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EOFY Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Piston Headphone Mi Band Yi Action Cam Cables up to 80% off @Mushtato


Happy EOFY everyone, Massive clearance and saving

This time we have special for all Xiaomi range, power bank, mi band, piston headphones, Yi action camera, etc
Bulk rate and promotional combo are ON
Other accessories are also available at the lowest price


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Some most popular items
Xiaomi Range Bulk rate and combo special available
25.95 Genuine XIAOMI 10400mAh MI Power Bank
39.95 Genuine XIAOMI 16000mAh MI Power Bank
21.95 Genuine XIAOMI 5000mAh MI Power Bank
29.95 Xiaomi Mi All New Piston 3.0 Earphone headphone Black
27.95 Xiaomi Piston 2.1 Beryllium Earphone Headphone Gold
27.95 Xiaomi Piston 2.1 Beryllium Earphone Headphone Silver
29.95 Xiaomi Piston 2.1 Earphone Headphone Swarovski Pink Edition
27.95 Genuine Xiaomi Mi Band Bluetooth Bracelet Wrist For Smart Phone
104.95 Xiaomi Yi Action Cam Sports Wifi Camera White

Cables and Hub
5.95 Mini DP DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) to HDMI Video Cable 2M
3.95 2M Micro HDMI Type D to HDMI Male Cable Adapter V1.4a 3D 1080P
4.95 3M Micro HDMI Type D to HDMI Male Cable V1.4A 1080p GoPro
3.95 2M Mini HDMI Type C to HDMI Cable Full HD 1080P Camera Camcorder
4.95 Micro USB OTG Hub SD Card Reader Adapter for Phone & Tablet
4.95 Micro USB to HDMI MHL Cable Adapter
6.95 Micro HDMI Type D Male to VGA Female 1080p Adapter Converter
6.95 Mini HDMI Type C Male to VGA Female 1080p Adapter Converter
18.95 Standard QI Wireless Power Charger Charging Pad Mat Black

19.95 UNITEK Y-3048 3 Ports USB 3.0 Hub TF SD SDHC SDXC Card Reader
69.95 UNITEK Y-2155 10 Port 5V 2.1A USB Wall Charger Charging Station
19.95 UNITEK Y-3461 USB 3.0 Gigabyte Ethernet RJ45 Network Adapter
4.95 USB Wifi Adapter for Windows Mac Raspberry Pi RT5370

99.95 MINIX NEO X6 Quad-Core Android Full HD Media Player 4K XBMC 1GB


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  • Hey OP, any word on selling the Xiaomi Mi Scale in the future?

    • +36

      After a few test deliveries with AusPost eParcel, most of them did not survive the "Handle with care" process…
      As a result, for now, we won't be selling the Xiaomi Mi Scale.
      We are working on a possible solution for this product.
      If it works, we will put it on our website and post a deal here.

      • +21

        Good on you for being a responsible seller. Props.

      • You probably already tried, but would it be worth trying to put foam between it, or to hold it? Just like in the boxes of new laptops.

        • +1

          i assume hes talking about the ones he ordered from china didn't arrive nicely

        • +6

          @xEnt: Nope, unfortunately it is the local stock that we sent from our warehouse to staff's home in Sydney.
          So basically within the same city.
          Only 1 out of 6 survived :\
          Can't imaging if we send it to WA or NT….

        • @mushtato:

          You need to use alot of foam or bubblewrap, speaking from experience. Staff chuck parcels all over the place, most dont care about "fragile" or "handle with care" labels.

      • Got one from China using DHL and it arrived without any problems. Only issue is on the app side.

  • Wish it was a better price on the 2.1 Pistons.

  • +17

    Which item(s) are actually 80% off ?

    Prices look pretty standard to me

  • +6

    Understand being a good seller, local stock etc but definitely cheaper elsewhere if you're willing to wait.

    • +14

      We can't compete the price with those who do not pay GST and other Australian tax.
      Not only they ask customers to wait a long time for delivery, they have no local warranty neither.
      In opposite, we provide GST invoice, fast deliver and local warranty.
      Those are the differences ;)

      • +3

        I understand the differences.
        People are willing to fore go local warranty as the price of goods are relatively low.
        I paid $19.13 for a miband delivered in two weeks.
        Your price is cira 150% more expensive.
        Now if people looked it from the perspective of purchasing a mobile phone local vs grey they might think again about + this deal.
        I do applaud your great service etc but to me that is why you're getting + not because what you have is a deal.
        It's like purchasing something more expensive from Myer than the internet because Myer has better service.

        • +10

          Thank you for your understanding (Thumb up!)
          That's why is not easy for a local business like Mushtato to import any oversea products.
          Not to mention the additional tax, other fees are relatively high in Australia.
          You would be surprised that sending the same item from oversea is mostly cheaper than sending it locally.
          Thanks to AusPost :P

        • +1

          Only if Auspost would charge 2.00 ea for small parcels, we're more than happy to bring the price down

        • +1

          50% more expensive or 150% of the price. There's a difference.

