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Buy Large 7-Eleven Coffee at $1


Get large 7-eleven Coffee for just $1 instead of $2.

How to get it:

1) Insert your debit card into the 7-eleven ATM
2) Type a wrong PIN
3) ATM will ask whether you like to get a voucher of $1 for the large coffee normally $2
4) Press/tape yes
5) Complete the ATM steps ( debit card account type, how much money to withdraw etc)
6) Transaction will be cancelled as you type wrong PIN but ATM will also generate a printed Voucher for you
7) Make your large coffee and show the voucher to the service attendant and you are good to go
8) Happy bargain

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    So this works 3 times until your card gets eaten by the machine?

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      I have been using it for last one month without having any hassles :) and it is just a 10 seconds process to get the voucher printed.

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      If you're with CommBank or BankWest, you can do a free balance enquiry (with your correct PIN of course) which will also give you a voucher. :)
      It also kills time if the line is long!
      I've been doing this for a while and received no calls or messages from CommBank.
      (my experience in Melbourne CBD stores at least)

      • Why would they call or message you?

        • I have no idea - just mentioned it to address some concerns from comments below. :)

        • That would be caused by constant failure to enter the correct PIN, you're just making balance enquiries. :)

    • Different card issuers have different Incorrect PIN implementations.
      While most are 3 incorrect PINs, some are "any 3 incorrect PINs (inc. non-consecutive) in a 24hr period", others "3 consecutive in any period", though with CBA it's "9 consecutive PIN errors in any period" will generate a retain message.

  • The next time you use the correct pin that should get to zero count?

  • +75

    … Dad?

    • +12

      yes I am someone's Dad, but how do u know that ? :D

      • 100111101100011100001111111

    • you are an older memebr, you are the Father.

  • +1

    I could imagine getting a call from the bank if they see this happening day after day, week after week.

    But that being said, I suppose if you're an ING Direct cardholder you could just do a free balance check and get the voucher that way? :)

    • +3

      It is also free for Bankwest and Commonwealth card holders.

  • +14

    or you can just pic up a voucher from the bin next to the atm. at my local, the bin has no lid and is full of these receipts with $1 large coffee vouchers

    • +6

      Rummaging through bins for vouchers. This is the OzBargainly way.

      • lol..I wasnt rummaging, i just saw it there as i used the ATM. I dont drink 7-11 coffee anyways!

        • +5

          lol..I wasnt rummaging

          C'mon dude, it's ok, you're among friends here…

        • +2

          @StewBalls: dayyum my secret is out

  • +4

    7-eleven ATM = BankWest ATM = CommonWealth Bank
    (In Melbourne at least, so free to use for those customers)

    • -4


  • The voucher doesn't work in conjunction with any other "special". Mine was refused with the $3 toastie.

    • -1

      So just do two transactions.

      • +3

        That doesn't work. To get the $3 toastie you need to buy a coffee…

  • -2

    They've had this for months.

    • +17

      Yes, but I appreciate OP actually posting it

    • +1

      Are you talking about the coffee? Maybe that's why it tastes awful!

  • Coles Express atm offer free coffee or water for so long now. anyone can also try that. I have not paid for any coffee so far this year now since have a coles express and Gloria Jean (june offer) just almost close to where I live

  • +3

    …If you really want to get your heart pumping, You can fit 10 short black shots in the large cup.

    • not sure how the coffee is now but when they first introduced it years ago, i was loading up with shots just likethat. That day I realisethatfor their coffee to be drinkable you actually need lots of milk and sugar to cover the taste of bad coffee

      • +9

        Wanna know bad? Try a hungry jacks coffee.

        • Omg yes I won a HJ coffee with their app and it was disgusting. Lucky our HJ is next to 7-11 so I went and bought one there

        • no thanks!

        • @appleosprey:

          What's HJ? Is it something that you get from massage parlours?

  • Have been using this for a while now… Sometimes you get a voucher for a cheap coffee flavoured milk instead (similar to Dare). Not sure if it depends on the location of the 7 11 or if it's luck of the draw.

  • +1

    I got a $1 and a $3 cup. I measured them: the $3 cup doesn't even hold 2 of the $1 amounts.

    • +6

      Yes I had a $2 cup and pressed $1 coffee and it was almost to the top. You should just buy 2 x $1 cups if considering $3 coffee

  • Sorry to be a pain but what does the voucher say do you think I could use it on a hot chocolate. Theyre normally $2 too would be nice to get it for a $1 tho

    • Nope, only coffee. There have been vouchers specifically for the chocolate before for $1.

    • +1

      you can always cheat & grab a coffee cup & press hot chocolate on the machine. They never check what you buy we do this all the time ;)HOT CHOC for the price of $1 coffee…double bargain!

      • lol good one! never thought about that

      • Most of the 7/11 stores I've been to (Melbourne) have the hot chocolate powder in a separate branded cup (with peel off foil cover) that are stacked near the main machine.
        You just fill them up with hot milk dispensed by the machine. Unfortunately that means the attendant can easily tell that it's a hot choc.
        I guess you could be really dodgy and transfer the powder into a coffee cup before dispensing the milk!!

        • Yeah same for me they had it in a special hot choc cup with a peel off cover thing like ur saying and the last place I went to I had to ask the guy behind the counter for it cos they had them behind the counter dont know if thats normal. Might not worry about it then but thanks guys for replying :)

      • the machine only does coffee, the hot chocolate is an a special cup with the chocolate already in it (peel the foil and add hot milk).
        Big label on the cup saying Hot Chocolate.

  • i just take them out of the bin next to it. recycling!

  • -1

    This use to be a secret from many months till now 😐

  • +6

    This deal won't work with those of us who still use passbooks :(

    • +4

      Are you the guy who holds up the queue at coles by paying with cheque?

    • If you still use a passbook you would prefer tea from a tartan coloured Thermos.

  • haha the best bargain ever !

  • We do this during our coffee breaks all the time…Now that its on Ozbargain the whole world will know!

    • why didn't you post it earlier so the rest of us could benefit?

  • Thanks, got this to work today. The ATM does tell you the bank may charge $2 for 'other' bank cards, but as long as you cancel it, the voucher will print and you won't get charged the fee.

  • +1

    My contribution:


    Trick to get something close to iced coffee.

  • Got it working with a Westpac card. No issues at all. Thanks op!

  • +1

    I know at ozbargain we are always looking for a good deal. I think this is a pretty low deal against 7eleven. Remember they are the ones who gave us this discounted offer of a $1 or $2 coffees.

    Support them don't look for ways to rip them off

  • This ends today or tomorrow ?

    get in there !!

  • This deal has expired.

    New deal is $2 for a large coffee save $1

  • Yesterday was another deal - $2 for a super coffee (usually $3)

  • Yeah expired :( , lucky I saw the printout before buying.

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