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Free Uncle Tobys Oats Sachet Sample and Oats Seed Pack


Long time lurker first time poster. Free sample size pack of oats,plus a pack of oat seeds so you can grow your own. 31500 samples.Go crazy people and sow your wild oats!!!

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Uncle Tobys
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  • How big is a "sample size"?

    • Last sample i got was 34 grams.enough for a bowl at breakfast.

      • I use 1.5 cups…

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    Does the oats seed pack let you sow wild oats?

    • yup yup.You can also enter a comp were u share a pic of your oat plants.

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      One pack is instant oats that are ready for a brekkie. The other one is oat seeds to grow and enter the competition. Don't eat the latter or they'll grow in your tummy.

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        Sounds like a time-saving initiative. Why eat food when you can grow it where it needs to be?

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          No thanks! A giant tree in the groin area is frustrating enough.

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    These go well with squats.

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    This will go great with the durex condom deal

    • Do tell…

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        "sow your wild oats"

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          I need some new fertile pieces of land though. My previous was full of weeds and cost me lots of money to maintain.

    • Bota bag?

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    best thing since sliced bread - i have me rolled oats 7 days a week for brekkie - with sultanas and honey - never tire of it - can't go wrong - cheap - give it a go and throw all of those overpriced sugar infested cereal packets where they duly belong

    • Ironically you're making this post in a thread regarding oats that some may regard as being overpriced :D

      • and full of sugar :D

  • They ask so many questions like personal phone numbers, etc. Didnt bother signing up as I hate giving out too much info…

    • Just write made up information

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    This is creepy..why are they asking for the names of my children?

    • and notice the option of ticking the box that you are over 15+ AND have to sign up for their spam emails? No option to elect out of it.

      • +3

        I didn't tick the box and it worked.


        • oh right. i used a fake email anyways, but assumed it was a mandatory tick.

  • Got so many of these samples I had to ask the wife to eat them all and she damn near exploded!

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      You betcha! Too much seeds for her?

  • Gotta love uncle Toby's, Australia's best oats!

    • Why are they better than Home Brand oats?

  • 2577 clicks already :)

  • I understand Facebook and Twitter integration, but Instagram? I honestly thought that website was a joke when I first saw it.

    • Nah, now they're hoping Instagram is gonna be the next big thing.

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