      • +6

        Well after waiting 3 months for my pistons to come from banggood (still not here so paypal dispute opened) I prefer to pay a few dollars more for things to come in a reasonable time. So you have my business from now on.

        • +2

          Thank you for supporting Aussie business :)

        • Sorry, wrong company, I am still waiting for Ibuygou's delivery.

        • +1


  • OP, will you be selling the Mi phones in the future? Am very interested in getting the 4i in the near future. Cheers!

    • +15

      Yes, they will be available on our website in the next financial year.
      We are in the process of upgrading our service department and operating system.
      Mobile phone usually requires more after sell service (warranty).
      To protect the benefit of our customer, we are assuring the service is in place before start selling.

      • +1

        Awesome, thanks very much!

  • +2

    Shame. None of the powerbanks or earphones are really at a special price.. Title is a beat mis-leading, thought I could get a powerbank/pistons for cheaper.. but oh well..

    • Yep, you can always get it cheaper from oversea sellers, if you can wait 3-4 weeks and don't need GST invoice and doesn't care about warranty :P

      • You're forgetting an important part that power banks aren't terribly sophisticated not to mention I've yet to hear of any cases that someone had his xiaomi power bank break down. Even so, you can simply purchase another one from overseas. It's statistically unlikely that the 2nd one would suffer from the same fault as the first. Warranty is hardly that important. I could offer a life time local warranty on a simple aluminium spoon but charge $20 for it but that's just senseless.

        Some of your prices are good for local stock but the power banks? Just ridiculous in my opinion. Hence a neg and an plus gives a neutral.

        • +3

          I'm willing to pay extra for the faster delivery, prompt customer service and warranty service.

          It's a small premium for peace of mind. Mushtato has proven itself as a reliable vendor in the past so I reckon it's worth it.

          If you don't care for the above just buy from the other retailers.

        • +1


          Well perhaps if you more open minded and realised that price is not the only factor people take into account when they make their purchases, then you would stop criticising the store. Your one dimensional and oversimplified comparison of the two distinct product offerings just sheds light on your lack of understanding of the the discretionary consumer market.

          Just because it doesn't suit YOUR needs, doesn't mean it won't suit other people's needs. Stop being so egocentric and shallow, it's embarrassing.

        • @lamerthanlam:

          Time is money!

        • -5

          @exp1: You just don't read do you? I've only ever made objective comments. That's it. I'm out. You can't have a reasonable discussion with someone whom doesn't even read.

        • +3


          Another point people are forgetting, that here @ Mushtato we are guaranteed to receive a GENUINE Xiaomi and not an inferior FAKE like so many over seas stores sell.

  • +1

    Hi OP, any chance we could get a deal on powerbank combos? I'm looking to buy a 16000 and a 5000 mAh

    • +1

      5000mAh power bank has been added into the 16000mAh power as an add-on for 12.95
      You can now get both at a better price :)

      • +1

        Hi rep,

        I immediately purchased the 16000mAh and paid for it before knowing that I could bundle it with the 5000mAh.

        Any chance I could bundle it now?


        • +12

          Please PM your order ID to us.
          We will cancel and refund your current order so that you can order again :)

        • +3

          @mushtato: +1 for great service, even though i'm not a user

        • @mushtato:
          how to get the bundle?

        • @viet nguyen: In product page, if this item has bulk rate listed, you price will be automatically adjusted when you buy in bulk number then click "Add to cart".

      • +1

        Thanks, appreciate

        • +2

          Any chance you could bring the apple lightning cable down to 9.95 in combo as in previous offers?

        • @Suoflo:

          Im also waiting for them to bring down the price before I order 16k+5k bundle :) hoping..

        • @Suoflo:
          Do not hold your breath…
          Mushtato people are magically disappear every time someone ask them about these cables.
          Despite "prompt customer service" and "friendly team will help"… All enquiries were totally ignored.
          I guess the answer is… Xiaomi does not make genuine Apple cables. :)

        • @SickDmith:
          I will wait until tomorrow :)
          Mushtato used to sell these cable $9.95 with their previous combo… We're talking about EOFY sales, I'm sure OP can do something more here

        • +1

          @Suoflo: The price of genuine Apple Lightning cable has raised as we have changed to a more reliable supplier.
          By doing so, we are more sure that we are selling genuine products and more importantly, have enough stock for all of our Xiaomi customers :)

        • @mushtato:
          Hi rep, thanks for your reply

  • Should have waited just a bit longer, got myself a piston 2.1 off your eBay website yesterday

  • just want to check if Xiaomi Power board works well in Australia?

    • +3

      Although it has the certificates for Europe and US, Xiaomi hasn't applied for AU certificate.
      Technically it is not allowed to be sold in AU.
      That's why we are not selling it.
      Only using it with our own "risk".
      It works great.
      Not only the quality and appearance, the USB ports are quite handy.

    • +1

      i bought two when i was travelling in China. I have been using them for about two months without having any issue.
      The USB ports are very handy.I can charge my iphone and xperia z3 at the same time and the speed is fast. Xiaomi claims that this power board could be a decoration in your modern design house. From my point, it does look gorgeous.

