. I purchased 4 years of warranty as I'd read lots of things from people with older generations that had stuffed up. I'm sure it's overkill but at least I've got peace of mind. Anyhow, I did not get 5% back on the warranty.

  • Is it worth $559.90 extra for GTX 980M with 4GB?

  • It's in my order status.
    980 4gb of ram. $600 waste if you ask me I would go for the graphics amplifier

  • They have halted the ram and added a 128gb sad as was suggested they would by a previous poster. Looks like less gfx & CPU options now too.

    • I confirm your response, cou uograde unavailable and ram upgrade is more expansion than the SSD upgrade. this deal needs to be updated, no longer attractive. Lucky I got one yesterday. Thx op

      • Yes no longer i7 option available :(.

      • Did not realize they made the i7 unavailable. I will update the deal.

        Although the SSD upgrade actually also upgrades the HDD from 5400RPM->7200RPM, and 16GB ram is not needed in most situations so if it wasn't for the CPU I think this would be a better change.

  • I don’t think the deal is very attractive now without the i7 for the lowest spec. The essence of the deal is to be able to up spec the machine from the lowest spec and get the savings from there (Tip: when buying Dell, one should start from the different specs available and up sec it to your liking. You will find that the final price may be different even though the end spec is the same).

    Also, I have noticed two things with the site. Firstly, the i7 that is available now is the 4720HQ (originally 4710HQ) and the HDD is 7200rpm (originally 5400rpm). Secondly, if you select the 980m upgrade from 970m, it should be a $478.50 option. However, it adds almost $1000 to the final price. I think there may be something wrong with the site.

  • Thanks OP, I've been looking for an XPS 13 and this is excellent value for the $1799 model.

    Ordered one today (with the discount) and it looks like my estimated delivery date is the 18th of June. Ouch. I wonder if it will actually take that long. Hopefully not. I've set the delivery address as my work and I may be moving on fairly soon o_O

    • Try contacting dell and tell them your situation, they might expedite your delivery and it can't hurt to try

  • …to my dismay the coupon code still works. Now I still gonna have the headache of deciding between getting an alienware 13 or get a surface 3