This was posted 12 years 1 month 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$50 Gift Card with Purchase of Rabbids Go Home or Assassin's Creed Family of Games @ Good Guys


The Promotion commences 24th November 2009 and finishes COB 14th December 2009. All Claims (online and mail) must be received by 11:59pm AEDST on Friday 18th December 2009. The Game Card expires on the 22nd April 2010. The Game card can be used on any purchase in Good Guys.

Participating games:
- Rabbids Go Home Nintendo DS Game
- Rabbids Go Home Wii Game
- Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 Nintendo Wii
- Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party Nintendo Wii
- Rayman Raving Rabbids Nintendo DS
- Rayman Raving Rabbids Nintendo DS
- Assassins Creed XBOX 360
- Assassins Creed Playstation 3
- Assassins Creed II XBOX360
- Assassins Creed II Playstation 3

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Will they also price match it first?

  • So does this mean.. If I buy Assassins creed, for say $50 or whatever it costs, then I get a $50 voucher at the good guys?

    • yes

  • So a $50 game card = $50 gift card that can only be spent on games?

    edit: sorry just read the description. Can be spent on anything.

  • this is almost too good to be true??? im guessing though they wiull have them at the rrp of 99.00 or something, in saying that still a decent deal

    • Well according to the brochure it says that Rabbids Go Home for the Wii is $65, and that Assassins's Creed 2 for the PS3 is $88. So effectively making those games $15 and $38 respectively, but assuming you needed to buy something from The Good Guys later on worth $50 bucks.

  • im hopeing this part was a typo " Game Cards will be received no later than the 12th January 2010; the Game Card will be valid until 22nd April 2009 "

  • can i price match this
    and get their 120% price match thing? and then get the game card too? =P
    the terms and conditions don't really say anything about having to pay the store's price..

  • Nice deal!

    Does anyone know which GGs carry games? I've never seen a games section in the GG stores i've been to.

  • Sorry to sound dumb, but I don't completly understand this. Do we buy in store and redeem online?

  • yes

  • sweet, this pretty much means a free game if you buy stuff from good guy's

    gonna get assassins creed ps3 :)

  • Why do Good Guys call their gift card a "game card"? If you can use this gift card to buy anything from good guys, then why is it called "game" card?

    Is the Rabbids game for the Wii the cheapest option i wonder?

    I doubt any other store is going to price match this deal, cause they only claim they can price match, not give out cash back type gifts.

    Under the column "Participating States", it says "NAT". I assume this means National.

  • +1

    Rabbids go home is currently $49.92 @ EB Games, reckon we can match it up with good guys and still claim the $50 game card? Have any1 try that? it it works, this sure is a very good deal :)

    • Not sure if the good guys even have a price match policy.

      • if they refuse to match the price, just pay what ever they ask from you. then you can show them a lower advertised price and get a 120% refund of the difference.

        which is ridiculous.

        of course they'll match the price.

  • Multiple Claims are not permitted, only one Claim per household address will be allowed.

  • Game Cards will be received no later than the 12th January 2010; the Game Card will be valid until 22nd April 2009.

    Lets go back in time!!! lol

  • +2

    called up bankstown good guys..said i had bought assassin's creed II from them (just to check the deal) and got the game card and stuff and if they would still refund me 120% with their price guarantee policy (with the bigw price of $68). he said they definitely would!

  • Can the "game card" be used for any purchase in Good Guys?

    It doesn't actually say on the website what a "game card" is

  • Got assassin's creed PS3 for $26 (manager's special)… now the wait for the $50 gift card :)

  • which good guys for the $26? btw do they price beat before you buy the game or after you buy the game? i was thinking of assassin's creed xbox 360 ($25 at Kmart). also if you get if after you purchase, is it cash or store credit?

  • Hrm, taking a printout of the Kmart catalogue with me to The Good Guys today, will see if they'll pricematch the $25 for Assassins Creed… Providing they have it…

  • +1

    noone seems to have AC1

  • Got given directions to Big W when i asked for a pricematch on AC II

  • Was able to get AC2 price matched at South Wharf in Melbourne without any problems when I brought in the Big W catalogue. Thanks for posting this - will make a great Xmas gift!

    ETA: There were no copies on the shelf when I went in, but when I asked someone to check if they had AC2 they brought one out, so I think they've deliberately taken them off the floor. My sister bought AC2 from the same store the next day, and the first sales guy she spoke to said it was just what was on the shelf, but the second guy was able to produce one from the back (and said it was below their cost price).

  • There were like 5-6 copies of AC1 in Brisbane (Mt Gravatt)

  • according to rockdale good guys the game cards can only be used to buy games from good guys….

  • went into TGG nunawading on the weekend, they had no stock of any of the titles — according to the sales guy I spoke to, they'd had no stock of them for november either, so it's a pretty crap deal IMO — one of those 'make an offer that can't be refused just to get customers through the door many of whom buy other stock on the way out' tricks.

  • Picked up a copy of AC2 for PS3 at the Northland (VIC) store with price matching.

  • Walked in and price matched and pulled out info on lowest price and manager approved $67.

    Really I should have bought it and then got 120% difference to get $64? or would they have argued?

  • aww got my AC2 for ps3 $85 from $88 down $3 with my BigW Price Match and i bought it zzz wanted it with the price match they saying u get a $100 game card wtf!

  • just got AC2 for 72$ and AC1 for $20. Both on different invoices. now the wait for my gift cards.

    • Hi, you mind share where did you get the AC1 for $20. Is it for PS3 or XBOX?


  • Haven't got my giftcard yet, although the promo site did mention that gift cards should be received no later than 12/01/2010, so hopefully sometime next week!

  • No gift card yet :(

    • Anyone received their gift cards yet? Still waiting for mine.

  • Nope ~ I think class action here we come :)

  • Where's my giftcard grrr? This is so misleading

  • Anyone tried ringing that 1300 number for more info?

    • Called the 1300 number and was told that due to the holidays period, the mail-out of giftcards was delayed. The cards should be received by no later than end of next week.

      • Checked the mail after work yesterday and the card was in the mail!

  • Received mine today. =o)

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