  • If I order the PowerBank will it arrive by this week to Melbourne?

    • Inter States
      Between Sydney - Brisbane,Melbourne,Canberra 2 -3 days

      From their website.

      • Thanks… I need it for a gift by the weekend.

        I ordered one a few weeks ago from overseas, but still hasn't arrived. It may be a belated gift.

      • That is correct.
        Your order will be dispatched from our Sydney warehouse by AusPost eParcel.
        We will send you an email with tracking details after it's shipped. (please also check you junk mail)
        Normally it takes 2-4 business days to major cities in Australia.
        1-2 business days to Sydney.
        2-3 business days to Melbourne.

  • thanks op purchased

  • Know very little about these Power Banks.
    Just did some research online but walked away more confused.
    Could someone kindly tell me the community's generally accepted best one/most powerful one out there? Thanks :)

    • these are generally the best/highest efficiency power banks you can get for the price

      • Thanks & 16000mAh is pretty much most powerful in existence?

  • Is there any deals for purchasing Piston 3 + 5000mah battery?

    • Can i get this deal as well Mushtato if you're offering? Thanks!

      • +1

        Xiaomi Piston 3 Earphone has been added into Xiaomi 5000mAh Power Bank as an add-on item.
        You can now get them together at a better price :)

        • Thanks OP!

        • Hi OP,
          I tried both 16000mAh and 5000mAh togather s well as 5000mAh and Piston 3 togather to get the discount, It did not work for me. Can you tell me ay to get the bulk price.

        • @thisarapc: Please tick the 5000mAh power bank add-on box from 16000mAh product page.
          (Like you add a cable or other accessories)
          Both item will be added into your shopping cart with a combo price.
          Please do not add them separately :)

  • Just received my Piston v3's from the allbuy deal after waiting over 7 weeks, and they're amazing!
    Want another set but after the long wait with no tracking, happy to pay the extra ~$10 for quick delivery and good customer support. The AllBuy website even stopped working for me multiple times when I wanted to check on my order. (had to clear cache and cookies each time I went to the website in both chrome & firefox)
    Been happy with the service from Mushtato before, and these are relatively good prices considering the alternatives!! Thanks rep

    • Have you tried piston 2.1? Those are actually better than 3. Ask around others here

      • Yeah, I've heard mixed reviews so far, but I think I'll just get a set and find out for myself!
        At these kind of prices it's hard to not say no haha

      • +1

        Bought both the 2 and 3 recently and both are great for what you pay.
        I personally like the sound signature of the 3 better as I feel the 2 are a bit heavy on the bass but I guess that's just personal preference.

  • What's the difference between the 2.1 and the 3 Pistons?

    • +1

      3rd Generation has the earpieces' shape changed, fits your ears better, more comfortable and better noise isolation.

  • OP, I've been your customer twice previously but there isn't much bargain here because the price offered before were similar I don't see anything Xiaomi on good prices.

    If you sell the pink piston 2.1 cheaper or on par with the regular set, I might consider but $29.95 is bit dear. Cheaper and I would buy one for wife

    I rather you do the combo deals, here's a suggestion make the combo deals not just power banks but also with Xiaomi band or piston.

    Example band + piston
    Piston + cable + adapter

    • +1

      Yeah I agrees with this… The up to 80% off is a bit misleading

  • Hey store rep you guys should stock the mipad

  • +2

    Will always put in a good word for Mushtato. Good stuff from a local seller. Fast delivery, great customer service and I have always been satisfied.

  • +1

    I understand shipping around Aus is a key expense for mushtato which is why the price here (even at a discount) is more expensive than buying from banggood, allbuy etc.

    Why not offer deals involving purchasing 2 products? I.e the piston 2.1 and 3.0 for $50 including delivery. Id be happy to to go for that deal! Is something like this possible?

    • I'd be keen on a deal like this, a set of v3's and v2.1's

    • Yeah that's right I would so buy combo pink piston 2.1 + Apple lightning cable or the Gopro HDMI etc for example at a discounted rate

  • any good quality micro usb cable by chance?

  • +2

    Any special price combo for 10400 and 16000 powerbank?

    • Xiaomi 16000mAh and 5000mAh Power Bank has been added in to the 10400mAh power bank as additional add-on.
      You can now get them at a better price :)

  • When will you be selling the newer Xiaomi 10000mAh powerbank? (not the older 10400mAh one)

    • They are on their way to our Sydney warehouse :)

  • Anyone used the Xiaomi Yi Camera? How is it at a fraction price of GoPro Hero 4?

    • had a look at my friend's. it seems pretty good quality like all xm products. the price difference seems to be a combination of xm being cheap & gopro being over priced?

      • Yeah but can you get accessories eaily with Yi Camera?

        • several issues with their waterproof case. if you need the waterproof case right now then it is not the right camera for you.

  • The speed of delivery was great, under a week to NSW 2152.

    The piston 3.0 is fantastic.

    Great work Mushtato.

    • +2

      Thanks for supporting local business ;)

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